New Reports Say ReCore Loading Times Are Much Shorter Than Early Reports Suggested

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Earlier, we here at ThisGenGaming reported on the story that ReCore might have really long loading times based on early reports from a user that got their hands on the game early and suggested that loading times were roughly 2 minutes but multiple reports have since emerged that say otherwise, in fact, most reports now say the games loading screens are approximately 30 seconds to 40 seconds long.

Some testing was done by users on NeoGaf and their reports showed load times varied between 30-40 seconds in length approximately.

Ok just tested.
29 seconds
33 seconds
32 seconds

So far which matches all my previous playtime in the past.

Using a external 7200rpm hyrbid and will test on the internal and another external later.

I’ll also do some tests from another sample vid , keep in mind the user in the OP is saying he’s getting 2 minute loading times on every loading screen

Loading screen 1: 42 seconds
Loading screen 2: 40 seconds
Loading screen 3: 46 seconds

I also dont see any 2 minute loading times in this video or this video or this video or this video which all have similar loading times

Nearly all evidence points towards ~40 second loading screens, not 2 minutes.

This isnt exactly speedy, but its a far cry from what this user is apparently having

We then reached out to a user on YouTube who has a copy of the game for a comment. We asked:

ThisGenGaming: What’s the loading times and frame rate like? I’ve seen someone say loading is like 2 minutes, can you confirm or deny?

Namtox: I’ve yet to die in my gameplay, so I can’t speak to that load, but the longest load if you watch my videos and time it is around 40 seconds, framerate seems like a solid 30, minor dips but nothing that interferes with gameplay.

I have to say, this seems like quite an odd situation but as the story develops, we will update you on the developments right here.

Sources: NeoGaf, Youtube

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  1. compared to witcher 3 and other open world rpg games, this is nothing.

    • Compared with the graphics of Witcher 3 and the size of the world (and length of the game), this is nothing.

      • Well compare to the budget and size of the team that Witcher 3 had to a low budget unity engine game, great comparison

        Of course I won’t take away from the fact that CDPR are a kick ass dev team as well. Armature has potential and a damn good pedigree though, I hope ReCore does well enough to get the State of Decay treatment where you get a sequel that looks like it has 5x the budget.

  2. Well Reviews today stated that they were long like the other article mentioned. A lot of reviews said they experienced load times of 2 minutes or greater.

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