Why Sony Now Finds Themselves In The Same Position Xbox Was Back In 2013

Sony recently hosted their PlayStation Meeting where they announced the PS4 slim and PS4 Pro but the reception seems to be overwhelmingly negative towards the show. Consumer reaction, as well as professional reactions from journalists, have not been good and there’s currently a lot of confusion surrounding Sony’s messaging – so much so that it’s been drawing parallels with Microsoft’s 2013 messaging.

We all remember it, after all, how can we not. Microsoft’s messaging surrounding their new console the Xbox One in 2013 was in utter shambles. Poor messaging was at the core of the problem and it had an immeasurable effect on the years to come for Microsoft’s system. So, where are the similarities between that and Sony’s recent PlayStation meeting?

It looks a little bit like this:


You see, Sony’s messaging was, put frankly, rather useful surrounding the official announcements of the two new systems and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Rather, almost all ends of the gaming media is criticising Sony’s strategy.

Even the Xbox Twitter account and select Xbox execs took some shots at Sony’s conference:

You see, Sony’s PS4 Pro won’t support a 4K Blu-ray player and even the exact wording of the announcement was very surprising. Sony neglected to mention specific specs on stage – rather opting to reveal such info via the PlayStation blog. This, in particular, is a stark different to the bold move at the end of the Xbox E3 2016 show where they showed off Scorpio at the end.

The PlayStation Pro does not support 4K-capable UHD Blu-ray discs. Rather, the optical drive can only read DVDs and standard Blu-rays which is surprising since the cheaper Xbox One S supports this feature so surely that’s a much more attractive option for 4K sets. It can’t be denied, the Xbox One S, which itself launched only last month, supports 4K streaming video in addition to UHD 4K Blu-ray discs. And the Xbox One S is only $300 compared to Sony’s $400 PS4 Pro.

Sony’s biggest problem right now is when consumers are asking the question “Why should I upgrade to the Slim or the Pro?” The original 2013 PS4 is getting a patch for HDR so they have that covered but what selling point does that leave for the slim model? Of course, for people new to the PS4 ecosystem this might not be much of a problem but some current PS4 owners are slightly perplexed by Sony’s approach.

You don’t have to go far at all to see the jokes and complaints surrounding Sony’s conference. What’s even more shocking is that this is only a few weeks after their “E3 of Dreams” back at E3 2016. It’s hard to say just how bad this could be for Sony’s upcoming hardware but if Microsoft and the Xbox team found anything out back in 2013, it’s that bad messaging can do a significant amount of damage to a product.

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  1. “And the Xbox One S is only $300 compared to Sony’s $400 PS4 Pro.”

    Yes because:

    Xbone S = 1.3 Tflops
    PS4 Pro = 4.2 Tflops

    And I don’t know about you but I buy consoles to play games.

    • Even if the S is the Pro’s competition (which it isn’t) it’s true competition, the Scorpio will release in 10 months with a 2Tflop advantage over Pro plus (not confirmed but highly speculated) all the 4K and HDR capabilities of the S. The S’ competition is the Slim and well, look. Same price, equal in power with S having more 4K capabilities.

      • 10 months? Microsoft said Holiday 2017. That isn’t 10 months. That’s 13 or 14 months.

        • Holiday season is as early as September in most cultures. That’s 10 months from November. Yeah, cheaper slim, for the same price I can get Xbox One S with all the features the Slim doesn’t have. I’m sure a lot of gamers will wait for the extra power of Scorpio. And releasing a console again in only 2 years? I’m glad you don’t work for Sony. You’d saturate the market so fast you’d make them go bankrupt!

    • so….NOW it’s about games??

      • It always was. Xbox fanboys were the only ones dumb enough to think it was just about power.

        • No no no it was the dumb Sony pony hypocrites who started the war about power.now they just shit their pants

    • Xbox is good bargain for people looking for a cheap 4k DVD player

  2. It’s simple, Xbox caught Sony by surprise this E3. Sony wasn’t expecting that. They should’ve announced their hardware on E3. Maybe this crap show wouldn’t’ve happened.

    • More like Xbox was caught off-guard by the Pro leak and they had to put out something – anything – to stem the bleeding. Gonna be funny watching Philip try and not break his promises over a $599 upgrade with no exclusives.

      • Yeah, I don’t know about you but I can wait less than a year for a console that’s much stronger. I imagine a lot of gamers will too.

        • You’ve spent the last three years waiting, you’re used to it.

          Gonna be funny when your Scorpio is held back by the base hardware, same as Pro is. All that for a minimum of $500. Again, you’re used to being screwed.

          • Yeah, being held back by current hardware? I doubt it. At some point in time, if the current gen model sticks, they’ll discontinue vanilla and S Xboxes. Microsoft will want a large amount of their gamers to be on Scorpio as well, that’s where the pricing will tell us what they really plan though. But hey, at least I don’t have a hand that controls me.

  3. Maybe if Snorpio was out at the same time and $100 cheaper. As it is Xbox fanboys are going to have to spend the next year begging people to wait for no exclusives.

    • Just because games are coming to PC doesn’t mean anything I rather get the Scorpio console so I won’t have to worry about getting a virus on my PC that will erase all my data.happened to me twice.Its not like them games are going to be on PlayStation anyway

  4. There were ZERO messaging problems in my opinion. The selling point for the “PS4 slim” is only for those who have not bought a PS4 yet and who find the $300 price point compelling. So if you already own a standard PS4, there’s no need to buy a slim…..there’s no problem here. For anybody who finds the PS4 Pro too expensive at $400 (which I don’t, I think it’s a great value) and who wants to own a PS4 as early as September 15, then the “slim” is for you.

    Hardcore gamers can be such jerks at times.

    Even just watching streaming the meeting, I was very impressed with the visuals of the games on display with uses of 4K and/or HDR. All I need from a new console is better hardware (which PS4 Pro easily has), which means better graphics. Deal with it people. Get excited about PS4 Pro because Uncharted 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are going to look amazing in 4K/HDR.

  5. Can’t wait for that scarpio.Its going to shit all over PS pro

    • You can’t even spell “scorpio” right. lol.
      Just pray it doesn’t end up like the “Power of the cloud”, “the secret sauce”, “dx12” that we’ve heard form Microsoft the past couple of years.

      • Hey you corrected me on Scorpio but you spell from wrong.crackdown is still in development using the power of the cloud so suck on your own words

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