Video Game Analyst Confidently Predicts Neo Releasing This Year, Possible November Release

We are so close to the PlayStation meeting now that it’s not long now until Sony take the stage and put all the rumours to rest and give us some official details on the PS4 Neo. In the meantime, video game analyst Daniel Ahmad has shared his predictions on Twitter.

This goes against some of the wishful thinking by users who predicted Sony would delay the Neo in order to match Microsoft’s upcoming Scorpio. In our article Report: Sony Upgrading the PS4 Neo Beyond the Leaked Specs is “Unlikely we shared why that would be unlikely.

One of the reasons Digital Foundry identify is the inherent architecture of the current systems – remember, these are only internal upgrades of existing hardware. Digital Foundry detail that pushing it further than the current rumoured Neo specs would be big trouble for the fan/cooling system in the PS4 which already runs hotter and louder than the Xbox One.

However, we have to put the emphasis on ‘theoretical’ there, because the effectiveness of additional compute resources tends to scale in line with memory bandwidth. Here, the Neo spec sits at 218GB/s – not especially prolific sitting next to the 320GB/s bandwidth that Microsoft has allocated to Scorpio’s 6TF system. Upgrading this would require Sony to move to premium-priced 8gbps GDDR5, as found in graphics cards such as RX 480 and GTX 1070. Such a move seems unlikely.

So what of the speculation concerning two competing Neo designs, one of which would have a more capable CPU and faster GPU with a $100 premium? It’s worth stating that no development sources I’ve spoken to have knowledge of this, and all of the documentation open to developers – who are making Neo games now – still reports the same 2.1GHz Jaguar CPU cluster paired with a 4.2TF GPU.

It seems here that, according to Digital Foundry sources, this second more powerful Neo spec could be fiction – something made up by an ‘insider’ on NeoGaf.

The biggest obstacle to a Neo specs boost is rather more mundane in nature though – production timescales. A 2016 release date is looking likely and we could even see Neo on shelves as soon as October, meaning that the console spec would have been nailed down many, many months ago. This is the reality of creating a mainstream consumer electronics device with a production run in its millions. The processor would have been in production for some time, and the memory module deal would have been completed many months ago – probably way ahead of the Scorpio specs reveal.

This seems like the most pragmatic reasoning why we won’t see anything boosted from the 4.2TFLOPS leaked spec; companies work on very stringent timelines and Neo seems like it’s on the way to store shelves so making a slight spec bump would cost Sony millions of unnecessary dollars. It just doesn’t hold up.

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  1. Hopefully the specs leaked were faked so Microsoft would reveal their hand. If so, very clever of Sony to one-up them yet again. 🙂

    • Hey this is really great idea! Wow that would be really a twist 😀
      But anyway Scorpio and Neo are different on target audience. Phil Spencer told us that if you have no 4K TV, Scorpio is useless to you. It can change of course. But what I am to is, that Scorpio seems like 4K/VR machine otherwise no differences in experience but Neo is like enhancing fidelity in same resolution / upto FHD.

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