The Most Popular Games of 2016 So Far

We’re nearing the ending months of 2016 and it has to be said that this year has proven to be a great year for games like kasyno bonus bez depozytu all around. Whether you game on a console, PC, mobile, online, or any device you see fit; 2016 has had it all. Some of the most popular games this year have actually come from perhaps unexpected places and less conventional devices. It’s a tough feat to be recognized as one of this year’s most popular games due to the sheer size and scope of gaming but without further ado, here are some of 2016’s most popular games thus far:

Pokemon GO

We couldn’t possibly do a piece on 2016’s most popular games without first taking a look at what is proving to perhaps be one of the most popular games of all time, Pokemon GO. The Pokemon GO craze took the world by storm and galvanized millions into roaming outside to catch their favorite Pokemon. At its heart, it’s quite a simple game; a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic but I don’t think anyone saw its meteoric rise in popularity coming. That’s not to say Pokemon isn’t a popular franchise, it’s recognizable around the globe but Pokemon GO definitely is the biggest boost in popularity to the Pokemon franchise in a long time. 2016’s Pokemon GO won’t be forgotten anytime soon.


Overwatch is really the first team-based shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, who are known for making some of the most popular games of our time with Overwatch being their first foray into the FPS market. Blizzard is renowned for creating ‘universes’ when it comes to their games and Overwatch is most certainly an example of this craftsmanship. Through the release of multiple ‘shorts’ that look like they’ve been extracted right from a Pixar movie and the lore behind each individual character in Overwatch, they’ve done a brilliant job at capturing a massive audience for this game. It’s often the most popular game in internet cafe’s in China and its one of the most successful new IPs ever!

Online Pokies


If you are new to pokies or online pokies, here’s a quick primer to slot machines. We can certainly understand that having that many options can be a bit overwhelming, especially to online slots newbies and you can use this easy guide before diving head first into our top ten staff picks for 2017-2018. We’re sure that there is something for everyone in our list, and a great place to start if you’ve yet to push that spin button online!

Online games have often been some of the most popular options for a massive audience of gamers and online pokies are no exception to this in 2016. You can play the best 2016 online pokies right now and it will immediately become clear why this type of online game has been so popular in 2016. For any online gamblers or gamers who want to experience some good old classic thrills, you can’t go wrong with this option. Online slots have only increased in popularity and quality in 2016 and they still offer some of the best unique variety of slots in 2016. What’s great about online pokies is that you not only get to enjoy the thrills of playing; you will also stand a very good chance of pocketing some money whilst you play and not many of 2016’s most popular games can say the same thing. Whether you’re looking for the thrills of playing or want to try your luck, online pokies is the way to go!

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