Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair Product Review

Finding the perfect gaming chair has always been a huge deal for me, I’ve had chairs in the past that I had to return because they just were not right for gaming. Gaming chairs I used to own were either causing a bad back or were just too uncomfortable for long period gameplay sessions. That has all changed after using the Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair.

The product description follows.

Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair is perfect for your gaming setup. Sit comfortably in the soft racing seat, rest your arms on the padded armrests and you are ready for hours of gaming. The racer seat can be tilted so you can optimise comfort as you like, and the height is adjustable with a gas lift. The chair can rotate 360 degrees and is built on a solid base. The racer seat comes with gorgeous red shiny PU leather on the sides, and comfortable black fabric in the middle.

And everything said here is 100% true, I’ve been having long gaming sessions using this chair with no issues at all. Gaming should be something you do with the absolute most comfort possible, and that’s what this chair is providing. Along with being an extremely comfortable chair, it has been designed perfectly to really give that racing chair feel which has been a popular choice for gamers over the last few years. It’s smart to follow that design with the popularity it brings from YouTubers for example.

The set up for the chair was surprisingly easy, I didn’t encounter many issues at all. There’s an instruction manual that comes with the chair that makes it really simple to make. I had the chair done in about 25 minutes, and was gaming right after it was made up. If you need a gaming chair were it’s nice and simple to make then this chair would be perfect for you as you will be going from creating to relaxing in this chair while gaming in almost no time.

The Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a gaming chair and have enough money put away to invest in one then I can totally recommend the Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair to you. It’s not one of the best gaming chairs I’ve ever used, it’s THE BEST one I’ve used. I can’t recommend buying this chair enough if you need one for your gaming sessions.

Sandberg Warrior Gaming Chair Product Review




Ease Of Set Up





  • Quick to set up
  • Very comfortable after hours of gaming
  • Great design

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