8 Reasons Why You Should Skip The PS4 Pro And Wait For Next Year’s Scorpio

Many gamers will be faced with the age old question this holiday season as they deliberate over buying PlayStation or Xbox…or Nintendo? Well, the debate gets even harder this year as both companies have released new hardware (Xbox One S for Microsoft and the Slim and Pro for the PS4) so the question is whether you want to buy the new, more powerful Pro PS4 this year or wait for the even more powerful Scorpio next year. Microsoft has made tall promises for the Scorpio so here is 8 reasons why you should skip the PS4 Pro this year and wait until 2017 for the Scorpio.

Reason number one


It’s no secret now that Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio is going to be significantly more powerful than Sony’s PS4 Pro this year. Much has been made about the “4K” capabilities of these consoles and it seems Sony’s machine is more geared towards upscaling using a checkerboard method. Conversely, Microsoft’s Scorpio promises to deliver a true 4K experience. If you want to be able to pump your chest and have the best console available, you might find that waiting a year for the Scorpio to arrive could be the right move for you.

Reason number two

High-fidelity VR.

Sony hasn’t been the first to the VR market as a whole but they will be first to bring the VR experience to the console space. However, the caveat here is that you don’t actually need the beefier Pro machine to run their upcoming PSVR headset. Microsoft promises to deliver “high-fidelity” VR with their upcoming Scorpio hardware but what does this mean? Well, we know the specs of the console will certainly play a part in this. After all, 6 teraflops of GPU power alongside over 320gb/s bandwidth will allow their VR experience to run at higher resolutions and at better frame rates – something that will help create an overall more immersive experience.

Reason number three


Big library of VR games.

This one ties into the previous point a little bit but Microsoft bringing the VR experience to the Scorpio since they’re not actually making their own VR peripheral but rather partnering with an existing VR headset. The best bet at the moment is Oculus Rift but since Fallout 4 on VR has already been announced for the Scorpio, there’s a possibility Scorpio could also be compatible with the HTC Vive headset. Regardless, one thing is certain; there’s going to be a big pre-existing library of VR titles available on the Scorpio next year since it will work with either or both the Rift and the Vive whereas the PSVR headset is still trying to build a library of games since the other two headsets have been on the market for longer.

Reason number four

4K Blu-ray drive.

Whilst many of us say we buy a games console to buy games, there’s no denying that game consoles do so much more than that in our day and age. They’re the centre of our media systems (at least, they are for me) so the discovery that the PS4 Pro wouldn’t have a 4K blu-ray drive for UHD movies (presumably to cut back on costs) it was a real disappointment. Thankfully, Microsoft’s Xbox One S has a 4K blu-ray drive and their execs have hinted strongly that the Scorpio will also rock a 4K blu-ray drive.

Reason number five

Dynamic resolution.

Xbox head Phil Spencer sat down to an interview with Giant Bomb during E3 2016 and discussed how Project Scorpio can potentially benefit existing Xbox One titles via dynamic scaling. Spencer explained that some games on the Xbox One make use of a function called dynamic scaling in order to maintain a lag-free experience for players. In short, when the Xbox One’s processing power is pushed to its limit from more action-heavy on-screen gameplay, games that utilize dynamic scaling are designed to temporarily reduce their resolution to prevent lag and keep the frame rate at 60 FPS. With Scorpio, you won’t have to wait for developers to go back and patch some games when some that already make use of dynamic scaling technology will instantly make use of the new hardware.

Reason number seven

Xbox Play Anywhere.

There might have been some early backlash against the Windows 10/Xbox One integration but now that those plans have come to fruition, it’s safe to say that there’s been a lot of positivity since. Now when you own an Xbox Play Anywhere digital title, it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Purchase an Xbox Play Anywhere digital game, play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost. Pick up where you left off on another Xbox One or Windows 10 PC, bringing all your saves, game add-ons, and achievements with you. With many of Microsoft’s upcoming exclusives supporting Xbox Play Anywhere, the synergy between Scorpio and a high-end Windows 10 PC will be a big reason to get invested in the Xbox ecosystem.

Reason number eight

Skip the Pro and wait for the PS5.

Sony has made no secret that their upcoming PS4 Pro isn’t a “next-gen” console whereas Microsoft has been clear they’re making a massive jump with the Scorpio. If you already own a PS4, a capable machine in its own right, it might be better to just hold off on the PS4 Pro and wait a few more years for the next-gen PS5. Reasonable and logical thinking puts a PS5 release date perhaps at around the year 2020 and with PS4 continuing to get games like the upcoming God of War, there might not be much reason to switch in your PS4 for the Pro. If you are looking for the bleeding edge in technology however and a true 4K console, then waiting next year for the Scorpio and then planning to get the PS5 a few years after that looks like the best course of action.






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  1. you forgot one, Xbox Live Gold, 4 free games every months….

    • And I get 6 with PS+….

      • only if you have ps3 and psvita, if you only have ps4 are 2-3 game and 85% of this is indie

        • Good thing I have all 3 then 🙂

          And you mention Indies? Really? You went there? Hilarious!

        • Why would you not have a PS3 or Vita?

          • Who the fuck bought a Vita to begin w? 5 year olds? Anybody still w a ps3 is just lazy.

          • Who let you on the internet? That’s a much better question.

          • Who let you use the computer inside your parents basement. 😉

          • to have a supply equal to that of Microsoft with xone should I buy the entire Sony ecosystem? at that point I prefer to leave the console market for PC

          • … that’s asinine.

            You buy the ecosystem for the same reason you’d buy Xbox(or would have in the past, anyway): for the games you can’t play elsewhere.

            Leaving consoles to play on PC doesn’t remedy that.

            Please tell me you’ve got better than that in your repertoire.

          • I usually try to have all the home console on the market, and I have always had the gaming PC, but if I had to choose whether to have only xone s or ps4 would prefer the first because it is more complete even having never bought a xbox console and also costs less….

          • The console with far less games- and one that has NO VR solution- is more complete?

            And if you “try to have all the home consoles on the market,” then BC is useless to you on the XB1, and you’d have a PS3 to take advantage of those games through PS Plus.

            You’re making yourself look worse and worse, here.

          • less games? no, because I can take advantage of a large number of AAA titles thanks to the backwards compatibility of x360; VR on ps4? almost 90% consists of DEMO and silly games? no thanks

          • Less games, because even when you add in the handful of bc games, the XB1 is still hundreds back in terms of sheer volume.

            Your blatant disregard for VR while you clearly have no experience with it is laughable. You haven’t played any of the games to know whether or not they’re just demos, and your comments here and elsewhere show you have no love or interest for Playstation products.

            Who, exactly, are you trying to fool?

          • You did not hurt my feelings. I got a reaction from you which I wanted so you must be the one with your feelings hurt. Enjoy being roasted. 🙂

          • I have 2 out of 3. 2x PS3 Soon too have 1X PS4 Pro, I still download all free PS Vita games so I have them for when I buy a Vita

          • All my systems were stolen last year, and I haven’t gotten them all back yet. Still, I go to the store and “buy” all the free stuff every time.

          • Haha, that is a shame. 😀

      • Split between 3 consoles…

  2. 1) Power. True, the Scorpio will indeed be more powerful, I do find the wording many people and sites use like “significantly more powerful” funny since percentage wise it’s not even all that much.

    2) High-fidelity VR. This is debatable, the higher resolution means Scorpio needs to push 23% more pixels to the Rift/Vive than the Pro to PSVR losing almost half it’s extra power to just that. The sub-pixels vs. pixel resolution thing might mean this won’t be all that noticeable of a difference either. Then PSVR can do re-projection so games can already work in VR perfectly fine when only hitting 60fps since they will be re-projected to 120fps. Rift/Vive needs 90fps to have a good VR experience. This means Scorpio needs to push (2160 x 1200 x 90) pixels in one second where as for PSVR the Pro needs to push (1920 x 1080 x 60) pixels in one second. That’s 1.875 times the pixels the Scorpio needs to push per second.

    3) Big library of VR games. This assumes that all Rift/Vive games will be available immediately for the Scorpio when no one can know for sure that will be the case. Since I doubt the Scorpio will be a generic Windows 10 PC the developers need to make (minor or not) changes to their game to make it run on the Scorpio and then test it all over again for it. Essentially the VR library for Scorpio starts at zero.

    4) 4K Blu-ray drive. Kinda expected this to be #1! This is a plus for the Scorpio, even tho we aren’t even sure yet it will have one, we assume it will, but we all also assumed the Pro would.

    5) Backwards compatibility. Indeed, very, very true, but so does the X1 and X1S

    6) Dynamic resolution. Okay, not sure if there are many games using this, in any case since the Pro will be out a year ahead of the Scorpio all 3rd party AAA games coming between now and when the Scorpio releases will have Pro support already negating this for those games.

    7) Xbox Play Anywhere. Never will I understand why people seem to feel this is a plus for Xbox/Scorpio since it basically means you don’t need an Xbox, Scorpio or not, to play the Xbox only games.

    8) Skip the Pro and wait for the PS5. Yeah, or skip the Scorpio and wait for the PS5 🙂


    As I’m sure someone already hit the Reply button after reading my comment at 1), both the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio are more geared towards 4k. 4k means having to push 4 times the number of pixels as 1080p. When you then bring back the 1.8Tf difference down to 1080p levels you would need to divide 1.8Tf by 4 which is 0.45. That is less of a difference as there is now between the PS4 and the X1, meaning that the difference between the visuals of the Pro and Scorpio in 4k will be just as noticeable as the visual differences between the PS4 and X1 now in 1080p. The differences between the Pro and Scorpio when running a 1080p game can be way more significant tho, that’s true…

    • Or skip the PS5 and wait for the Scorpio successor that’ll be 50% more powerful 🙂

      • Or… well, you know what comes next 🙂

        • If there’s anything else after that.

      • I could go back to the Atari and have better games than Xbox.

        • Yes, keep on crying white knight and nice deflection to save face too! 🙂

  3. What a dumb piece. Here is one reason to skip PS4 Pro and Scorpio: 2018 the PS5 will be released. And there are (great) exclusive games on the Playstation platform. And zero on Xbox. Why the f would anyone ever get an Xbox?

    • lol there’s not going to be a PS5 until 2020, shame Sony has all of their assets tied up in the PSVR and Pro and won’t be able to magically fund, cram years of research and sh*t out a powerful console to compete with the Scorpio until 2020 which by then, another Xbox will most likely be coming out to make PS5 look like sh**t.

      There aren’t any good games on the PS5, why the f would anyone buy one? Oh right, because they’re stupid.

      • The Project Borepio is just more pathetic, cheap, smoke and mirrors BS from a dead company to try and trick ignorant gimps like you into wasting money on another inferior product.
        Anybody who says they’re buying the Scorpio for power is an ignorant, spasticated, disease-ridden piece of inhuman garbage. If you pathetic paupers actually cared about power you’d buy a high-end gaming PC, not a weak, outdated, worthless, unwanted, gimped POS like the Scorpio.
        The Scorpio is nothing more than a cheap, unwanted, worthless, poor-man’s excuse for a PC which is going to play all its games in low-quality settings for low-quality gamers. At least the NX and PS4 will have exclusive games to justify their existence, the Xbox doesn’t have a single game that isn’t either complete sh#t that flops on Metacritic or has a far superior version available on PC.

        • Oh look, it’s one of Xrats 50 sock accounts

          Dead company, wonder what that makes Sony, who’s digging through their couches for change to keep the lights on? LMAO

          Anyone who buys a POS4 is an idiot, it’s games are complete dog sh*t, it’s online is not up 2006 standards, a horrible controller, customer support that would make Comcast proud, and an underpowered turd that can’t even do 4K and has to upscale, which is what the S model can do. How embarrassing

          There isn’t any reason to own a PS4 unless you love tentacle porn games and have an inflation fetish or love David Cage games which you can watch on Youtube for free, but Sony knows that only Sony fanboys are stupid enough to buy that garbage.

          • Your the idiot

          • *You’re*

            At least try to sound intelligent, you can at least fake it

          • None of your comments sound intelligent, even in a fake capacity, so I’m not sure exactly where you get off trying to tell anybody else that.

          • The only people who buy a weak, pathetic, POS trash pauper machine like the Xbox are you and your whore of a mum. All the real gamers wouldn’t go near cheap, non – gaming peasant trash like that and sales prove it.
            You’re on here crying because your dumb ho of a mum got tricked into buying Scumbox DONE peasant console with overpriced Kinect garbage for morons and no exclusive games worth having.
            It’s only ignorant, desperate, deluded, inhuman scumbag peasant trash like you and your mom that are still trying to support Microsoft’s worthless FAILURE of a console and sales prove that. Enjoy your worthless, sub – HD dead platform you peasant gimp.

          • Calm down Xrat, so much anger, did your dad beat you again last night?

            Ah you’re too funny, no one wants a PS4 except for stupid people. Shame there are so many stupid people in this world but I’m grateful for the PS4 because it keeps you scum in one place, the PS4 is kind of a quarantine for dummies like you 😀

          • The only people who buy worthless, non-gaming, poverty-stricken trash like the Scumbox DONE are the pathetic, unemployed, virgin paupers like you who have no self-respect and settle for dogshit peasant games.
            Halo is trash, Gears of Bore is trash, Flopza is trash, ReCRAP is trash, Quantum Broken is trash. You’d think Xbox gimpboys would’ve learned their lesson by now after so many FAILURES of games but it looks like you deluded swines have a real talent for greedily shovelling down the shit that Microsoft feeds you while forcing a smile on your face and begging for more just like you mom was begging for more last night.
            Xbox pauper scum have no games, no money and no self-respect and that’s exactly why Microsoft’s pathetic, Sub-HD FAILURE of a console is getting outsold 2-1 worldwide.
            Eat that. shitboy.

          • BloodBoring, UnFarted Bore, Gran Turd-ismo, Gay of Bore, Scratch it and Wank, Gays Gone, Boreizon Zero Yawn, Gay Guardian,

            Wow no wonder Sony is going out of business Hahahaha

          • Slow down, bruh. Your insults sound like the ones from dumb*** 12 year olds. Hope you don’t talk like that to your moma.

    • Sony told you that??

  4. 100% agree id rather play games in native 4k then upscaled…lol

      • Shame it’s going to be a bad game lol Guerrilla…

        • Shame Scorpio will be over 15mill behind PS4 Pro by next Xmas………..LOL

          • Shame Sony will still be a bunch of small d*ck morons with no money and getting paid in PSN Credit LOL

            RIP Sony 🙁

          • I see you’re a delusional, inbred, worthless piece of vermin dogshit garbage who just can’t handle the facts. The Xbox is getting outsold by the PS4 because it’s a shit, inferior product for pathetic, unwashed, unemployed, self-deprecating scum of the earth filth who have no respect for the gaming industry or for themselves.
            It’s only deluded, brainwashed, ignorant, uneducated gimps like you who were stupid enough to get tricked into wasting money on a POS gimp product like the Xbox DONE and sales prove that.
            Enjoy your pathetic, worthless pauper console which gets left to rot down in the bargain bin like the cheap trash it is just like your momma gets left to rot in the bargain bin of the transvestite brothel where she has to work to pay for your shitty Xbox trash games like Galo and Gears because you’re an unemployed piece of vermin garbage who spends 24/7 of his worthless, wretched, pathetic existence damage-controlling for Microsoft’s FAILURE of a console instead of working like a normal human being.

          • Blah blah blah you’re upset because you know deep down that I’m right, Sony is gonna be dead in the next 6 months LOL

        • It’s going to get a higher score on Metacritic than any of the cheap, pathetic, gimped trash for paupers that the Xbox DONE has you little sewage rat.

          • I’m sure Colin and his lovers Greg and Tim will try to inflate the score, I predict a 70 Metacritic score on the lines of Shadowfall, then poor Guerrilla Turds will close down and they’ll be unemployed, rightfully so lol.

            Unemployed, just like 99% of Playstation fanboys.

          • The only people who are unemployed are the mongrels at Microsoft who have had massive layoffs at the company due to losing so much money because the Xbox DONE is such a worthless FAILURE in the sales charts.
            No sales, no money, and no staff, Xbox division is shit and will be up for sale soon. Just like Lionhead closed down because they make shit games like Fable for scum paupers, Galo and Gears will be the next to close as they are shit and Flopza too.
            Poor gimpboys like you have such a hard life having to damage control the sales figures of your gimped, worthless, dogshit excuse for an Xbox console. Don’t you?

          • Oh look, fatty aka The Truth aka Mr Meltdown is back with a vengeance LOL

            Xbox demolished PissStain4 2 months in a row, poor Sony, the pS4 is the only thing keeping them alive and now they don’t have that anymore

            In 1 year from now, RIP Sony D:

  5. Buying more powerful hardware only to boast about playing older outdated games will never make any sense to me.

  6. Charlie, your desperation is just getting worse and worse.

  7. Best article so far pertaining to the new consoles. Even as a Sony consumer I cant understand why ppl are trying to hype a console that barely even improves anything from the ps4. Frame rate will not be 60 fps w 1080 p+….They tried feeding us that w the original ps4. Fact is that Sony still hasnt figured out the tech. As bad of a company as MS is, they are the ones trying to actually give its consumers more of a jump in terms of performance upgrades.

    • You’re hilariously ignorant.

      Carry on.

      • You’re hilariously stupid.

        Carry on 🙂

    • over 2X the teraflops barely improves anything? So, then you’re going to tell us 1.3X the teraflops from Pro to Scorpio means the world.

  8. Notice how Sony is not selling in its home country…That says something about how out of touch they are w their fanbase.

    • actually your out of touch with the japanese market and frankly if pachinko games are what your interested in than by all means…move there.

    • Not selling in Japan, come back after this thursday sales numbers come in and tell me PS4 slim not selling……dumbass

  9. They say for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, here’s one as follows…

    9 Reasons Why You Should Buy The PS4 Pro And Not To Bother With Project Scorpio (in no particular order):

    1. Branding – PlayStation is a great name, much better and more original than XBOX.
    2. Availability – Coming in November 2016, cannot wait! 😉
    3. Price – Competitive pricing, a steal at $399 USD. Even better next fall when it runs over the scorpion on the highway.
    4. Aesthetic – Imagine what the Scorpio will look like when released, I shudder to think.
    5. Controller – The DualShock 4 is near perfect, nothing more to say on this.
    6. Exclusives – More studios than anyone in the business. Quality, superior titles, even the PCMR fanboys wish they could have Bloodborne. Ain’t gonna happen. 🙂
    7. Target Market – This is pretty much Sony’s bread & butter, you better believe they need to be #1, and they focus on what we want, the casuals with the Slim, VR for new markets, and the Pro for the discerning gamer, kinda like most people on these sites.
    8. Quality – When a customer buys into the Sony ecosystem, they know that the product is built good, has a great reputation and won’t be undersupported like the competition has been, barring the 360 of course.
    9 . And last, but not least; it’s gonna be AWESOME, I mean, how could it not be?

    On a serious note, gamers all over should just enjoy playing games and having a great time doing it! That being said it should be on the PS4 Pro, because that is where the games will be, whether the XBOTS like it or not. Cheers! 😉

    • This post is so bad… It makes me wish bullying was still prevalent.

      • It was a joke dude, did you notice I had 9 reasons? If though you like bullying so much, just make sure whatever you do, make sure that the one being bullied doesn’t hit back. 🙂

        • It was also a joke, didn’t you notice the internet sarcasm? And I’m sure you’re an absolute monster.

    • Time to slap another Pony back to reality

      1) So if the systems name was DogShit4 you wouldn’t buy it? Nice to know that you’re shallow

      2) This is true, but irrelevant especially since it’s only a minor upgrade, may as well stick with the vanilla PS4

      3) It’ll most likely be the same if it sells well, even the PS4 vanilla didn’t drop the price a year after it came out.

      4) Hopefully it won’t look like a giant eraser that sounds like a jet engine and heats up, a burnt piece of toast like the Slim or a giant 3 stacked turd like the Pro.

      5) Yup, so perfect with it’s poor build quality, horrible thumb sticks, flimsy trigger buttons and that battery that dies after 2 hours.

      No wonder people take Xbox One thumb sticks and put them on the Dual Sh*t4 LOL

      6) Mediocre titles, tons of shovelware like Sword Art and Godzilla, all of Sony’s games are 3rd person action/adventure games. No good racers, shooters, fighters, platformers,no good multiplayer games

      7) So basically, everything the Xbox One is doing …except worse…nice

      8) A horrendous online service (that Sony jacked the price on btw) anti consumer as you have to fight tooth and nail for refunds, the worst customer service on Earth that’ll ban you for being Muslim, Playstation execs never talk to the community, the PS Fanbase is pure poison etc.

      9) right….

      • Guest makes a couple good points but your retort is terribly mistaken on #5, thumbsticks issue has long been rectified, trigger buttons used to get squeaky but that is easily fixed with graphite from a pencil, and I had no choice but to LOL on the two hour battery life, try like 10 there fanbob. I say fanbob not fanboy because that is your vocation.

        • The thumbsticks are still terrible, and it isn’t that the triggers are squeaky, the placement is messed up, I feel like getting carpel tunnel syndrome when I use a PS4 controller

          Wow 10 hours?? GASP Thats almost 11 hours :O

          The Dual Sh**t 4 is worse than the Wii U Gamepad lol

          • Xbox controllers are shit,

      • Fail.

        • Fail.

      • Here are facts boner
        1. Microsoft has not made a new AAA ip for over 6 years. And they are in the gaming business?
        2. Declining sales of their AAA repetitive titles. Nothing new to entice and nothing old keeping the attention of gamers.
        3. Lied about the rrod for two years until a judge forced them to either do a full recall or add a warranty to cover the 3 years of known faulty hardware. Key here for the build up, the faulty hardware was known. They kept their mouth shut for the sake of a market share.
        4. The only reason the 360 stood out was because of the monopoly tactics on third party games for the year alone. They no longer will have that card.
        5. Kinect. Not even Kinect 2 lived up to the lies of their reveal.
        6. Dx12. The false hope of more power for a year until they got closer to the release and then tamed down expectations.
        7. The cloud… the promise of the power of four Xbox ones and a hint at 4K gaming…
        9. 3 years in and says they are going to releas 6tflop console with true 4K gaming… no evidence to back it up, no games shown running, no design, no partnerships, nothing said of uhd blu ray, nothing…
        And we get articles like this.

        I love how Microsoft literally gives out the war cries and the media blatantly shows their bias.
        This gen, Sony only has indies and then the indies get bashed… until all Microsoft has is indies then they are ok.
        Comparisons, all the sites stop covering, sites like lens of truth just go away.
        Sales, Microsoft releases no numbers, sites stop covering npd results, start even counting their new sku shipments to fluff.
        Exclusive, only get articles in the fall bragging about Xbox having exclusives.
        Microsoft literally runs out of games to show and says we are only showing what is coming out soon.

        They leave so many crumbs to follow their marketing advertising and media partnerships it is sickening.

        I will be playing a crap ton of games. Most exclusive. Next fall, Scorpio will come out, show off another forza, another halo, another third party timed exclusive and then after a year and a half, Sony will show off their next console and release 2019.
        2017-2019, if we go by average, will be maybe(?)9 exclusives for Xbox. Of their own, they average 2 worth purchasing a year but are declining due to either the dumbing down of halo, or the constant forza name, so that will be 6 games…
        There will be 6 games from now to next fall for a Sony and probably more by all the games being shown.

    • Got my PS4 Pro pre-ordered

    • Just lies…

  10. Oculus Rift requires MUCH more power than the 6 TF’s the Scorpio can produce. Just look at all the problems PC gamers have trying to satisfy the VR requirements of the Rift. Another problem with 6 TF’s have shown it can only reliably provide 4K @ 30fps. If you want 60fps you’re gonna have to wait for the PS5 in 2018-19.

    Stats have already shown most mainstream audience are dropping Blu-ray in favor of streaming. Netflix, VuDU, Amazon prime, and a range of other streaming services provide 4K movies and at an All-You-Can-Eat monthly price. No need to spend $25-$35 per disc for Ultra Blu-ray titles.

    Another problem with the Scorpio? PRICE. Expect the intro price to be from $499 US minimum to $599 US. Good luck with that one.

  11. Why i will choose PS4 Pro?
    Simple: Games.

    FOR ME, Sony has and always had the best exclusive franchises.
    I don’t buy a console because of the power, or backward compatibility, I buy because of the games.

    • So Xbox is the best choice.

      • lol, no.

    • I do have to say that backwards compatiblity is a pretty good thing to have for console cause when jumping to the next gen console your still incline to play your old games instead of rebuying em all with their lame HD releases, i’d say that makes Pc such a better choice then console gaming.

  12. Exclusive games no a reason? I’d go PC/PS4

    • PC is not for everyone.

      • Neither is Xbox.

      • Guess people enjoy paying for multiplayer, not having control over their settings/hardware, having no mods, etc

        • Most people do not know how to assemble and configure a PC. Paying someone to configure a machine can be more expensive inthe end.

          A computer does not compete against a console.

          Who buys a console wants to play games and not the settings.

          • “Most people do not know how to assemble and configure a PC.” Then learn? I didn’t know how to walk when I came out of my moms stomach.

            “Who buys a console wants to play games and not the settings.” That comment was utterly retarded.

          • Following this logic, you should:

            – Design and build the house where you live

            – Design and manufacture the car or the bus you use

            – And study medicine to no longer need to go to the doctor, etc ..

            Stop spitting shit and come back to reality.

          • Except building a PC is far less complex and complicated as a house or car…

          • Go to a pc shop and you only gonna pay 50-100 euro more for assembling it.

            Go to a online pc shop and you will only pay 50 euro more.

            So next time just shut up because you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. Pc gaming doens’t cost fortunes and its way better than console gaming by a long shot

  13. OK I can buy this console but can you tell me how am I gonna play my favourite games like Uncharted 4 etc.?….
    … See, thats the problem.

    • you can play halo…

    • Do you really like that shit? oh my god…

      • Inbred scummy gimped trashbags like you and you disgusting, sweaty whore of a mum play shit like Galo and Gears of Bore?
        You really gulp down that disgusting, last – gen trash like the scum paupers you are?
        Oh my god…

    • PC

    • Its not that I dislike Xbox (I had xbox 360 once) I just dont find anything playable for it. Playstation have MUCH more AAA and Indie games that I like to play.
      (I have Sony phone, Macbook Air, Nintendo consoles/handhelds, I once had Xbox 360 but it broke… so just make sure im not anykind of a fanboy of XXXXX brand.)

  14. The reasons you shouldn’t :
    It will be later
    It will be more expensive
    It won’t have exclusives

  15. No one but the die-hard fanboys who prowl around the comment areas actually thinks PS4 Plus is a good idea right now. Its been 3 years….only 3 years. At least Scorpio is 4, the same as original XBox to 360. And there is a substantial boost in power that will get most people’s attention.

    I was someone who told myself that I would get a PS4 Neo due to Battlefield 1. And I still likely will, but this PS4 Plus is a bit of a half-assed effort. As of right now, the value is lacking in upgrading. If you are a hardcore gamer and bought a PS4 at launch then it set you back 400 (plus tax). This is another 400 in 3 years. Subtract a little over 100 for a trade in and you are looking at 700. Is this upgrade worth it compared to how its done on PC? Not really. We are paying 300 for a slightly more powerful graphics card and an overclock on the CPU. For hardcore gamers (already owning a PS4), the PS4 Plus is almost a waste of money from a value perspective.

    I was excited for Neo at first. Now I am more flat and feel like this is a mundane update. Sony says its to stop some of their gamers from going to PC, but the power upgrade is not substantial enough to warrant the money for most gamers. 300 (plus tax) for the modest GPU boost? If Sony is targeting hardcore gamers then this thing is a rip off. Its best for gamers who haven’t bought at a PS4 yet and that goes against the idea that Sony is targeting its most hardcore of gamers.

    Upon thinking about it, this thing is totally pointless. The only reason it exists is for VR right now to give the platform something better than PS3-level graphics, which mainstream consumers will shrug off. Sony made a huge blunder here. They had momentum. All they had to do was wait one more year. One more year makes a big difference for both power and value to the consumer. The original PS4 still has gas in the tank. There was no reason to rush out this half-assed PS4 Plus in 3 short years. The power is lacking.

  16. funny world we live in…just skip two years of better playstation now and wait why? cuz bro cuz. oh and my pc is more powerful than scorpio right now. it is so powerful i can travel back’n’forth in time at the same time in native american 4k.

    • My thinking on reason 8 is…are people so poor that they can’t invest $400 over 4 years to have x2 teraflops and a smoother VR experience? Sh!t that’s half a week’s worth of eating out here in San Francisco.

      • exploding galaxies are expensive!

      • I would withhold the smoother vr.
        They will have to be ported and supported.
        Microsoft is literally throwing everything no the kitchen sink at the power… they need to start with software.
        6 years of hardware lies vs a Sony product.., I think people will put their money in a company they trust and Microsoft will have to build up trust.
        So funny how for the last 3 years all the media shills played down the power. Stopped covering comparison articles. Etc…
        Now we get comparison articles and they do not even have facts.

        Too funny.

  17. I keep seeing people talk about exclusives being why PS4 sells better than XBox One. And you are 100% wrong. First let me just say that my XBox One is collecting dust and I use my PS4 for all my gaming. But the exclusives on XBox 360 routinely out-sold the exclusives on PS3. I am talking about millions and millions of more copies of exclusive games that sold more on 360. The reason why i got my XBox One was because of Halo. And I feel like 343 is ruining Halo and turning it into just another imitation shooter. So now I don’t play my XBox One. But Scorpio is a total game-changer. Scorpio as of right now will take the crown. I hate how Sony is rushing the PS4 Plus in under 3 years instead of waiting 4 and beefing up the hardware to make it truly worthwhile. The PS4 Plus lacks value for hardcore gamers who bought PS4 at launch. We are spending 300 (-100 trade-in) for a slightly more powerful graphics card. No new CPU (just overclocked) and no more ram. You can buy a 5.5 teraflop GPU for 300. So existing PS4 owners are getting the shaft and are paying more than we should be.

    • Uh, no.

      • Uh, yes

  18. At the end of the day it all comes down to games, and PlayStation has it now.

  19. Scorpio is vapourware/paper specs, nothing more.

    PS4 Pro will have a Xmas/1 year on the market to rack up sales. PS4 Pro is the most powerful console. Price is key.

    I got my PS4 Pro pre-ordered £20 down pay rest at launch

    • Xbox is where the best games are.

      • Definetely agree.

      • lol

    • All this bullshit u Just wrote only proves you are a Sonyboy giving money to mama Sony.
      Grow up stupid.

  20. ps4 pro isn’t next gen, just a slight upgrade without the 4k Blu-ray wft really?

    • How can it be a true mid/gen upgrade then??

      • Um, because it’s twice as powerful?

        • When was this written in stone?

          • What IS written in stone about mid-gen upgrades?

  21. “It’s no secret now that Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio is going to be significantly more powerful than Sony’s PS4 Pro this year” –

    Cause you got the specs for Scorpio to determine Just how powerful it is, Eh? Oh wait.

    Looking through this list, there seems to be a common occurrence:

    “Microsoft has made tall promises for the Scorpio”
    “Microsoft’s Scorpio promises to deliver a true 4K experience”
    “Microsoft promises to deliver “high-fidelity” VR”

    See that? Promises. Promises. Promises. Microsoft is the Hillary Clinton of the tech industry. All hype, all promises, just lies until Action proves otherwise. Whatever happened to the Promise of TEH CLOUD? Oh wait. It’s no longer even being talked about. They hyped the cloud for 2-3 years and now it’s Vanished into thin air. All the rest are PROMISES of being a superior console and with no price tag in sight – no specs in sight and you think it enough information to make such a ridiculous article? lmao

    • Sorry, but you are reaching. Its true the Scorpio is vaporware right now, but developers are already planning to work around the general specs. Another thing, instead of rushing it like PS4 Plus (3 years), Microsoft truly has time to beef up the hardware and adjust the back end to make sure compatibility is not an issue regardless of power….unlike Sony that doesn’t have something like UWP in place. Microsoft said “6 teraflops”, but thats a minimum. The time before release gives them an opportunity to do whatever they want. Lets be honest, the PS4 had enough gas in the tank for 1 more year of pinnacle gaming. There was no need to rush out the PS4 Plus in under 3 years. I talk to a lot of random casual gamers and no one is talking about PS4 Plus, even on PSN. Sony should have waited until Mid-2017 to release the PS4 Plus with beefed up hardware and a 3 1/2 year time period to align with a PS5 release late in 2020.

      • Who says PS4 Plus is ‘Rushing’ ? Why use such a word when things like this are not opposite, but all pre-planned.

        “Microsoft truly has time to beef up the hardware and adjust the back end to make sure compatibility is not an issue regardless of power”….unlike Sony that doesn’t have something like UWP in place.”

        And you tell me I’m ‘Reaching’ -sigh- alright, let me try to break this down and simplify it for you. If Microsoft chooses to ‘beef up’, the price rises. If the price rises and is more expensive than the PS4 Pro, it won’t sell as well because a competitor console that has more media attention is cheaper. That’s it. In sales? Xbox One Scorpio may be ‘stronger’, but it won’t matter, you seem to be making a mistake and are not yet ready to understand how the market works, I get it. You think strength means everything in the hardware department, or apparently ‘UWP’. Majority of consumers, unlike what you’d like to believe, don’t care about how many pixels a console can push, they want Convenience, Efficiency, Games, and an agreeable price tag.

        You’re frothing and salivating at the mouth about ‘Xbox One Scorpios’ theoretical power and of teraflops, means nothing ultimately. I shouldn’t have to lecture anyone about this.

        “Lets be honest, the PS4 had enough gas in the tank for 1 more year of pinnacle gaming”

        Annnnd, the regular PS4 is going nowhere?….Your argument implies PS4 Pro is here to replace the original PS4. You don’t seem to understand how an Optional Upgrade works, where it’s Optional, it’s clear you don’t agree with the Upgrade, or choice of selection. However, there is a reason for it all, you simply don’t see it all but have already formed an opinion on it even without having full knowledge, which is unfortunate. Your ‘1 more year’ (Apparently Sony only has one more year left with PS4) is going to continue, because PS4 is going nowhere. This much should be common sense.

        Again with the ‘Rushing’ of PS4 Pro, you don’t exactly have any information or evidence to support your claim that it’s being rushed. You neither have that, nor logic on your side. What in your mind could make you think Sony is Rushing – when they have no reason to rush…. they’re selling the most in the race, their pricepoint is good, everyone enjoys the PS4 – and you’re saying Sony is ‘rushing PS4 Pro’ as if some magical force is making Sony want to ‘rush and make things happen faster’. The reality is, companies don’t ‘rush decisions’ like this, they’re pre-meditated in their assessment of future demands. You suggesting they are ‘Rushing PS4 Pro’ is, both groundless and of course without any weight or logic. Nothing is being rushed, Sony is likely, and obviously doing this move to make it so there’s less of a gap between power-differences between Nintendo NX’s console, and to steal thunder away from them, since Nintendo in this generation didn’t release a console at around the same time as Microsoft and Sony. PS4 Pro again, isn’t rushed. It’s meant to be an affordable, and effective upgrade that isn’t too pricey, but not too underwhelming. Many are feeling it’s underwhelming, simply because it isn’t ‘powerful enough’ of an upgrade, but that’s simply their fault for overhyping themselves with Fantasy over Reality, and over-reaching their high expectations to expect some Uber console that would appease a vast Minority of gamers, as, Hardcore Gamers are a tiny fragment of the whole market of gamers.

        “I talk to a lot of random casual gamers and no one is talking about PS4 Plus, even on PSN”

        Ahh, and where you lack evidence and logic and grounded reasoning, you have reassured me with your Anecdote – that you Know Better because you ‘talk to random casual gamers’ – and they represent everyone else…… Brilliant….

        “Sony should have waited until Mid-2017 to release the PS4 Plus with beefed up hardware and a 3 1/2 year time period to align with a PS5 release late in 2020.”

        Well, if you know better than Sony and the staff involved with the decision-making? You make it sound like you’d be brilliant at the job, please let me know when you get into the industry and are able to make these calls. I know no one better than you, who’d be up for the job of analyzing the perfect move in business, you’d likely know better than anyone Sony or Microsoft has under their wing. It’s wasteful that Sony hasn’t hired you yet 😛 Cause I’m sure PS4 Pro will flop without your guidance. xDDDD.

        Could they have waited? Where, hardware obviously becomes cheaper and newer selections become available? Hardware becomes cheaper? Smaller? Slimmer? To have waited another year and put in a 50%+ stronger GPU? Sure. DO They need to? No. Since they didn’t ‘Wait longer’ does that mean they ‘Rushed’? No. It doesn’t. They DECIDED to make it this early, doing something early doesn’t inherently mean something is rushed. If I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth early – I’m not Rushing, am I? I did something early and with calm speed, relatively normal speed. To an ignorant mind, to someone unaware, I might SEEM like I’m rushing, with an objective in mind that is making my pace quicken – but that’s just it, a Perceivers Mind who has Little information perceives it as Rushing.

  22. For me is just perfect time to buy a PS4 or PS4 slim (if u dont have 1) and start burning…
    299 and the games so far,exlusive or not,are enough to make u happy! 🙂

  23. While you’re waiting, I’m enjoying my PS4 Pro, currently the best console on the market. 😉

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