Microsoft Might Have Already Upgraded Project Scorpio Since Its E3 Reveal


We all remember the moment, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer was rounding off the show when all of a sudden, the heavily rumoured Project Scorpio made an appearance and a bold one at that. It shocked many and earned the praise of many also. Now, it might appear that the specs have been upgraded even since its E3 reveal. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Albert Penello might have let slip a slight spec upgrade in memory bandwidth.

At E3, it was reported by Microsoft themselves that Project Scorpio was packing around 320GB/s bandwidth. Here’s the new figure from Penello’s interview:

So as far as you’re concerned, Microsoft will not dictate to developers that they render games in 4K? That, if they wish, they can have their game run at, say, 60 frames per second and not render natively at 4K?

Albert Penello: Yeah. We had to pick a number. Why did you choose six teraflops? Why did you choose 384Gb/s in memory bandwidth? What’s the point of those numbers? The point of those numbers was to deliver Xbox One-quality games in 4K. That’s the point of those numbers. But we’re not going to dictate to developers that that’s how they have to use that power.

As you might be able to tell, this is quite an impressive leap from the E3 announcement. It makes me wonder just how much of a monster this machine really is going to be. Leave your thoughts below.


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  1. Can’t wait.

  2. MS isn’t revealing their full hand just yet. Some games will be 4k 60/30, others might be 1080p/60 ultra settings etc etc…All up to the devs which is smart. We already saw the ps4 forcing 1080p and getting horrible frame rates because they wanted to brag about very little power advantage.

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