Latest Homefront: The Revolution Patch Fixes FPS Issues On Xbox One & PS4

In our review of Homefront: The Revolution we were quick to point out how disappointing the lag/bad frame rate was to the overall experience offered by the game:

That’s not to say that the performance is perfect in the final game; it’s not. The Xbox One version that I played is apparently the ‘best’ console version currently because it suffers less from performance issues, possibly as a result of the 900p resolution vs. PS4’s 1080p output but the frame rate didn’t feel game-breaking, even at it’s worst on motorbike journeys but it was definitely noticeable and a nuisance to say the least. I also ran into smaller glitches such as the frame rate dropping to zero for a couple of seconds after saving, animation glitches with the motorcycle, parkour glitches, missions not progressing and it was disappointing to run into these, especially at times when I was really getting engrossed in the game.

After many updates addressing these issues, Digital Foundry finds that the recent 1.08 update finally fixes these frame rate issues.

From digital foundry: Dambuster Studios promised to fix Homefront: The Revolution frame-rates on PS4 and Xbox One. It took a while but we’ve got there. It’s not a perfect 30fps, but it’s as close to it as you’re likely to get and it’s a huge improvement over the prior code. But what cutbacks were required to get the job done? Resolution remains at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One.


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