Xbox One S Sales Increase By 111% On Amazon After Sony’s PS4 Pro Event

The Xbox One S console just got a huge sales boost after the PlayStation event yesterday were Sony revealed the PS4 Pro. After the event, the offical Xbox Twitter account tweeted out the following

Here is an image of the Xbox One S sales increase on Amazon UK.


Could the tweet, the PlayStation event itself, and the reaction to no 4K Blu Ray on the PS4 pro have helped this sales boost? It’s very likely that these three reasons combined caused the sales increase of the Xbox One S.


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  1. WOW!!……awesome job!!!!

  2. The sales rank for the Xbox One S in the US is #30 with the PS4 Pro at #1, having been there since Amazon put up the pre-order listing. Worth noting though that the PS4 slim is nowhere to be seen, and the standard (current) PS4 model is down to #50.

    • to bad the xbox one s is out selling any sony product right now and will continue to do so after the ps4 pro

      • Why is that “too bad”? Competition is the best possible thing from a consumer standpoint.

    • Of course the Pro is gonna sell well as it’s currently the top dog in the console industry and coming out in two months. That’s no suprise however, the Sony event wasn’t suppose to boost the sales of the One S. That’s the whole point of this article.

      • Nothing I said ever doubted the point of the article, I was merely comparing their EU statistics to those in the US.

  3. Microsoft announces the Xbox One S and your sales soar making it the best-selling console in the Amazon, even with the announcement of Project Scorpio, the Xbox One S still in the Top Sale Amazon. Sony announces PS4 Slim and PS4 and Xbox One Pro S fires in the Amazon sales again.

    • im going to a xbox one s over the xbox Scorpio.multiplayer on xbox Scorpio will be the same fps as on xbox one s 60fps.i dont think xbox Scorpio will have 60fps single will be native 4k/30 fps for single players.only the new titan x pascal a $1200 pc gpu can hit 4k/60fps.the xbox Scorpio wond do 4k/60fps on single player games.

      so the issue comes down to you care about 4k native vs up scaled 4k.if not then get a xbox one while wating for xbox two.

  4. Wow Fantastic, Chupa Sonystas filhos da Puta da Gamevicio!!!! kkkkk

    • Huehue garbage has arrived.

  5. Sorry Microsoft but I will never forgive you for the kinect and the Xbox One 2013 original plans. if they had gotten away with it they would have destroyed gaming with always online and no used games. also the xbox one was inferior than the PS4(costing more and having weaker hardware)

    I was an insane xbox fanboy starting in 2001 with Halo but that bridge was burned.

    • ok.
      so we shouldn’t expect to see you in any xbox-related article now, right?

    • Lol seriously? What about all of the No Mans Sky lies and deception, Sonys bogus copyright strikes, ps plus price increases for no reason, and no 4K bluray player. Now they release a half upgraded console with the same weak jaguar CPU and are misleading the average consumer into thinking its a true 4K gaming machine. Microsoft comes off as a Saint compared to Sony.

      • all the bs and lies sony does and he is still stuck

        • i know right. is just a excuse thats all.

          • yep a sad excuse

      • Add to that all the ps online hacked and users id’s stolen, all the downtimes etc etc.

        We can’t trust Sony for anything. And that’s not even including the entertainment id’s hacked and stolen.

        • and we still cant change our ps network id’s. lol

    • sounds like you are an idiot.psn price increasepsn down all the time,ps4 slime…lol,ps4 pro even more lol. and now no mod support for fallout 4 and skyrim is a joke and continues to lie to you and you stay with them?

      stop living in the past its not 2013 any more ill never buy a ps4 or a sony product again.because of all their liesand bull shi8 the do and the ponies keep falling for it.also with no games goning out this holiday season since they were all delayed till who know when next year and you still stay with sony?.

      do you just have the console for uncharted? sony is the biggest fail and liers of any company i have seen next to nvidia. but fanboys will be fanboys.

    • Actually the kinect has cool features bit I do understand your feelings being forced to buy one.

    • Never forgive???? To each his own! I didn’t let an additional $100 sour my taste over a company that has brought amazing games and service to the Xbox community. When the 360 had red ring problems MS took care if its customers with an extended warranty and fast turn around repair service. Too me, that REAL customer service. enjoy your PRO and I’m sure we will most definetly enjoy our Scorpio. 😉

    • You should Give MS second chance. The new Management of Microsoft Xbox is Mr Phil Spencer and he have all new people working for him. Phil Spencer already proven his ability to Lead and find the true Path for the Xbox. He have already broth us Xbox one S and it’s better than PS4 Pro. (in my opinion,) Xbox Scorpio is going to be a Monster of a Console IF you refuse to give Xbox another chance you as a gamer will miss out on a great hardware and games. Lets look at PS4 Pro, weight 9.92 pound (4.5 kilo) if you drop it will crush you feet, No Blu Ray 4K optical drive. False 4K streaming/Games. Sony is running out of money PlayStation will disappear like Sega.

    • sony had the same plans dummy.

    • But seemingly STEAM is just fine with its need to connect a lot to verify you’re honest, no games on disks that don’t have to be activated via a CD key as well etc etc etc.

    • I guess people forgot about Sony BMG sneaking rootkits into music CDs 11 years ago (2005) in the name of digital rights management. Yeah forget that Ever happened. LOL

  6. And it’s already fallen off the Movers and Shakers Chart you got this from while PS4 Pro, Slim and even Original SKUs continue to rise.

    Meanwhile Pro is the number one bestseller in both the hourly bestsellers and has been since pre-orders opened. And that’s not even bringing up the American website.

    • Hello XbotMK1!

      • Have you ever noticed that it’s the exact same people that up vote their comments

        • Yeah! I’m fully aware who it is aswell. He changed the user name of XbotMK1 to something else and now this. At the same time he created a new account with the name XbotMK1 but he rarely uses it because he was called out rather quickly.

          And as you said. All those upvoter accounts are dormant. All they do is upvote and they all upvote the same stuff. He lives in his own little bubble. I enjoy calling him out though whenever I encounter him.

          I’m just fascinated of the dedication. It’s almost like he’s getting paid. One can’t possibly be that big of a fanboy. ?

  7. Great competition makes its better for gamers. I HAVE a xbox one s now and will buy the ps4 pro in January and the Scorpio next year. Can’t buy the ps4 at launch because I’m going on vacation $$$$$

  8. lol…nobody cared. And now what’s the situation? back to where things are supposed to be.

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