ReCore Is Let Down By Technical Issues; Should It Have Been Delayed?

ReCore Joule and Mack Interacting

ReCore has been put under the microscope and reviewers have been sharing their verdict on the game; thus far, reviews are fairly mixed for the game. Even for a $40 title, the reviews haven’t been exactly great and comparably lower to Microsoft’s other exclusives. ReCore’s controversy started when tweets emerged from a YouTuber which showed very long loading times; something that many reviewers have since pointed out in their full reviews. We know from history that delays don’t always help a game – after all, No Man’s Sky proved that even with multiple delays a game can still fall well under expectations and release broken but the question still needs to be asked, should ReCore have been delayed to fix these technical issues?

Well, it’s important firstly to identify what these technical issues are since they seem to be the main crux of some of the ‘bad’ reviews for ReCore.

For instance, the review from Games Radar pointed to these technical issues as a major flaw of the game:

In exploring Far Eden, I fell through the world three times, and became lost due to my objective marker pointing me toward an old, previously-completed task. While fighting a boss, I became stuck in a mini-game where Joule must tug on her grappling hook like a fisherman reeling in a big catch. Unable to let go of the line or successfully complete the mini-game, I had to start the fight over. Framerates dipped dramatically at times, turning the game into a stuttering, strobe-light rave party.

They weren’t alone in identifying similar technical issues, however, since most reviewers currently online point to similar issues.

So, should it have been delayed? We might all be disappointed whenever we hear a game has been delayed but this can, in fact, turn out to really help a game release in a more polished fashion and with less technical issues. Video game delays are sometimes a necessary part of video game development. With many games needing to launch in a specific launch window, sometimes the coveted holiday season, a delay could spell doom for a game. Sometimes, however, a delay can benefit a game. ReCore’s only a $40 title so it could be that the developers ran out of their budget and couldn’t fix the bugs even if they wanted to do so but a delay could’ve really helped the game.

Shigeru Miyamoto famously once said that “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” but have times changed?

With the ability to push out patches and updates to their games, many developers are opting to get their game out in the wild and fix bugs via “day one” patches or later updates. It’s safe to say that gamers can often be a little bit ignorant when it comes to the behind-the-scenes development process and there could be a number of reasons why the game is suffering from technical issues. The issue that remains though is that when technical issues like these are discovered, it can really damage the reputation of a game. No Man’s Sky, which had a massive hype train behind it, has since been slaughtered by the gaming community for its technical issues and shortcomings. For this reason, it feels like ReCore could’ve really benefitted from a delay, possibly later this year or in early 2017.

Alas, ReCore didn’t get a delay and the early technical issues have been a letdown. So, what does the game do from here to help get back some of the hype lost? A patch/fix that cleans up some of the technical issues will certainly help if such a patch can be provided quick enough. However, even with the No Man’s Sky patches, we’ve seen that this sometimes isn’t enough so, for now, the game is suffering from technical issues and you will have to decide if you can look past these for the $40 price tag.

What’s your take on this article? Are you looking forward to playing ReCore? Let us know in the comments below.




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