How Sony Could Shock Everyone at the 2016 PlayStation Meeting

We are only days away now from the 2016 PlayStation Meeting and gamers are ready to see what Sony has planned for this event. Thanks to some leaks we have a good idea of a couple things but what other sort of surprises might Sony have up their sleeve? Here are our predictions for the 2016 PlayStation Meeting.

1. The PS4 Slim and NEO are officially announced


Yep despite leaks all over the place thanks to the UAE we have known about the PS4 Slim for a couple weeks now. Sony however has not said anything as they were clearly planning to unveil it at the meeting. I think Sony will show it early in the meeting and it will come in both a 500GB and 1TB SKU. It will replace the current PS4 and we could see a $249 price for the 500GB model.

Sony of course will finally unveil the PS4 NEO and we should get a price and release date for the more powerful console. I expect it to be $400-$450 and launch no later than November. Possible bundles with Watch Dogs 2 or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are possible as well. Sony could really surprise everyone though if the NEO is better than the leaks suggest. Upping the specs is something they certainly could have done although I would think that could cause it to launch in 2017. It would be a huge surprise if the NEO is far stronger than we thought and it launches this year. Sony would then have the cheaper PS4 for the casual crowd and the far stronger NEO for the more hardcore gamer which would be a great strategy.

2. Sony shows off Upgraded Games


Surely Sony wouldn’t announce the PS4 NEO and not show off some games taking advantage of the upgraded hardware. From Sony themselves I expect to see several first party titles running on the PS4 NEO with none other than Horizon: Zero Dawn leading the charge. Horizon is one of the most anticipated games on any platform right now and while the game already looks gorgeous expect Sony to show how much better it can look and run on the NEO. I also think you’ll see Uncharted 4 running on NEO to give you an idea of how some already released games will benefit. More showings from The Last Guardian and God of War are possible as well.

3. Third Parties Take the Stage


Along with Sony showing off their own titles I expect to see several third party publishers at the event as well. Seeing as how Sony has deals with both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Watch Dogs 2 you could see both of them running on NEO hardware. I also think that EA could show up with Mass Effect Andromeda for the first time. I only say this because they said they would show more this Fall but that could end up being saved for the VGA’s as well. Rockstar showing up with the next Red Dead game would also be a huge get for Sony especially if they get some kind of timed or exclusive DLC.

4. PlayStation VR Launch Lineup Nailed Down


With only about a month left until it’s worldwide launch on October 13 expect for Sony to nail down the final details on PlayStation VR. While we have been getting dates for things the past few months I expect to hear the full launch lineup for PSVR at the meeting. I expect to hear about what is coming out by the end of the year as well and how the PS4 NEO will benefit PSVR. Sony will make it clear that you don’t need NEO for Playstation VR but if you do get it you’ll get a better experience.

5. Rumors of a new handheld prove true

This one would be shocking indeed but there have been some rumors that Sony will show off a new handheld or a revised Vita at the Meeting. I don’t think this will happen personally given how they just abandoned the Vita but hey we are talking about shocking announcements here. What it could be is anyone’s guess but maybe Sony has a more powerful handheld idea in the works. There is a market for it if they could get the price right and do something differently about the memory card situation that plagued the Vita.

With only a few days left we don’t have long to wait and see if these predictions are right. The 2016 PlayStation Meeting takes place this upcoming Wednesday, September 7 at 3 PM Eastern. I’m looking forward to it and you can tell us in the comments what you think Sony will show at the event.

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  1. They could also hit a homerun by finally announcing digital PSOne classics are now cross-buy on PS4. Digital PSOne classics are currently cross-buy on EVERY PlayStation system capable of connecting to PSN (that’s PSP, Vita, and PS3), EXCEPT for the newest (and most powerful) PS4.
    If 2 handhelds are presently doing it, surely the PS4 can also.

  2. Thats what expected nothing shocking lmao

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