PlayStation VR Demo Disc Includes a Massive 18 Games

If you are picking up a PlayStation VR in about a month then you’re going to get to try a massive amount of games for free. Sony has announced that a demo disc will be available for all PlayStation VR owners either with the unit or via download from the PlayStation Store. Not only that but this demo disc features 18 games in total which is an awesome amount. It’s not just quantity either as there are some great games included that everyone will get to try for free including Resident Evil 7 and Driveclub VR.


This is a smart move for sure by Sony as letting people try a wide variety of VR titles will be able to let them see what all the PlayStation VR can do. PlayStation VR launches on October 13 worldwide as will this demo disc. I’m most excited to try Resident Evil VII, Rez Infinite, Job Simulator, and Thumper. What PlayStation VR games are you looking forward to?

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