5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A PS4 Pro This November

At the PlayStation Meeting last week Sony officially revealed the long rumored PlayStation 4 Neo which is officially named PlayStation 4 Pro. The new, more powerful version of the PS4 will launch on November 10 this year and brings many cool new features to the console. Here are just a few of our reasons why you should pick a PlayStation 4 Pro up this November.

1. PlayStation 4 Pro Supports 4K Gaming and HDR

Probably the biggest reason why you should pick a PS4 Pro up is the fact that it supports both 4K gaming and has HDR support. Now while it is true that every PS4 has been patched with HDR support you’ll get the most out of it if you combine with with 4K games. The PS4 Pro is significantly better under the hood than the standard PS4 and developers are going to be able to use that extra power to run games at better resolutions. Some games will run at Native 4K such as Elder Scrolls Online and The Last of Us Remastered while others will upscale or do different things. It’s really up to each developer on how they use the extra power PS4 Pro provides.

Games running in 1080p like the standard PS4 will look better thanks to the HDR support as well. Having both HDR and 4K support guarantees that you’ll be ready for 4K whether you have a TV that supports it now or in the future.

2. It Improves the PlayStation VR Experience

If you’re one of those like me who is picking up a PlayStation VR in October than you’ll also benefit by picking up a PS4 Pro. This is because with that extra power the PS4 Pro will run your VR games better as well. It’s true that the PlayStation VR isn’t as strong as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but the PS4 Pro will help it further get close to those two platforms. These improvements include better and smoother framerates as well as better graphics. Now the PlayStation VR will still run great on the regular PS4 as we’ve seen from those who have played it but if you want the best experience PS4 Pro is the way to go.

3. PS4 Pro has a fantastic price point

When people started hearing the rumors about the PS4 Pro many assumed that the console would be pricey with some thinking it could cost $450-$499. Well Sony worked their magic and has come out with a very competitive price point set at $399. This is the same price the PS4 launched for back in 2013 and gives Sony a huge advantage with their upgraded console. For the same price as a 2TB Xbox One S, Sony is offering a machine that is around 4x better and supports 4K games, better VR support, HDR and 4K streaming.

Now while it doesn’t have a 4K blu ray drive which is disappointing you can still watch 4K content by streaming. Xbox One S also only runs games at a maximum 1080p (with some games such as Battlefield 1 running at far lower resolutions) and it then upscales those to 4K. That isn’t the same as PS4 Pro which is capable of higher resolutions than 1080p including some games that will run at 4K Native. At the end of the day it’s just a great price point for what you are getting.

4. You’re old games will look better

While PS4 Pro will let developers make their upcoming games look and run better some current PS4 games will also see improvements. Should a developer choose they will be able to patch their older games to use the new features of PS4 Pro. Some of these games include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Uncharted 4, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Infamous Second Son and First Light and more. All of these games will make use of HDR support and could see framerate improvement or increased resolution. We’ve heard from people who have seen the difference between some of these games running on PS4 and PS4 Pro and they say the difference is night and day.

5. You’ll get the best versions of this Holidays new games.

Of course if you want the best console versions of this Holiday’s games PS4 Pro is where you will find them. Games such as Titanfall 2, Killing Floor 2, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Watch Dogs 2, and more have all been confirmed to be using the improvements that PS4 Pro is bringing. Whether that is HDR support or whatever you’ll find the best versions of all of them on PS4 Pro. Of course going forward more games will make use of it too such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider Man, and Mass Effect Andromeda to name a few.

So there are just a few of our reasons why you should pick up a PS4 Pro this November. If you have a 4K TV, plan on getting a PlayStation VR, or just want better framerates for your 1080p games PS4 Pro has something for you at a great and competitive price point. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking up a PS4 Pro.

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  1. #1 xbox one s is 4k hdr and has a 4k blue ray player and is $299..lol at the ps4 pro.
    #2 vr ill give you that but its crappy vr and looks bad no thx…lol
    #3 ps4 pro is $400 and the xbox one s is $299…lmao
    #4 games will also look better on the xbox one s for $299 it does 4k and hdr for $299..lol
    #5holiday games?everything is delayed till some time next year the reason i didnt get a ps4 this gen is because of the delayed games and bad psn.a 10year delayed game is coming thats about it..lol

    over all there is no point to a ps4 pro for $400.the xbox one s is $299 and a better console and sony doesnt want mod support and xbox one s will have it..lol

    no clue why you people stick with sony.

    • You should win some sort of retard award.

      • how about this then the ps4 pro is nothing but a 080p/30fps console.all you are doing is paying for upscaling..lmao.$400 to upscales 30fps from 1080p..lol


        • Please dont spread false information.It was already clarified on digital foundry and other sources that PS4 PRO is using a completely different up-scaling technique,known as “checkerboard scaling” while XboxOne S is using the usual upscaling from XboxOnes 720p,1080i and 1080p games to 4K.

          To clarify even more,PS4 PRO checkerboard scaling is NOT upscaling from 1080p or 900p from PS4 games.Its upscaling from resolutions that are way above 1080p(3200×1800, 3360×1890, 3520×1980, 3680×2070, 3200×2160 in comparison to 3840×2160 (native 4K)).
          In short we can expect resolutions in most upcoming games 90% close to native 4k,which im sorry to say XboxOne S cant simply pull off but Scorpio should do the job.

          • Please take some classes. U have no clue what u are talking about. The pro does not have native 4k. It is upscaled and it doesnt matter what u use to upscale it, its still only going to get so far. U will not see graphics that are that much different. I feel sorry for anybody getting a pro for the graphics.

          • First PRO will have native 4K for some old games like TLOU(i never stated that it will have native 4k for all games so please dont quote me for something i didnt state),second it actually does matter what tech is used for up-scaling and from which resolutions is the game being up-scaled to 4k.No one stated that the graphical fidelity aside sharpness will be improved in 4K mode,only in 1080 mode will we see graphical improvements.
            And i feel sorry for people who dont do research and instead talk out of their asses.


          • Next time cite actual sources and not bullshit. Bitch, Id OWN YOU in a tech discussion. How many computers have u built for businesses?

          • “Next time cite actual sources and not bullshit.”
            Its not my problem if you cant read properly.

            “Bitch, Id OWN YOU in a tech discussion. How many computers have u built for businesses?”
            Gonna leave you now,Darwin will take good care of you.

          • Nothing the Pro does is “native”.

    • The Xbox One S has the same hardware as the regular Xbox One, with the exception of a 4K upscaler. The major difference is the PS4 Pro has a GPU that is 4 times more capable than the Xbox One S, higher clock speed on the CPU and memory. So the games with PS4 Pro versions will not be the same; it will have higher quality textures, smoother frame-rates and more graphical fidelity. Some games will be 4K native and for those that are not, will be rendered with higher assets at 1440P to 1800P, then upscaled from there to 4K using the checker-board method that even impressed the techies over at Digital Foundry. So you can bet that with all games looking and playing better on the regular PS4 as it is right now compared to the Xbox One/S, playing games with the PS4 Pro will be like night and day difference to that.

    • PS4 – 43.5 million shipped
      Xbox One – around 24 million shipped

      Uncharted 4 (metacritic 93) and Bloodborne (metacritic 92) outscored every Xbox One “exclusive”.

      PS4 from 2013. is more powerful than Xbox One S from 2016. In next 12-15 months PS4 will continue to be the most powerful console on market and it will continue to get superior multiplats like FF XV, Assetto Corsa,…

      • uncharted 4 only 2.7m sold on 40m consoles…lmao halo 5 sold more then that..lol

        psn vs xbox live winner xbox live psn is down all the time..ol

        xbox one has a 4k blue ray player ps4 pro doesnt winner xbox one s…lol

        xbox one s is $299 vs ps4 pro $400 winner xbox one s…lmao

        next year xbox one s will be $249 and ps4 pro will be $349 winner xbox one s…lol

        face it sony messed up and now its all about xbox

        ps no more uncharted the series is over..lol

        • Uncharted 4 SOLD 2.7 million after first week
          Gaylo 5 SHIPPED 5 million after 3 months

          PS4 Pro 400$, you get 1TB HDD and 2X more powerful console than Xbox One S, Xbox One S 300$, 500GB HDD and 2X inferior.

          Gaylo without Bungie, Queers of War without Epic Games

          Bungie run away from Microshit and Microshit doesn’t have 1 good first-party studio now

          • your an idiot and this is why i want nothing to do with the sony player base…lol

          • If people look into your posting history on Disqus they see posts from you with sentences with no capitalisation, proper punctuation, way too much usage of lol/rofl/lmao and down right insulting with whom one can’t have any meaningful discussion and you are the one calling people idiots!

            You give Xbox fans a really bad name with your trolling, misinformation spreading, downplaying and being rude.

    • All upcoming Xbox One “exclusives” will be playable on PC on same day. Xbox One – the only console without exclusives.

      Upcoming PS4 exclusives:

      The Last Guardian
      Gravity Rush 2
      Gran Turismo Sport
      Persona 5
      Horizon Zero Dawn
      Crash Bandicoot
      God of War
      Days Gone
      Death Stranding
      Detroit: Become Human
      Final Fantasy VII Remake
      Shenmue III
      Ace Combat 7
      Everybody’s Golf
      Yakuza 0
      Dragon Quest XI
      Nier: Automata
      Valkyria: Azure Revolution
      Ni no Kuni II : Revenant Kingdom

      Xbox One?

      • I have owned a lot of Sony consoles and products but even I am not blind to how stupid u sound. None of those ps4 exclusives are worth a damn. Even the fucking Bandicoot remasters are being done by outside sources that were not involved w the Crash franchise. Sony is selling bc of idiots eating everything up. The informed consumers have had enough of their bullshit policies.

        • I agree. Aren’t worth a damn. On the other hand Xbox One has fantastic “exclusives”: Quantum Break metacritic 77 and Recore metacritic 62 was released this year. I don’t know why would anyone buy Xbox One. It doesn’t even have exclusives.

    • Xbox One “exclusives” released this year:

      Quantum Break metacritic 77
      Recore metacritic 62

      Keep ’em coming Microsoft.

    • I can’t believe that PS2 ALONE sold more units than ALL Xbox consoles (Xbox, X360, Xbox One) COMBINED.

      PS2 – 155 million

      Xbox – 24 million
      X360 – 90 million
      Xbox One – 25 million

      = 139 million


      NPD wins this gen:

      PS4 – 27
      Xbox One – 7

      This is Xbox strongest teritory?

  2. None of this is true if u DONT HAVE A 4k or HDR ready tv. Sony cant even sell products in their own country what the fuck do they think they are doing for us in the west? The Pro is not significantly more powerful than the the ps4…Its a little bit more powerful in terms of actual performance. Frame rates MIGHT be better in SOME games but if u think its going to give u 60fps in every game u are kidding ypurself. They also said the ps4 would have 1080 p w 60 fps in most games but as it turns out only a handful of games can come close to that on ps4. Sony lies and Im done falling for it.

    • Yea, PS4 is selling terrible in Japan. Ps4 sold better than in Japan than Xbox One in UK (Xbox’s strongest teritory next to US). PS4 even reached 3 million sold in Japan faster than PS3.

      • Might want to recheck those numbers buddy. Japan has the lowest ps4 economy of all targeted countries.

    • Wait! So going from 1.8Tflops to 4.2 is ‘a little bit more powerful’ but going from 4.2 to 6 is ‘significantly’ like many people say?

      • Neither is significant if not utilized properly.

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