Xbox Fires Shots At PlayStation After PlayStation Meeting Conference

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting has just finished up and early impression don’t look too good for the new console. Now, even Xbox are taking shots at PlayStation following the show.

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  1. HDR for free on all ps4s? check
    xb1 & xb1s weaker than the 2013 ps4 standard? check
    recore on pc? check
    forza on pc? check
    gears on pc? check
    dead rising on pc? check

    • Lol the PS4 pro doesn’t even play games at native 4k and with no 4k bluray drive. You’re literally paying 400 bucks for an improved GPU that only supports upscaled 4k and HDR support that’s it. It’s basically a ps4 with a better GPU. Man Sony fanboys love getting screwed over. Oh and I’m sure you have a nice beefy PC to play all those games, but then the question is if you did have a beefy PC why would you buy a Neo?

      • paying $400 for HDR when we get it for free lmao, 40% smaller yet the ps4 standard is still smaller lmao xbox fanboys love that living lie

      • Yes, the system will be twice as powerful. For only $50 more. How exactly are we getting screwed? Sounds like X1 S owners are getting screwed to me.

        It will be able to do 60 fps on games that X1 can only do 30.

        • Wouldn’t you rather pay $150/200 more for a better spec console? I would

        • scorpio is 3x more powerful than ps4
          ps4 pro is 2x more powerful than ps4

          save your money.

          • 3x more powerful with no games, 2x more powerful with bloodborne, uncharted 4, god of war, spiderman, death stranding etc. save your money

          • With Sony most of its overhyped shovelware

          • No games? Wtf are you smoking?

          • wow guys i can taste the salt, if you’re going to keep a console for 4 years then don’t get a weak one. ps4 pro will be good for 1080p gaming but 4k and vr will be big next year, scorpio or pc is the way to go

          • then why the last of us has already been confirmed to run at 4k native? and horizon zero dawn 1800p native upscaled to 4k? you think scorpio will save you dumbfuck? what do you think will happen after scorpio is out? sony will close down playstation? there will be a ps5 retard and that is going to wipe its ass with scorpions lmao

          • how much did sony pay you to say that or do you just bend over for them?

          • why do you suck my dick?

          • Ps4 aint going up aginst the scropio lol. That will be a NEW GEN FOR XBOX DUMBASS

          • My goodness. The desperation is real with you Xbox die-hards.

          • Coming from a Sony fanboy

          • Hmm?

          • Why are you comparing something that comes out more than a year later and we don’t even know the price?

            1S and Pro come out within months of each other, much better comparison. Three times the gaming power for only $50 more. You can have your Blu-ray drive. I haven’t bought a physical movie since 2000.

          • Here’s the begging.

      • Who has the biggest fail rate in console history? Talk about getting screwed over, haha… What’s the sells figures look like for Next Gen? Thought so…. XBox isn’t even talked about.

      • Sony is the master of screwing over their fanbase and then having them praise them for it. Look at all the hyped exclusives that turn out to be more shovel ware.

        • lmao, you don’t even know the meaning of the words you’re using.

          • Sony cancelled MOD support, how do you blind fanboys spin this in a positive light

          • What are you even talking about?

    • scorpio has gotten you all salty

      • scorpio what? you mean that pc that can play windows games? no thx, i already have a gaming pc

        • then why are here defending the weak sony consoles?

          • because i’m a console gamer? and ps4 is a console? where scorpio is a pc that plays windows games? and i already have a pc more powerful than scorpio already?

          • same here. It aint cheap either.

          • I’m calling you a liar

          • Doesn’t mean a lot coming from you.

        • No you dont

    • Xbox really does bumble into this, don’t they?

      The best part is the idiot Xbox fanboys who think they’re “zingers.”

    • You jokers think that every one that disagrees with you is an XBOX fanboy and that’s so hilarious. Always comparing the PS4 vs XB1 and never looking to see if you are getting taken by Sony with smoke and mirrors.

      HDR for all PS4? You can bet its no true HDR since you need HDMI 2.0 for HDR and my current PS4 does not have it. Good luck with that.

      PS4 Pro 4K gaming? You can bet this isn’t true 4K but an upscaled image. System not powerful enough to do true 4K. Top of the line 4K TVs upscales image already so what is Sony really giving. Nothing.

      No 4K Bluray? If you are going to upgrade a console and not give true 4K the least you can do is give true 4K Bluray player. Sad Sony. What I want to know is why.

      Sony isn’t giving anything in this PS4 Pro outside of the ability for VR to give a better visual effect than my regular PS4. No existing PS4 owner should consider this PS4 Pro unless you are dead set on get PSVR. Its useless.

      4k Apps? Really? Just about every 4K TV has those apps already. No thanks Sony. The smart ones will be waiting to see if the VR lives up to the hype. Clearly PS4 Pro did not. Check.

  2. i will enjoy all the mircosoft games on pc CHECk

    • yup

      • Anyone is crazy to think scrpio will be cheap lol. It will be a new console gen for XBOX bet on it

  3. PS4 pro or slim has no 4k blu ray player. bwahhahahahaa.

    • so?

    • Its ok man i thought xbox people cared about the games…? seeing your losing in that section as wel lwe have to let yall hold something lol

    • XB1/S has no games. bwahahahahaha.

      • No man’s sky

        • That’s yet another game not on Xbox, yes.

          • Another game with a low metacritic on PS4.

          • A game that’s below average on PS4, but would be about average on XB1, yes.

            And still a game you can’t play on your Xbox.

          • Why would I want to play a game that’s getting refunded left and right on various platforms? Lol gamestop is offering 15 bucks for the game and it’s not even a month old yet. You die hard PS4 fanboys love talking about these games like they’re good when reviews say otherwise.

          • My mistake. I assumed you knew how to make up your own mind about games. I didn’t know you had to follow others.

            No worries. I won’t confuse you for someone who thinks for themselves again.

          • Nah I’m not someone that’s gonna waste 60 bucks on a universally hated game for shits and giggles.

          • Universally hated? That’s some high quality hyperbole you got there.

            Funny how all the opinions to the contrary don’t exist in your eyes.

  4. Why do people/idiots always write this garbage? They ain’t taking no shot at anyone. They’re promoting their own product against the competition. This is a garbage article and everyone that gets into a pointless argument over this is just as stupid as the person who wrote it. Playing games is all it’s about no matter the system.

    • Truth

    • When you take a dig at the competition’s products, it’s called taking shots at them. Companies have been doing it for as long as there have been companies competing.

  5. I’ve got both consoles and gotta say, I was very disappointed in this PS4 Pro. I can’t believe folk are defending it. I guess no different than the I-Sheep that follow Apple. Wow, the Iphone 7 is finally waterproof.

    Really people? No 4K Bluray support? Okay. I guess its all about VR for this machine. I’ll wait to see if VR has anything compelling. Seems like the hype has died down quite a bit on VR since the PC versions have been out.

    MS looking a bit smarter in this one. 4K is only discernable if you have a large screen over 55 inches. HDR is where the difference is at. Ask any videophile. If I had a 4K HDR TV, I’m going with the XB1 S. Cheaper and plays 4K Bluray? No brainer.

    I’m staying put with my current consoles. Lets see if the Scorpio delivers or disappoints like this PS4 Pro. I have doubts that MS is going to deliver in spades now that Sony mailed it in.

    • Hilarious, to put it in one word.

      • Amazing how guys like you will defend Sony beyond the ridiculous. LOL….I have no problem if Sony is paying you. It’s your job.

        Truth is, its not your job so you are no different than the butthurt MS fanboys you don’t like. Now that’s hilarious.

        I’m in the market for a 4K HDR 65 in TV. If I choose to upgrade my current consoles, PS4 or XB1, the XB1S is clearly the better value than the PS4 PRO. Does that bother you? Sure it does.

        • Doesn’t bother me, because the XB1 still doesn’t have games I’d want to play.

          Thing is: you wrote all that about how HDR is more important than 4K. Well, in a week, every PS4 will have HDR. You were saying something about “cheaper” consoles, right? Which HDR-capable console will be cheapest?

          Furthermore, while the XB1S MAY have an advantage in a BR player, it will be half as powerful as the PS4 Pro. Yes, DOUBLE the power for $50-100 more. Are you SURE about that better value part?

          • If XB1 doesn’t have games you want to play why are you even commenting? Its not your system of choice so it shouldn’t matter to you at all. You don’t even own one so what are you really talking about? Nothing. Yup, proving once again you are just butthurt.

            With all due respect, get a life brauuh. Enjoy your games on Sony’s consoles and stop making yourself look like a clown with these comments. Try engaging in more meaningful gaming convo and avoid being the scrum XB vs PS on these threads.

            BTW, the XB1S is clearly a better value. Its a no brainer to those interested in both consoles. You obviously ain’t so I won’t bother and neither should anyone.

          • “If XB1 doesn’t have games you want to play why are you even commenting?”

            If PlayStation isn’t the gaming division they work for, why are they making remarks?

            Don’t ask stupid questions.

            “Its not your system of choice so it shouldn’t matter to you at all.”

            I don’t live in France, so I guess what happens over there shouldn’t matter to me, right? Wrong, genius. What happens over there impacts me here, or can, anyway. What Xbox does or doesn’t do can have an impact on what PlayStation does or doesn’t do. Like charging for online.

            “You don’t even own one so what are you really talking about?”

            That seems pretty obvious. To the non-fanboys, at least. Or do I have to own a Ferrari to talk about one?

            “With all due respect, get a life brauuh.”

            Thanks for your concern, but if this is what you call a retort, you should be more worried about yourself.

            ” Enjoy your games on Sony’s consoles and stop making yourself look like a clown with these comments.”

            Aww, you hurt my feelings.

            “Try engaging in more meaningful gaming convo”

            Cuz that’s what you’re doing right now? Setting a wonderful example? But you’re calling ME a clown?

            “BTW, the XB1S is clearly a better value.”

            We’re talking video game consoles, right? I’d LOVE for you to explain it to me, then. Just pretend I’m a child and explain it in simple terms. Shouldn’t be that hard.

            “Its a no brainer to those interested in both consoles.”

            What would those “interested in both consoles” be looking for? Games, maybe? Gaming-related features? In that case, you’re right that it’s a no-brainer, but not with the choice you think.

            Funny: you made HDR out to be the more important thing… why didn’t you address that part of my comment?

      • HDR is kinda pointless with the og PS4 becasue it uses a hdmi 1.4 port and HDR requires a 2.0 port for it to work

        • Apparently not.

          Notably, for streaming, HDR falls within the transfer rate of HDMI 1.4.

          • No, HDMI 1.4 by itself will not work with HDR. But I have done some research and it seems that the OG PS4 had a higher bandwidth on that HDMI 1.4 port so it can actually handle HDR.

  6. Early impressions aren’t good?

    Oh, Charlie…

    • It’s to be expected coming from him.

  7. Do the PS4 slim specs differ from the OG PS4 Slim or is it exactly the same?

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