Videos Show ReCore Suffers from “Sandwich Load Times” and Framerate Issues

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Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive ReCore is coming out this Tuesday but a new video shows that the game has a serious problem that may turn some people away. This video here taken from the Xbox One version of ReCore shows a player dying in the game and the time the game takes to load back which is being called “Sandwich Time” by people. It’s not hard to see why if you watch the video.

A two minute long load is unreal and we certain don’t see most games with this problem. Bloodborne when it came out had some long load times after death that were later patched but even those were nothing compared to this. Bloodborne had load times under a minute. The load times in ReCore are even worse than in Sonic 06 which is pretty bad.  It should also be noted that the game has a Day 1 patch weighing in at around 6GB and the video above was taken with that patch installed so if you were hoping that would fix it you’d be wrong.

It’s also been stated that some of the load times in other parts of the game aren’t as long but that doesn’t make it ok for any part of the game to take two minutes to load. This is a serious problem for sure and one that will have to be fixed post launch since the Day 1 patch doesn’t fix the issue.

Will you be picking up ReCore this upcoming week or have these unacceptable load times swayed your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Long load times after death… just don’t die then

  2. i died inside, im just loading.

  3. Maybe that’s why this is a “budget” title? They knew word of mouth about load times would kill this so they decided to soften the blow by only charging $39.99.

    Too funny

  4. Damn! Haven’t seen something that bad since Morrowind! And I’m sure even then wasn’t as bad as this.

    • you mean any rpg on xbox? kotor and jade empire were sandwich killers!

    • Bloodborne at launch was almost this bad and it was probably worse since you die so much in Bloodborne haha. Still was an awesome game though.

      • 45 seconds it’s not nearly “almost this bad” when this bad is more than 120 seconds.

        You are right that you die a lot in Bloodborne and that it was awesome.

        • Supposedly the average load times for Recore are 30 to 40 seconds but we will see. Still much too long for my liking but I can deal if the game is good.

          • According to reviews today some of the load times are indeed 2 minutes or longer. Just pointing that out since some people said that the source in this article was lying.

          • Apparently the loading times are not that bad, just bad. And apparently the game is not that good, just average.

  5. I’m guessing this is on the Xbox One and not the PC, so I’m going to play it on my gaming PC and probably not worry about it.

  6. This video is fake. Just do a simple search on Google for ‘re-core load times’ and you’ll see it’s been debunked.

    • Nope actually according to reviews today this was true. Many of the reviewers stated that they had load times of 2 minutes or more in parts of the game.

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