YouTube’s New Rules Could Mean The End For YouTube Lets Players, #YouTubeIsOverParty #1 Trend Worldwide

Here is the list of the new rules for uploading videos to YouTube if you want to put advertisements on the videos.


These new rules could mean the end of YouTube lets plays, gameplay walkthroughs, and other YouTube gaming related videos. No violence is one of the rules that sticks out for YouTube gaming videos, as many video games these days has some form of violence with a good percentage being strong violence. Even profanity from a video game will cause a video to qualify for advertisements which means no money can be made on that video.

Could this be the end of Let’s Play YouTubers? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So… thats like every video ever on youtube. Honestly whats left?

    • People showing puppy and kitten videos?

  2. Liberals and SJW’s intolerance has gotten to Youtube too now. smh.

  3. This is what happens when you let liberal trash’s minority voices be heard. They are now preventing people from doing their jobs and making money. Not to mention 99% of the games a crap ton of people enjoy will go off to find something else because there will be little to no entertainment value in the videos. This is why I cannot wait till trump gets in office. The overly vocal minorities that are literally ruining everything will be ignored and forced to shut up.

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