Nintendo 64 Emulator Live And Available To Download on Xbox One

When the Xbox One opened up its doors to Windows UWP apps it also meant opening the floodgates for new apps on the Xbox One. Video game emulators were, naturally, one of the points of interest and it seemed unlikely when a developer behind emulator Nesbox said his app was removed by Microsoft but now it appears a Nintendo 64 emulator by the name win64e10 is now up on the Xbox store.

ThisGenGaming personally reached out to the user and this is what he sent us as proof:

Reddit user CWade3051 posted to the r/XboxOne subreddit with proof of the pictures:

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  1. Get ready for the impending shitstorm that Nintendo will be bringing in 3…2…1…

    • you obviously know nothing about I.P law, or you was just born. I know why you posted as a guest, you don’t want to sound stupid and be identified.

      • I’d resort to name calling but I am bigger than that. The emulator in itself my not be ‘illegal’ per se, but why do you suppose people use emulators? To look at? To waste HDD space? To tell people they are cooler because they have a working emulator on their XBOX, and have ‘people’ like you going on about how stupid other people’s posts are? Get a life, if Nintendo asks them to remove it and they don’t you can be your ass there will be a court date, because that’s like saying Microsoft are legally allowed to profit from someone else’s IP.

      • Wow, since when did the word shitstorm have anything specifically to do with law? Did you not go to school?

      • “you obviously know nothing about I.P law, or you was just born. I know why you posted as a guest, you don’t want to sound stupid and be identified.”

        Had to laugh at this upon reading simply because you use the word stupid yet you said “or you was just born” – should have been “or you WERE just born”; now who is the one that looks stupid? 😉

  2. Cool. I hope Nintendo sues Micro$oft into oblivion.

    Maybe Nintendo might get some revenge by finally licensing out some of its IP to other publishers and release games on Playstation.

    • you obviously no nothing about the legal system… this is so stupid that id have to write a book about how stupid your post is.

      • Actually it would be interesting to hear your knowledge on that one as I’m not a legal expert (most ppl aren’t). Considering half his post was sarcasm, only leaves the suing M’soft part as ‘stupid’.
        What’s wrong with it? The idea that M’soft themselves may not be at fault, or is it some idea that emulators are legal, only playing unowned ROM titles isn’t?.
        At the end of the day, this is an interesting one seeing as Nintendo is a company that has no qualms about legally crushing their very own hardest core fan base for actually trying to PROMOTE Nitendo’s IPs for no profit

      • Oh anotha fuck boy who asserts he knows something yet explains NOTHING. GTFO bitch.

      • The worst thing that can happen to MS is, Nintendo issues them a takedown notice.

        MS did not not produce nor publish the app, it would be hard for Nintendo to get an compensation for it.

        Especially since MS can claim that, with millions of apps being submitted daily, some slip thrpugh the cracks.

        The judge would guve MS a benefit of the doubt, especially since they shut the other emulator app down.

      • You know nothing about it…….emulators are not illegal.

    • Emulators don’t violate IP or copyright law, thus an emulator is perfectly legal. Nintendo can’t do anything about it.

    • What a hypocrite. You want Nintendo to sue Microsoft, yet you want Nintendo to licenses some of their IP’s for the Playstation. Dumbass!! Nintendo can’t sue anyone for having a emulator. It’s when people start selling their games for a profit for that emulator is when they can sue. Get a life troll.

      • That’s in your view. Nintendo has vehemently taken down anyone that even faintly promotes piracy. The Emulator itself is not an endorsed product nor does it have the DRM protections Nintendo expects it to have to ensure people are not playing with ROMs.

  3. Someone start a countdown for this to be brought down… shouldn’t be long.

  4. Finally some quality games on the XBOX ONE! 😉

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