Despite Early Reports, Activision Confirms They Are Fully Supporting Charity Stream This Year As Usual

Update 2:

Activision was kind enough to provide this statement to ThisGenGaming on the issue of the event this year:

“This year’s Race to Prestige will be hosted by OpTic Gaming. We thank everyone for their continued support of the Call of Duty Endowment’s efforts to help veterans find great jobs, and we look forward to launch.”

From my view, this looks like a bit of an internal fallout and the original streamers might have released damaging information that wasn’t entirely correct and didn’t paint the full picture. Let us confirm now; Activision is dedicated to fully supporting the Call of Duty Endowment and its mission to get veterans great jobs.

I urge anyone and everyone to tune in this year and donate whatever amount you can for this great cause.

Update: The OpTic gaming team has confirmed via Twitter that they will replace the original hosts as the hosts of #TheRace for Call of Duty this year.

Original Story:

If you haven’t heard of a charity stream called #TheRace it’s essentially where some of the biggest Call of Duty streamers get together every year to play Call of Duty to max prestige in a bid to raise money for charity, specifically veterans. Just last year, the charity stream raised over $450,000 for the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization that helps vets find jobs.


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  1. Theyve been hiding their future crap game behind the MW remaster. They are mad that they cant recapture the glory of the cod series. It was good up to a point. Now they are seeing that being proven to them. I guess they thought ppl were joking. Take your fans seriously and stop going to the mainstream casuals. Create a fan base and cater to it. Stop trying to approach EVERYBODY. Thats why games get watered down. They take out specifics bc those features might be “offputting” to new players and they deliver something thats forgotten in weeks. Nothing has been memorable about cod since MW era.

  2. if it was for Charity why couldnt the streamers just play cod if? why is Activision taking all the sounds like you have a bunch of bitc*y steamers that are crying like babies i dont want to play it wwwhhhaaa.twitch streamers not who you think they are.they are greedy and selfish people.thats the real reason why the event wasnt supported.

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