Moshi Vortex In-ear Headphones Review

Product Description

Designed for discerning ears that crave for satisfying bass with extraordinary detail, Vortex™ reference in-ear headphones feature Moshi’s proprietary RigidBody™ driver housing aimed to deliver fast articulate bass without distortion. The drive units consist of high-definition Neodymium drivers housed in sintered steel alloy which minimise cavity-induced coloration. This design not only vastly improves low-frequency extension, but also renders silky smooth highs. To obtain meaningful bass from any in-ear headphones, a tight seal between the ear tip and your ear canal must be achieved and maintained. Most in-ear headphones’ cables are much heavier than the individual driver unit, this constant weight-drag causes the drivers to fall out of your ears’ secure sealed position after awhile. Vortex’s lighter cable/heavier driver weight distribution enables the drivers to fit securely in your ears even when the cable is fully extended. To further ensure a secure yet comfortable fit, Vortex comes with 3 different sizes of hybrid-injection silicone ear tips as well as a set of memory-foam ear tips for optimal listening experience. It is also equipped with an iPhone compatible microphone for answering calls on the fly while listening to your favorite tunes.


When it comes to buying a new pair of earphones, I want a piece of kit that exudes quality but also at a reasonable price. Some might say you can’t have the best of both worlds but like a lot of cynicism, this is actually wrong. Moshi’s Vortex has shown me that. That’s right; you can buy a pair of earphones that will satisfy the audiophile in you whilst not sacrificing the cost-conscious part of your brain. Retailing at £71.00 here in the UK, the minor dent in your wallet is minuscule compared to the quality and premium you get from this product.

Look and feel

If there’s one thing that is abundantly clear with Moshi’s Vortex it’s that the designers clearly had quality and premium in mind. The steel alloy construction not only exudes excellent craftsmanship but also has the added benefit of being advantageous to the quality of sound you receive since the construction allows to earphones to deliver deep, clean bass. In fact, I was almost slightly taken aback at just how good the earbuds felt, especially when taking into consideration the pricing of the Vortex model.

I can’t shake the feeling that Moshi’s thoughtful design that extends from the actual earbuds themselves even to the ergonomic carrying case must be a part of the manufacturer’s philosophy. Sure, earbuds nowadays often have to look premium to a degree to stand a chance in a competitive industry but there’s an ever-present sense with the Vortex that this product embodies not only the look of a premium product, it also backs it up with the feel and quality that I would easily expect to see earphones upwards of £100 more than the Vortex to come with. At the price, it’s quite astonishing just how much of a premium product you receive.


  • RigidBody™ steel alloy construction delivers deep, clean bass.
  • High definition Neodymium drivers with extended range (10 Hz-20kHz / -10dB@1kHz).
  • Hybrid-injection earbuds (3 sizes: S/M/L) for optimal fit and comfort
  • Braided lightweight cable with integrated microphone.
  • Custom silicone carrying case with convenient cable management.

Considering the price point of the Vortex from Moshi, it’s was a pleasant surprise to find a rich list of features all packed into this £70 package. In terms of the carrying case which is one of my favourite things when it comes to this product, the custom silicone case is one of the most ergonomic designs I’ve found in a product. Most earphones I have bought in the past come with a more, how do I put it, traditional carrying case but that isn’t the case (please, pardon the pun) here with the Moshi Vortex, it’s immediately clear these was a lot of thought and attention put into this carrying case to be as ergonomic and user-friendly as possible for us, the customers.

Perhaps something that is one of the coolest features of the Vortex is the companion app that allows you to break in your new Vortex in-ear headphones

Like breaking in a new pair of leather shoes, high-quality headphones perform better once they’ve been used over time. This process can take several weeks or even months, so Moshi Audio has developed a helpful iOS application to expedite the burn-in process. By playing back a curated list of tones/frequencies, the Moshi Audio Burn-In Tool allows the headphone diaphragms to relax and reach their optimal level of sonic performance. Simply install the burn-in tool on any iOS device and select the headphone and desired burn-in period. The burn-in tool is customized for all Moshi Audio headphones, but also includes support for any third-party audio headsets as well. 

Incidentally, you can download this app from the Apple app store or Google play:


Naturally, when in the market for a new pair of earbuds, perhaps the most important factor is how do they actually sound? Rest assured, this is yet another category in which the Vortex do not disappoint. The bass felt strong whilst also delivering a very clean mids whilst treble also provides a very clean and crisp sound. Given the low bass frequencies and closed operating principle, this is a great set of headphones for bass heavy music such as dubstep or EDM. I’ve listened to all manner of genres in my extensive testing of the Moshi Vortex and I’ve enjoyed every last bit of music I’ve tested. It’s worth noting all audio tested was lossless FLAC audio files, for the best audio experience.

Overall conclusion


My final impressions after testing the Moshi Vortex is that this is a product that exudes a premium quality almost unthought-of at this price. Whether you plan on using these on your PC, phone, and even your gaming console, you can’t go wrong with the Moshi Vortex, especially considering the price point. If I’ve learnt anything about Moshi, as a company, from reviewing this product it’s that this is clearly a manufacturer that puts thoughtful consideration into their products. The only gripe I could find with the product is the lack of manual controls for adjusting volume, taking a call etc. but at this price and for all the positives of the product, it is easily overlooked.

Moshi Vortex













  • Exudes a premium quality
  • Sound is clean and crisp
  • Price is almost unthought-of
  • Mobile app to tailor the earbuds to your liking


  • No manual controls

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