NBA 2K17 Vs. NBA 2K16 – Head To Head Review Which Is Better?

How good is NBA 2K17 compared to NBA 2K16? Well rather than just saying one of the other, I’m going to look at some of the main features of NBA 2K16/NBA 2K17 and see how they compare to each other to get a final winner.


Last year we was “Livin Da Dream” with Frequency Vibrations which took the NBA 2K series down a dark path of storytelling that has never been done before. It was a unique and interesting way of bringing a storyline to a sports video game. It was hit & miss however with many fans complaining that the mode was too linear and the story didn’t connect well with the NBA 2K series.

In NBA 2K17’s MyCareer it’s moved away from the story mode style of “Livin Da Dream” to a more freedom based career mode but still has a little bit of a “storyline” added to it. In this years MyCareer it features actor Michael B. Jordan as Justice Young. Both your character and Young play for the same team when you make it to the NBA which starts the relationship between the two.

As mentioned earlier there’s more freedom but less of a story so depending on what you like more you could end up either choosing NBA 2K16 or NBA 2K17 for this but for me it’s NBA 2K17

Winner: NBA 2K17


When NBA 2K16 released last year I thought the presentation will never be topped again, and I questioned how can 2K do any better than this with NBA 2K17? Oh how wrong I am to question them. NBA 2K17’s presentation makes NBA 2K16’s look okay at best. For example here’s how far 2K have pushed presentation this year, all 30 arenas sound differently. Yes you read that correct, the sounds each arena makes has directly come from 2K’s sound recorders who traveled to all 30 arenas to capture the correct sounds the ball makes when dribbling in that arena.

To add to that there’s also 11 commentators now which changes depending on the location of were the game is taking place. The crowds in NBA 2K17 are also really well done, it does actually feel like a real game were if the game is a blowout the crowd will be silent if it’s a home game and reacting how fans would with angry/sad gestures or even leaving the game early.

With more audio recorded than any other NBA 2K game ever, there’s no doubt that NBA 2K16 doesn’t come close to NBA 2K17 in terms of presentation.

Winner: NBA 2K17

Coming Soon: Gameplay, MyGM, and Visuals.

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  1. It’s been over a week now. When is the rest of this review coming?

    • It will be coming very soon. Make sure to check back later this week!

      • Still nothing.

      • Is it ready now?

      • This review is very interesting. … but the real question is are you gonna finish the review? ??

  2. i mean when u play nba2k17
    story end after season 1
    its just a regular shit
    some player will ask u to hang out with
    and no more cutscene availble all cutscene the deal and etc was revealed in the season 1
    even before allstar game u get injuries so u cant play allstar game

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