Thinking Of Trading In No Man’s Sky? Gamestop Will Only Offer You $12

No Man’s Sky hasn’t had the best of times since release and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that by now. Therefore, we won’t regurgitate the same information you’ve been hearing for the last couple of weeks but will just bring you this latest piece of news. Like the refund debacle of late, GameStop who offers a trade-in service will only offer players $12 for No Man’s Sky, a stark fall from its $60 just earlier this month.


In comparison, Sony’s other big title Uncharted 4 which released back in May will still net you $16 by trading it in.


Now, this isn’t precise data on the performance of No Man’s Sky but it definitely doesn’t paint a pretty picture. When games lose their value so soon after launch, it’s normally not a sign of confidence or success.

Are you going to trade-in your copy of No Man’s Sky for a measly $12? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. hahaha!!!

  2. Wow. I got more than that for Tony Hawk 5 which is a giant turd lol

  3. I guess i will burn the disc and record it then beg subs for them to donate to make up for it. This how it works these days eh. Sony is partially to blame also the common sense type that knows the facts would agree. You fan tards are voided twirl on my maxxi pad of sadness

  4. Its bc of refunds and bad press. It sunk its “stock value” which in turn will obviously have an impact on trade in value. Its like jumping in a pool and being surprised u got wet. Its simple economics. I still value the game at $60 however.

  5. Lmao suckers

  6. Can’t say I’m really surprised , by Lamestop doing this. Sucks to be them….. not!

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