Sony Has Laid Off Staff From San Diego Studio

More troubling news out of the Sony PlayStation camp today in that reports are coming in that they have laid off staff from their San Diego Studio. Some are saying it was just some staff while others are saying the entire studio might have been closed. We are still waiting to hear something officially from Sony on the matter.

Sony San Diego is the developer behind the long running MLB: The Show franchise as well as recent free to play games such as Killstrain, Guns Up, and the upcoming Drawn to Death from David Jaffe. While it wouldn’t be shocking if it was just the members of the free to play games that were let go it would be shocking if the MLB The Show team was let go too. MLB The Show has always been one of the better selling games every year for Sony and is the only real baseball game on the market. Ryan Palser says above he thinks the baseball team is intact but we don’t know for sure yet.

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed that there have been layoffs at Sony San Diego but that the MLB The Show team is unaffected. Here is their statement:

“We can confirm there has been a reduction in headcount at San Diego Studio. The team working on MLB The Show have not been affected. We continually evaluate teams and programs at SIE Worldwide Studios to ensure we have the proper resources in place to deliver innovative products within a competitive landscape. As projects are completed, it is natural to review and restructure teams around current and future needs. We wish our departing team members success as they pursue new opportunities and we have nothing but heart-felt thanks for their contributions to PlayStation.”

Sony also confirmed that it was the Killstrain team and a team working on a unannounced project that were let go. While the Killstrain team was let go Sony will continue to support it.

“We are continuing to support Kill Strain. Also to note, the external development team at San Diego Studio has not been affected and Drawn to Death remains in production.”

It’s a sad day whenever anyone anywhere is laid off and our best wishes go out to those who were affected at Sony San Diego.

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