Xbox One Beat The PS4 By Over 100,000 Unit Sales In August 2016 NPD


New reports have emerged that give more insight on the Xbox One’s victory in August 2016:


Original story:

Hot on the heels of an NPD victory in July 2016, reports have emerged  that Xbox One also won the August 2016 NPD. Further, it was incidentally the Xbox One’s best August to date and bested the PS4 once again. For the meantime, we don’t have exact data but here’s the tweet from Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg:

CosmicQueso also reported on NeoGAF that it was Microsoft’s best hardware NPD since 2011:“Biggest August for X HW since 2011″

Microsoft provided the following statement from Xbox marketing boss Mike Nichols:

“Thanks to our fans and their excitement for new Xbox One games and the recently launched Xbox One S — which is the only console available this holiday with built-in UHD 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and HDR for video and gaming — Xbox One was the best-selling console in the U.S. in August, according to NPD Group. In addition, we continue to see strong engagement on Xbox Live — the fastest, most reliable gaming network — with total global gaming hours on Xbox One consoles increasing 42 percent year-over-year. We’ve also received an incredible response to Xbox Design Lab, which saw millions of visits to the site and hundreds of thousands of designs created by fans. We’re excited to launch Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox Live broadly this holiday alongside some of our biggest titles for the year, including ReCore, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4.”

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  1. xbox rising.

    • LOL. Xbots are deluded

      • Stop wasting energy defending a brand and a plastic box they’ll only break your heart.

    • Tenth time’s the charm, right, Wishmaster?

  2. Xbox slim was released so a lot of people updated/bought this system.
    Meanwhile ps4 slim comes out in September so a lot of people were waiting for release.
    September statistics will probably go back to usual.
    Btw the only console on holidays season capable of HDR gaming? All PS4 got this.

    • Barely anyone owns an HDR capable TV, also Xbox One S does HDR in games that support it

    • He said it’s the only console with 4k Blu-Ray + 4K streaming + HDR gaming.

      No other console can claim all of those things.

    • Also confirmed that PS4 has no games that run HDR on PS4 Slim. Once its released it will be tested and verified.

  3. ummm they are far from the only console with hdr and 4k streaming. Currently only console with 4k blu ray but that might change… in the future.

  4. One market. and on month. X1 is selling crap compared too PS4. PS4 Lead/Gap is only getting bigger worldwide

    • Two months and the largest market.

  5. Notice you never mention the laughable weekly sales X1 or 360 get in Japan

  6. i would really like to know where he got this info. From the info i see. Xbox only sold 1,000 more consoles then PS4 in the US. But got destroyed in world wide.

    • MS is worth 4 Sony’s i dont think they care about markets they barely focus on or all together are not even in. .

      • LOL, ……….MS make crap console hardware. Sony make awesome console hardware……………………that the difference

        • You seem to lack the basic cognitive functions to have an productive debate about the pros and cons of either console so your opinion is valueless to me.

          • LOL

  7. PS4 slim pre-orders in Japan alone expected too top 100K. X1 getting 100K in US gonna mean nothing you watch………….LOL

  8. In Xbots logic USA = The World!!!

    • you are right… usa does NOT equal the world…

      but the most games are purchased in the USofA…

      • Ummm no. The UK has been leading in software sells buddy

    • The US is the largest console market by a fair margin. Xbox is not in all the markets globally that Sony and PS4 are so its a given PS4 will outsell Xbox globally. Xbox 360 historically didnt do well across much of Europe in sales but was still hugely successful due to the US sales.

    • ponie logic ? they are to

  9. Good for gamers both consoles sold well .It’s a win win

  10. Congrats on the shipments?
    Everyone knows they spin their numbers beyond belief and the npd already was proven to count shipments for Microsoft via holiday 2014… they should really keep their humble pie and stop trying to falsely brag about numbers when they stay completely quiet any other time.

    • NPD to me is always shipped into retail no matter the wording y media or the companies themselves. Sony has been trying to spin that into “shipped to consumers” for the last 3 years and i bet you believed them. Now that its Xbox oh no couldnt be actually numbers sold to consumers lol. And Xbox and MS as a whole do not release sales numbers, combing Twitter for individual personnel that work at MS and quoting their tweets isnt the same as releasing a statement from the company. Most of the writers of these articles follow a lot of the employees that work at Sony and MS and then quote tweets and then that snowballs into ppl believing its an across the board statement from MS on sales.

      • Ha! No.
        this is not fact.
        Npd is suppose to track sales FROM retailers not TO consumers
        They are a consumer purchase tracker, not a outlet purchase tracker.
        This is why their numbers never match sonys numbers.
        Selling to the consumers is what is going to show growth in the market and what items are selling.
        Stating a fact that the only time Microsoft has won has been when shipping new skus…
        The fact that there are already deals for the Xbox one s shows they are trying to sell those shipments. ie entice the consumers who are NOT buying them.

        • NPD is a market research company that tracks sales and trends based off the data shared to them by companies that willingly participate.

          Not all retailers disclose store level sales and not all retailers participate with NPD. I see both PS4 and Xbox One’s on sale all the time so that isnt indicative of anything. Vanilla XB1’s and PS4’s will be cheaper and cheaper as their Slim versions are now out.

  11. im sure when the ps4 pro launches it will win at least one npd i see xbox winning all the way to xbox

    • NPD wins this gen:

      PS4 – 27
      Xbox One – 7

      NPD wins this year:

      PS4 – 8
      Xbox One – 2

      So on average Xbox One wins 2 NPD per year.

      PS4 still leads by 1.6 million in US and it will only grow with PS4 Slim, PSVR and PS4 Pro all releasing in next 2 months.

      • wow you are really digging for that information…lmao

        • Yes, i don’t make up stuff like you

  12. LOLOLOL I would figgin hope so with new hardware out! Just like PS4 will in Sep – Nov.

  13. PS4 with 45 million install base. 60+ million by time Scorpio arrives.

    • PS4 Pro will sell 15 mill+ @Xmas/1st year

  14. That overly necessary brand refresh with the super important 4K blu-ray player and it does only 270,000 in its first month. Pathetic. Looks like Xbox fanboys are gonna have to buy a few more to pick up the slack.

  15. Well well, after all that overhype turns out only 120,000 Xbone S’ were sold. So much for that movie player.

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