The Biggest Worries Of The PS4 Slim

Sony had some big news the past couple weeks – the increase for PlayStation Plus subscription, more information on PS4 Neo and the announcement of the PS4 Slim version.  Generally a year or two after the main console release both Sony and Microsoft start working on their “slim” versions.

Slim versions are more economical, compact forms of their predecessors.  Microsoft announced theirs during the E3 briefing, but Sony’s version was missing.  Typically with the slim version, smaller improvements are made and the price point is brought down and sometimes games are packaged with them.  But what about issues and uncertainties with the newer versions of the consoles.  Here are some of the concerns that I have regarding the PS4 Slim.  Be aware, up until this point all information has been leaked and is not official – nothing is certain at this point.


Probably the largest concern is the appearance of the new console.  So far only leaked images have been seen, and in typical slim fashion – the new box is smaller.  But unfortunately when compared to the Xbox S (Microsoft’s equal Slim version) the PS4 Slim appears to be…cheap looking.  The general look of the front of the console, coupled with the slight change in color give the console a feel of something unfinished or poorly pieced together. Although the look is very basic, a staple of the slim versions, USB ports are only on the front, and from reports – audio out is missing.  Fans have also been asking for vertical positioning, and in release leaks it appears that is an option – but with aftermarket parts (i.e. not included, standard).   The Hard Drive space is still maxed out at 500GB which is disheartening considering its counterpart increased theirs by 2 fold.


 Some of the improvements include a new PS4 Slim Controller with an improved light bar in the front.  It has also been mentioned the charge time will be improved for these controllers.  These would be great improvements, if they are implemented.  Would these controllers be specifically for the slim version, leaving current gen consoles absent of the improvements?  While a potential bargain – the Slim will be announced alongside the Neo.  It is entirely possible the price point for the slim will be effected by the price of the Neo – either not as low cost as folks are wanting, or just being completed overshadowed by the Neo.  Most PS4 users have expressed interest in the Neo, but the potential price being around (rumored) $500-$600, some have stated they are happy with their current version of the console, prompting Sony to stress that the Neo is not a necessity.

I personally do not own a PS4 as of yet, and when PS3 came out – I held out and purchased their slim version (something I have not regretted).  Hopefully all of our concerns and issues will be addressed once the reveal is done on Sept 7th.  I’m torn if I want to get PS4 Slim, or wait and save for the Neo and I’m glad that more information will be released about the Neo on the 7th as well.  What are your thoughts on the PS4 slim, are you excited or reserved?  Make your comments below.  And as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry.

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