Independent Study Finds That Xbox Live Beats The PlayStation Network In Overall Quality

Ever wondered which console network is the best? Well, an independent study carried out by IHS Markit has found the answer out for you. Here’s the full statement from Microsoft regarding the independent study:

Starting with the original Xbox and regularly updated with Xbox One, your desire to play more has led us to invest continually in Xbox Live, bringing more live servers, closer to where gamers are, resulting in a faster and more reliable network. As a demonstration of that commitment, we were put to the test in an independent study confirming how fast and reliable Xbox Live is for our fans.

Xbox Live was rated highest for both speed and reliability by leading industry research firm IHS Markit,* which means you’re getting the fastest, most dependable multiplayer experience possible. The independent study included Xbox Live and PlayStation Network across the top selling games with matchmaking.

While it is great to see a third-party acknowledge where Xbox Live delivers for our fans, we recognize it is an ongoing journey that requires considerable investment, feedback and improvement.  Managing and maintaining a network is complex and there is an army of individuals who work tirelessly on Xbox Live, because at the heart of it, they are gamers just like you. Our goal is to try and see bumps in the road before they start, or get through them as smoothly as possible.  Just know that we have a team who works 24×7 to optimize your gaming experience.

Whether it’s quick matchmaking or performance you can rely on, here’s why a better gaming network makes all the difference:

  • The fastest way from login to gameplay. Xbox Live gets you to the action faster than any other console gaming network. According to the IHS Markit study, Xbox Live was noticeably faster in the category of network speed which included tests that measured time to log in to the network service, log in to game servers, join friends in a party, and upload an image to the network service.

  • Multiplayer you can depend on. When it comes to multiplayer gaming, network reliability is everything so you can log into your account and game servers with fewer network interruptions during gameplay. Fewer dropped games means more dropped opponents. The IHS Markit study included tests that measured how often the network was successful in allowing the gamer to join the network service, log in to game servers, and stay in the game to match completion without a network interruption.

  • A premium, best in-class social experience. With a faster network comes better, more life-like voice chatting and quicker upload speeds. Start parties in no time and connect with friends like they’re in the same room. According to the IHS Markit study, Xbox Live ranked ahead in the overall experience category which included tests that measured speed to invite friends to a party and a measurement of voice chat quality.

If you want to read the independent study yourself then just click on this link.

If you don’t have time to read it, then here’s the conclusion:

In the majority of scenarios for the Overall Quality category, the metrics were recorded in milliseconds. Where applicable, however, the metric was measured on a different scale (e.g., Mean Opinion Score was the measure used for the scenario on voice chat quality in order to gauge audio quality). As in the two tests above for Reliability and Speed, Xbox Live produced higher scores in Overall Quality than PlayStation Network in three out of four metrics.

Sources: Xbox, IFS Markit

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  1. Well, I don’t need a big test to tell that PS4 party invite are crap, it takes forever to load, forever x2 to send and invite, almost always fail on the first attempt, and when everything works and your friends join there will always be at least one friend with NAT issues that can’t hear or talk. I don’t know how this works with live but in PSN is really infuriating.

    • “here will always be at least one friend with NAT issues that can’t hear or talk.”

      I thought that was just me but it seems a crap ton of people have those same issues with NAT.

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