Report: NBA 2K17 Will Support HDR For Xbox One S Owners

Microsoft’s new Xbox One S boasts 4K and HDR support. Previously, the only games we knew to be taking advantage of the HDR feature was Microsoft’s own IPs but now a third party title is reported to support HDR and it’s only the biggest basketball game around, NBA 2K17. The news comes from the twitter for Steve Noah, the owner of ‘OperationSports’

Some consumers that aren’t on the bleeding edge of technology might be scratching their heads at the inclusion of HDR technology. It’s important here to differentiate what version of HDR the Xbox One S will utilise. The Xbox One S will need an HDR10 TV to make use of its HDR technology, not Dolby Vision HDR.

The ultimate aim of all these core characteristics of HDR is the creation of an image that’s more realistic, or more in line with how something would look if you were actually seeing it with your eyes, in person.

With this in mind, HDR-capable 4K TVs (because they’re almost exclusively also 4K TVs) work at creating a maximum amount of specific deeply dark local dimming zones for darker tones and high overall brightness where dimming isn’t activated. With the best LED 4K TVs, the resulting HDR effect can be truly impressive.

When we get official confirmation or denial of this report, we’ll update any developments within this article so you can stay up-to-date with the latest news on this topic.


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