Sony’s Going To Lose The Power Advantage Next Year So They Need To Focus More On Software

Whether you agree with it or not, it was rather clear to me back in 2013 and even now in 2016 that a major selling point for the PS4, in particular when compared to rival system the Xbox One, was the power advantage of the PS4 hardware. Whether it was PlayStation employees’ use of social media to drive the fact home or through their official marketing, Sony really emphasised the power advantage that their hardware held.


With the announcement on the PS4 slim and PS4 Pro at the PlayStation meeting, it’s confirmed now that Sony’s “high-end” version of the PS4 will not match the upcoming Project Scorpio from the Xbox team. This isn’t intended as a technical analysis or comparison by any means but for the sake of informing anyone that isn’t aware of the differences, here’s what we know so far:

PS4 Pro:

Xbox Project Scorpio:

Naturally, less is known about Project Scorpio since it won’t release until holiday 2017 but Microsoft has rather boldly released some information on what we can expect power-wise.

Xbox Project Scorpio will be a “monster” of a console and will provide 6-teraflops of GPU power along with 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR gaming. It’ll also have 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and is currently over 4x more powerful than the current Xbox One.

Now, before anyone types furiously away calling me an idiot or whatever it is you deem a necessary response, I want to make it clear that Xbox One, as a system, has a high mountain to climb. Sony’s PS4 has enjoyed a healthy lead against the Xbox this generation and it’s a tall order for the Xbox One to match that, or even surpass it. Worldwide, that ship might have already sailed. We can’t forget the sheer brand power of PlayStation worldwide, whereas Xbox One has traditionally done best in the US/UK.

If Microsoft can market the Scorpio upgrade right and really market it as the most powerful console ever then I think their console will experience a healthy boost, especially in the wake of the disaster that was the PlayStation meeting and all that has ensued since. Let’s look at how things stand, though, since the PS4 Pro does have the advantage of being on the market up to a year earlier than the Xbox Scorpio, even if the core PS4 fanbase isn’t responding well to the new system.

Back in the 360/PS3 era when things in the so-called “console war” were a lot tighter than the current competition, we saw a Sony that aggressively funded first party games to create a compelling library of games that enticed customers into buying what was an overpriced system. It is my opinion that Sony’s first party and exclusive games development has been nothing short of disappointing up to this point in the current generation. Admittedly, 2017 is shaping up to be a good year for exclusive games on Sony’s system thanks to a series of new games as well as delayed games from 2016 but thus far it’s been disappointing.

Sony’s PS4 Pro will have between November and sometime in holiday 2017 to market the Pro as the most powerful gaming console on the market until Microsoft’s Project Scorpio releases. Once this happens, you can be sure Microsoft will really play up their machine being significantly more powerful than the PS4 Pro and the fact that their machine delivers a true 4K experience alongside high-fidelity VR.

So, what’s the problem? Well, I think it could be a safe hypothesis that the upcoming PSVR is a big factor in this. After all, Sony’s PSVR already has a lot of their internal studios working on games compatible with the new headset and in a Kinect-like situation, we could see primary PS4 users miss out. When Kinect stormed out of the gates on the Xbox 360, a lot of Microsoft’s internal studios such as Rare focused on Kinect-based games but this left out the majority of gamers who didn’t own the peripheral.

2017 is shaping up to be a good year for Sony’s machine but how many of the 2017 games for the PS4 can we safely say will actually launch in that year? It’s not unheard of for Sony’s exclsuive games to suffer from a delay or two and it would be naive to believe all games currently slated for 2017 will actually meet that date. Not to mention that a lot of their E3 games didn’t have release dates at all which could leave open the possibility that some of these may not even arrive on the PS4 until 2018 or even later. Due to this, I’d say Sony should enjoy the time they have with the Pro on the market before Microsoft’s upcoming Scorpio but once that self-described “monster” comes out, Sony needs to double down on their software.





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  1. Go back to Xbox, Charlie. You’re out of your depth every time you open your mouth about PlayStation.

    How can you demand they focus more on software, and fail to mention a single game?

    • xbox is the best box. and what games on the ps4?…lmao uncharted 4 and everything else is delayed on the delay station until next year….lol

      at least he will have games to play on the best box….lol

      • Games? What games?

        • games man like gears,forza,and recor you know kame coming out from now till the end of the holiday season something sony doesnt have….games…lol

          • Sony has had exclusives all year long. Unlike Microsoft they spread things out so people have games all year and not just the Holiday when you have a million third party games as well. I’ll take Sony’s approach any day over the Holiday period only for games.

          • what big AAA exclusive is coming out since gt sport was delayed on the delay station? dont include indies or must actually think they have something coming out other then that ps3 looking game the last guardian thats been in development for 10 years?…lmao

            i can already tell you none.

            the delay station…lol

          • Delayed games like Recore and Scalebound?

          • recore is coming out this year and i didnt say Scalebound.see now you are searching for anything…lol

          • Took 4 years for ryse.
            Lied about “black tusk”.
            Crack down
            There were two ther games announced at e3 15 that got canceled.
            6 months per year without a single AAA exclusive.
            Remove their third party monopolies and they would have released halo and 4 forzas…

          • It got delayed, didn’t it? And QB, and Sea of Thieves? Didn’t Fable and Phantom Dust get outright canceled?

            Damn, that’s gotta suck. Not much to play.

          • The same annual shittie games?
            The dumb trinity of Forza, Halo and Gears? No Thanks.

  2. maybe thats why they are delaying everything on the delay station?…lmao…please hwas the last ps4xclusive AAA title uncharted 4? and now nothing this holiday season .yea they are off to a great start…lol.

    im talking AAA exclusives not indies or remasters…lol

    • Why are you talking at all?

      • to aggravate you:)

        • Like a gnat buzzing around my face. Unimportant, but annoying nonetheless.

    • How is the cloud? Crackdown? Scalebound? Black tusks game? 4 years for the joke that was ryse? Two versions on Kinect that never lived up to the promise? The fact that Microsoft hash not made a new AAA exclusive in over 6 years?

      There you go… see what facts do

      • again whats coming out the the ps4 AAA exclusives from now till 2017?you dont even know when gt sport will be released in 2017 so what is coming out this holiday?

        again what big AAA exclusives is coming out on the delay station? the last guardian thats a ps3 looking game still being what does the PS4 have coming out this holiday season thats not a remaster or indie.

        i can tell you NOTHING…lmao

        • This holiday hmmm
          4K cod MW
          4K tomb raider
          2160p interlaced 4K battlefield 1
          2160p interlaced 4K Cod
          2160p interlaced 4K titanfall 2
          2160p interlaced 4K FIFA 16
          2160p interlaced 4K final fantasy
          2160p interlaced 4K watchdogs
          Gravity rush 2
          The last guardian
          Psvr and 15 titles for it.
          That will be close to a $1000.00 worth of games, a new console, and psvr
          Most sell within the millions of launch and psvr’s first two shipment are sold out.
          Most games will move a console…
          Plus we had the entire year of games to this point including the highest rated game ever.
          With horizon and gtsport at the beginning of the year after selling all those consoles… I think they are in good shape.

          What major AAA exclusive will launch next spring on the Xbox?
          What good AAA games have launched this year so far for the Xbox? The mediocre quantum?
          WhAt was the last new AAA game made from Microsoft?

          • i guess you are to dumb to understand what AAA exclusives are…lmao next.

          • LOL…typical desperate xbox only gamer. Knows xbox only brings out games the last three months of the year, so chooses to focus on “holiday”. Meanwhile, Sony has been releasing highly rated games all year, and will continue to do so for the end of this year into early next year. The xbox “exclusive” drought has busted his brain.

            The last quality “exclusive” Microsoft had of any note was Quantum Bust…a lowly rated snoozefest. But by all means poor guy, continue with your tirades………

        • You’re so sad. Reading your desperation makes ME sad for you.

          • i feel even sadder for you so sad and your desperation to hold on to sony is even sadder then i feel for you but you.with their delays and bad exclusives i feel sorry for every sucker they rope in. including this 4k quality and hdr on ps4 nonsense.

            i feel sorry you idiots fall for it every time why do you think you are made fun of buy both pc and xbox gamers….lmao.

          • the ps4 pro is 1080p up scaled sony lied to to and you are buying another 1080p console.


          • Nah, it’s better than that:

  3. Sony released the most games and exclusives this year so far out of the three…

  4. I don’t think the author realizes that Sony has been delivering more software that is more highly rated than Microsoft for years now. Somebody wake him up.

  5. to all of you that think the ps4 pro is 1440p console it actually a 1080p console upscaled to 4k.

    • To all who think this Hvd is right:

      • lol bias digital foundry at their finest oh look it drops below 30fps.oh thank you for proving me right this 1:37 he even says its in 1080p…lol.face it its upscaled have just proved me right…lol

        at 1:37 he said its rendering at what?…1080p.its upscaled…lol what i said it was…lol

        so as i was roght and this other video says its nothing more then 1080p

        ty for proving me

        • He said no such thing mate, watch it again and listen carefully!

          At 1:32 he says “What we’re seeing is the next best thing though, a two times increase in pixel count over 1080p which is then reconstructed using Sony’s patented checkerboard method” which proves YOU wrong buddy. TWO TIMES THE PIXEL COUNT OF 1080P is not 1080p…

          It’s funny tho, you keep calling other people dumb while apparently you can’t even understand English properly.

          And of course you say DF is biased, wonder why they said that the X1 version of BioShock remaster runs better, nah, must have dreamed it…

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