Report: The Nintendo NX is “a reboot for Nintendo”

Nintendo is yet to officially reveal their upcoming NX console and while the reveal is said to be in the near future, more reports have emerged pointing to what we can expect from the NX when it does arrive. IGN recently posted their Nintendo video chat with Peer Schneider giving his two cents on some of the NX rumours. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Peer is “100% convinced” that the NX will use memory cards (i.e. like 3DS carts).
  • NX is a portable device you can dock to your TV and play games (confirmed by their own sources & NX developers)
  • Share button seems plausible
  • They’re really skeptical of the “split d-pad” rumor considering the traditional d-pad has been a focus of their marketing lately and the d-pad is something people love about Nintendo’s systems, but anything’s possible.
  • Detachable controllers are low budget. Very cheap (like the Wii nunchuck). Peer has heard they’re using IR and it’s not your main way of controlling the game (a “travel controller”). Speculates they could make cheap controllers that attach to the system.
  • Peer thinks the 720p resolution for the screen is “very credible” and “very highly likely”.
  • One developer talked to Peer and called NX “a reboot for Nintendo”. Peer says to him it means carts, not having to decide between playing on a console/portable whether going back to the glory days of NES, SNES, and the Wii.
  • They think the SCD with a dock with additional hardware is possible.
  • Just Dance on the system means a way to measure what you’re doing while dancing (some sort of hardware).


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