Analysts Predict PS4 Pro Might Sell Well But The Xbox One S Will Steal Some Of Sony’s Pro Thunder

Since the reveal of Sony’s new hardware, a lot of analysts have been giving their two cents on the new console and its place in the market. I wanted to talk about the few that I agree with and that I feel actually make the most sense. Firstly, Michael Pachter says that the pricing gives Sony a big advantage – something which is very true. After all, Sony won’t mind cheaping out on features such as a 4K blu-ray drive when it comes to the $400 price point they’ve managed to bring the Pro to market at.

“The pricing gives Sony a big advantage. PS4 Slim is competitive with Xbox One S, but PS4 Pro is a bargain [at $399]. For the same price as the 2TB Xbox One S, you get 1TB and future proof for 4K. I think this sells very well at holiday, and was surprised it was coming out this year,” Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter told

As to Pachter being surprised at the release date, I have to say that is a little puzzling. Since all the leaks emerged, it was all but given this new hardware would have a 2016 release date.

Alternatively, the analysts at IDC predict that the low 4K/HDR TV market share might hinder PS4 Pro sales:

“The main course in the Pro upgrade is the roughly 2.2x boost in GPU power. That’s enough to drive one hell of a sexy picture. Unfortunately, both 4K TVs and HDR TVs, let alone sets that do both, are barely off the drawing board. So while Sony has staked out new territory as far as home consoles go on the rendering front, I question whether the Pro will be a big seller this holiday season since there doesn’t appear to be a large installed base of 4K/HDR TVs out there to take advantage of the sexy (AMD) silicon,”

Lastly, Piers Harding-Rolls from IHS says that its Microsoft’s Xbox One S that could have the upper hand this holiday vs. Sony’s new machines:

“Microsoft’s cheaper Xbox One S also steals some of Sony’s Pro thunder, with a significant overlap in 4K features between the two consoles,” he said.

With Microsoft’s new console already winning the last two NPD numbers in the United States, it will be very interesting indeed to see which will be the biggest seller for the rest of the year.



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