Battlefield 1 Open Beta Servers Down, Fixes And Issues, Failed To Connect To EA Online

UPDATE 21ST of October: Having issues with Battlefield 1 on launch day today, then check out this for details HERE


The servers for EA games are currently down and this is effecting the hugely anticipated Battlefield 1 open beta. There hasn’t been a confirmed reason for the outage just yet but EA are aware and will keep you updated on the issue. Here is the tweet which was sent out.




We will keep updating this story and post any fixes if needed or when they servers are live again.


UPDATE: We originally thought it was a Battlefield 1 issue but it looks like it’s an EA server wide issue as EA’s official Twitter account posted this tweet.


UPDATE 2: We can confirm it was a DDOS attack against the EA Severs and could mean the servers will be down for up to a few hours. 

UPDATE 3: Here are the confirmed EA games with working servers.

  • UFC 2
  • Battlefield Hardline

Here are the games which are confirmed to be down

  • Battlefield 1 Beta
  • FIFA 16
  • NHL 16
  • Madden 17
  • Need For Speed
  • Battlefield 4

And then there’s Star Wars Battlefront which has issues but is not 100% down like FIFA 16 and the BF1 beta. Let us know in the comments section below if you are having any issues?


UPDATE 4: Some users are reporting that they can now get back into online games on EA games, so it’s worth trying again. 

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  1. then how come i see some twitch streamers streaming it right now?…hhhmmm

    • players that are streaming probably either got on before it cut of anyone else or they’re in an un effected region.

      • some streamers are just livestreaming their past broadcasts, i saw a few people do this

      • i think its just bad server issues not a ddoss attack.they are trying to cover up their bad servers this smells of a bf4 launch disaster.if anything would get ddossed it would have been wow legion launch.not bf 1 beta.titan fall 2 didnt get ddossed.

        so i dont buy the ddoss attack story for 1 second.its just bad servers like bf 4 had.

  2. i got in on xbox one not pc tho warning this is a sniper fest.if you get triggered about being sniped all the time dont play bf 1.i hate more then anything running to point A then in 2 sec get sniped…no becomes a running sim at that point.i had more fun in titan fall 2.thats what ill be playing

    • ugh bro titan fall is unbearable!! it was just black ops 3 with 20x the aidsfest. cant believe how bad it is

      • try battle field 1 its the same thing everyone is sniping or in a plane or something because they are sniped to much.

        but titanfall 2 was so much faster then battl3field 1.if you come from cod type games bf1 will feel slow.the worst part for me is or drive to point a get out and get sniped then run back.thes pretty boring to me.

  3. put timestamps on your updates man, would help out a lot.

  4. All hackers must die.

    • No, these aren’t hackers. They’re ‘script kiddies’ who fail at a social life in high school.

  5. Still having problems with BF1 Beta on PS4


  7. I don’t get it, 2 hours ago down, one hour ago back up, and now down again!


  9. It is a dos attack, I went on another page and figured someone admited they did it.

    • Yes, they are PoodleCorp

  10. It’s Poodle Corp doing it.

  11. down again starting 10 min before i posted this comment

  12. PoodleCorp hired by COD aka (Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, Infinity Ward) to disgrace the release of BF1.

    • Idiot. Not hired by anyone

  13. People saying it’s Poodlecorp no. They are just saying that for fame. They were so late on tweeting about it unlike usual.

  14. Still not working for me= i wont buy game if i cant test it ;p

  15. Idk what day this went down on but for me it’s September 10th can someone let me know if everyone’s experiencing this?

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