Sony and Taco Bell Teaming Up for PlayStation VR Giveaways

Well the yearly tradition appears to be back as Sony PlayStation and Taco Bell restaurants are teaming up again this Fall. This time they are giving people a chance to win the brand new PlayStation VR Launch Bundle. From September 15 to October 19 anyone who buys a specially marked Big Box from Taco Bell will be given a code that can be entered here for a chance to win.

There will be a winner every 15 minutes and those who do win will get a PlayStation VR headset, a set of Stereo Headphones, 2 Move Controllers, a PlayStation 4 Camera, and a $40 PlayStation Store Voucher. Sony has been making these Taco Bell giveaways a yearly tradition as they did it when the PS4 came out as well as last year by giving away special Gold PS4s. If you want a chance to win a PlayStation VR head to your Taco Bell starting later this week.

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  1. Seems to be the only garbage fast food company that wants to take on the BS publicity. Just like last time they had a “contest” to which no one probably won the damn thing. Sorry system paired up with sorry food….great match up.

    • I actually won a gold PS4 from the last contest soooo…

      • Good… Now at least I know it’s not a complete sham.

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