Is Bethesda Really to Blame for No Mod Support on PS4?

One of the more disappointing pieces of news last week for PS4 owners was the announcement that Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Remastered weren’t going to get mod support on PS4. Bethesda made the announcement saying that Sony wouldn’t allow it despite ongoing talks to make it happen. Many gamers took this news and blamed Sony for it saying if Microsoft could have them on Xbox why couldn’t PS4 players get them. Now some interesting news came out today about another game getting mod support on PS4. That game being Farming Simulator 17 which announced via twitter that both Xbox One and PS4 players will get mod support.

So this raises an interesting question: Is there more to the story between Bethesda and Sony than Bethesda is letting on? I would say yes after all if this game can get mod support than clearly it’s not an issue of Sony not letting mods on PS4 at all. In my opinion Bethesda must have been wanting certain things from Sony that they weren’t happy with or comfortable agreeing to. I for one didn’t lash out at Sony when that news came out as there are always two sides to a story and the only side anyone was hearing was Bethesda’s.

Some rumors indicate that Bethesda’s mods could cause security issues on the PS4 which obviously no one wants.  Sony probably wanted to set some rules down and Bethesda didn’t want to do it. PlayStation owners know that Bethesda has always been sketchy when it comes to their PlayStation versions of games all one needs to do is go back and look at the PS3 generation for proof of that. Mods on PS4 for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Remastered would probably have been possible but just not the way Bethesda wanted and in my opinion that is what it comes down to. Bethesda couldn’t do what they wanted and so they scrapped it altogether. There were probably ways to get them on PS4 but they might not have wanted to do extra work to make it possible for their PS4 fans.

All I know is that mod support for another game on PS4 clearly shows that Bethesda is to blame for this as well and that there was more to that story. Hopefully we’ll learn more about it at some point but if PlayStation gamers are upset they need to be upset at Bethesda as well. Let us know in the comments what you think of this mod issue on PS4.

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  1. All I know is that mod support for another game on PS4 clearly shows that Bethesda is to blame

    While I am of the opinion there is more to this story just because Mod support is available on a Farming game doesn’t really point the fingers at Bethesda.

    The farming game may have very simple mods that cause no concern.

    There is not enough evidence to blame either entity. Bethesda’s own comment seems to indicate there was a way to do it, but Sony and them could not see eye to eye on the execution.

    • You said it there. A game like farming simulator isn’t going to have mods out the rear end that they are going to need to run tons of support for. You have to imagine with a game like Skyrim there will be TONS and TONS of mods. Sony probably doesn’t want to put the work into checking or moderating the mods or hosting them, or all of that. I think this has to be far more Sony’s issue. The thing is that all this means is that maybe, eventually, they can be talked into it some how.

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