New Reports Suggest Serious Overheating Issues With The PS4 Slim, What’s The Cause?

A source close to ThisGenGaming has confirmed new issues with their PS4 slim. We’ve already heard that it’s a legitimate console, and what features it has and what it doesn’t have, but haven’t heard many of the issues about the console. One that our source found was that there is some serious issues with overheating with the PS4 slim.

The source has told us that the console was hot to touch after 5 minutes of gameplay, and the console was extremely loud too. Not too long after that the source told us they could smell burning from the PS4 slim and had to turn it off right away.

On further inspection the source noticed there wasn’t much air flows on the console which could explain the reason. Could this mean the console is going to be a “budget console” to be more affordable option for gamers or is just a poorly designed console?

We will keep on bringing you news about the PS4 slim as soon as we find out. Please let us know how you feel about these overheating issues in the comments below.

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  1. My source told me that it was a very good console with no noise or overheating problems.

  2. What a load of rubbish. You don’t think Sony engineers haven’t run this console for hours (possibly days) on end testing the thermals?

    • It has happened before. Remember the Red Ring of Death? One can’t blindly trust in the quality of a company anymore.

  3. Smell that burning smell? That’s the smell of greatness!

  4. It is no joke. I bought one from Best Buy on the day of release.

    Unboxed it that night and left it sitting on a table top in a 72 degree A/C home, lots of space for proper ventilation.

    After 30 minutes it was nuclear hot. Just sitting at the dashboard, didn’t even install or play any games yet. I put my hand around the unit and you could feel air blowing out the back, so the fan didn’t fail at least. Rebooted a few times. Turned it off (to cool off), turned it back on. Same thing.

    Maybe I had a bad one, but I exchanged it for the CUH-1215a model (one previous to this). After owning an Xbox 360 last generation, I’m not playing the “hot potato” console game again.

    If mine wasn’t defective (and it may well have been), then Sony has a problem on their hands.

  5. Facts… mine just did the same thing! Only took a couple of days burning smell hot to the touch!!!

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