PS4 Slim Teardown Video Confirms Lack of 4K Support and Overheating Issues

Although Sony has still yet to officially reveal the new slim model of the PS4, that hasn’t stopped the internet selling, reviewing and even doing teardowns of this unannounced hardware. This teardown seems to be the first of its kind and is courtesy of Links-Tech on YouTube. Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure:

From the video alone, it’s quickly noticeable that the fan does seem to run quieter than the original PS4 but the Slim looks to suffer from heat dissipation issues. Overheating issues have been prevalent for Sony’s PS4 ever since its launch in 2013 and it seems Sony hasn’t managed to fully correct this with the new slim model in 2016.

The video also confirms what all previous reports have stated – the PS4 Slim won’t have 4K support. It’s a real shame considering Microsoft’s slimmer version of the Xbox One boasts 4K as well as HDR support. Then again, it’s expected that Sony’s upcoming Neo hardware will boast some form of 4K support.

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  1. thats not good

  2. I just got one and can confirm that the PS4 is getting very hot near the powersupply.

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