Skyrim On Xbox One Gets A Major Pre-Order Sales Increase After PS4 Edition Confirmed To Not Have Mods

It was announced yesterday that neither Fallout 4 or the upcoming Skyrim remaster for PS4 will be getting mod support and will now be a console exclusive for Xbox One users. Since the news broke yesterday the pre-orders for Skyrim on Xbox One exploded with many possibly cancelling their PS4 pre-order for an Xbox One copy instead. Here’s an image of the sales increase.


Mod support seems like a huge deal breaker for many people pre-ordering Skyrim on PS4 or Xbox One, and it was one of the biggest promoted reasons to buy this remaster for $60 on consoles. It could be possible that PS4 users will now feel they are not getting value for their purchase with this missing feature.

Have you cancelled your PS4 pre-order or changed it to an Xbox One version? Let us know in the comments section below.

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