5 Things To Look Forward To In The Destiny: Rise Of Iron Expansion

In less than a week, the long anticipated fourth expansion for Destiny will be released. This is the first story expansion in Destiny since September 2015. On September 20th, hunters, warlocks, and titans will join forces to try to help Lord Saladin defeat an ancient old technology that has been uncovered known as SIVA. Until then, we are going to take a look the most anticipated new additions coming with this expansion. These additions are not ranked in any order.

The Rise Of Iron (ROI) Story Content

There is always new story missions with each expansion in Destiny but this time it will expand on the story of Lord Saladin. Every month or so, he would show up at the tower for the Iron Banner PvP event. While he had some dialogue, you could never really get a feel for his character in the game because there really was no story revolved around him. With ROI, you can expect to get much more dialogue. The story telling of Destiny improved in the Taken King expansion.

The dialogue of hunter vanguard Cayde-6 for instance was both interesting and hilarious. With ROI, expect the dialogue to be more serious and perhaps darker this time around. This will be the first time that a character associated with PvP in the game will have a story and expansion. Expect to see several quests that will expand the story of Saladin and the iron lords along with a new strike and  5 new story missions.  Get ready also with five of your friends and get ready for the new raid called Wrath Of The Machine which will release on September 23rd.


New Social Space Felwinter Peak

After the completion of a story mission, you will unlock a third social space known as Felwinter Peak. Overlooking the Cosmodrome high in a mountainous location, it will join the tower and the reef as one of three social spaces in Destiny. This new location will include new vendors and will now hold the Iron Banner event. There will also be wolves and secrets to find here. And you never know, it may just include a huge snowball to kick around as you and your friends prepare before venturing out into battle!


New Plaguelands Patrol Area

The new patrol area will be featured on Earth. Get ready to complete patrol missions while taking on Fallen Devil Splicers using SIVA technology. Branching off from the Cosmodrome, this new location will give guardians a chance to explore the area outside of the wall where you first started your adventure playing Destiny. This is an excellent idea because the story of Destiny since the beginning has branched of in different directions. It is going to be cool in a way to go back to the place where everything began with new story content. There will also be a new event similar to Prison Of Elders and Court Of Oryx with the ROI expansion. Archons Forge will be a new player activated event where you can face waves of enemies to gain new rewards.


Crucible Additions: Supremacy, New Maps, Private Matches

Along with these additions, multiplayer fans will be happy to know that new maps are coming with the ROI expansion. Icarus is the name of the Sony exclusive map on Mercury. The other maps are Floating Gardens and Last Exit on Venus, and Skyline on Mars. Looking at these maps, it seems as if Bungie is trying to create maps that compliment all playing styles.

The new crucible mode is called Supremacy. Similar to the Clash mode, Supremacy will allow you to double your points by collecting engrams that will drop from defeated guardians. Destiny has also added private matches which fans have been asking for. Just playing with friends and coming up with match types and agreed rules is just plain fun and adds so much to the endgame of Destiny. Having tried this feature, it can be said that this is some of the most fun had playing Destiny since launch.

The New And Improved Artifacts

When artifacts were introduced into Destiny, it seemed like a cool idea. After gaining a few different artifacts, it seemed like the only real reason to equip one was to increase your light level. With ROI, artifacts are being completely re imagined. There will be several new artifacts to obtain based on the different iron lords.

You can either equip an artifact with the ability to reflect projectiles, eliminate your sprint cool down, highlight other guardians with full supers, or eliminate your super altogether and gain an additional grenade and melee charge. These new artifacts will fundamentally change the way you play the game.

No matter your preference in Destiny, we all have several new additions to look forward to. Check back in a few weeks for our review of Destiny: Rise Of Iron.





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