First Impressions Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron

The Tower

As with any expansion in Destiny, my first order of business was going to the tower and just simply walking around. Before launching at the tower, I noticed that there were 5 items waiting for me at the postmaster. If you preordered the expansion, you receive a new sparrow called the Iron Gjallarwing and the horn that comes with it. You also receive the Iron Gjallerhorn rocket launcher with the pre order.

This iron version of the iconic weapon cannot be equipped until you discover the actual original version of the weapon at some point within the expansion. A free cool looking emblem was also at the postmaster as well as the Spark of Light level booster which has been given out with previous expansions. My next order of business was to head over to the bounty tracker to see if there were any new bounties with the expansion.

Unfortunately, as of day one of the expansion, there were no new additions to the bounty rotation. The emblem and shader kiosks reveal new additions that you can acquire with the Rise Of Iron Expansion. Standing out here is that there are finally new Iron Banner event shaders that you can earn. The faction vendors all have been upgraded with new gear sets and new weapons all at the base light level of 350. After inspecting the weapons and looking at the current load outs for sale this week, there really isn’t anything that stands out. Nothing revolutionary here, as these weapons just seem to be the same base diagrams of old ones.

New at your faction vendor are ghosts which are a cool addition to the game. Next I visited the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters. I really do like the look of the new vanguard and crucible weapons. The old colors of these weapons have been replaced with newer ones. Orange, blue, and black are the color scheme with these weapons. The only difference here is that the vanguard weapons have white mixed in them and the crucible weapons do not. It looks like the gunsmith, shipwright, and speaker have no new stock here. There may be new gunsmith weapons that you can acquire on armsday or with packages, but that remains to be seen. 

The First Story Mission

A prompt on my directory led me to a mountain location near the cosmodrome. In the early days of Destiny, you would simply launch your ship to a destination and the mission would start with maybe a brief introduction. Bungie has really focused on story narrative since the Taken King expansion. The first story mission is called “King Of The Mountain”. The cutscene begins with a brief history of the Iron Lords with narrative from Lord Saladin.

This transitions into a battle where a female is engaging enemies in battle while the facility is crumbling apart. You realize that this female is an Iron Lord and she is in battle assisting and following Lord Saladin as he enters a temple. This injured female Iron Lord sacrifices herself as she seals herself behind a door saving Lord Saladin and the temple in the process from an unknown entity. Now to present day, Saladin needs our help in defending an abandoned mountaintop location from fallen enemies.

The fallen have returned to the cosmodrome and are digging into old labs all over the system on a mission to search for some old technology. Overall, the first story mission is awesome. It is pretty cool that you are essentially traveling up the base of a mountain towards the new social space in Destiny. A highlight of this mission is battling fallen enemies while traveling on a gondola. This is a new mechanic and at first it took some adjustments on my part. Simply firing my Hung Jury scout rifle at enemies as I was standing inside the moving gondola was challenging. Unfortunately, the time you spend in the gondola isn’t long enough. It will be interesting to see how Bungie expands on this new mechanic in the future.

There are a few side paths placed in this mission and I am not sure what the purpose for them were. I was branching off different areas looking for ghosts or little secrets but I didn’t find any. Once glitch I experienced was when I was standing on an edge and engaging with enemies as I simply fell through the mountainside to my death down below. This wasn’t a game breaking problem, and being respawned back at the last checkpoint gave me an opportunity to look at the graphical enhancements even more. The snow really shows the graphical power of leaving older consoles behind. The other thing that stands out in this mission is the return of an entity once thought destroyed. At the conclusion of the first mission, your objectives and the direction of the remaining four story missions included here seem very clear.

Supremacy Multiplayer Mode

As you load up Rise Of Iron, you get a prompt to visit Lord Shaxx in the tower. The weekly Lord Shaxx bounties have been replaced with one match specific bounty it seems. This week, the bounty you can pick up is for supremacy. You also receive a questline from Shaxx for Supremacy. This bounty requires you to complete 7 matches, get 50 primary weapon kills, 30 kill credits, and deny 20 crests.

I equipped my crucible load out and prepared for battle in Supremacy to see how I would enjoy it. If you don’t know how the game mode works, it will take you a few matches to get hang of the scoring system. The action here is team oriented and really fast paced as you and your teammates try to collect crests from the enemy team. If a teammate falls, you can quickly recover their crests before they are obtained by the opposing team.

These are my initial experiences playing the first few hours of Destiny: Rise Of Iron. There will be much more reaction including a review in the days to come. Let us know what your first thoughts are of Destiny: Rise Of Iron in the comments section below.

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