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Quality never goes out of style can be applied to many things and one of them is definitely video games. New games come out frequently using the latest cutting edge technology, equipment, styles and ideas but you can still pick up a game from thirty years ago and have hours of fun. Games such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. and Space Invaders are all older than most gamers but they are still fun and worthy additions to any video game library. If you want to return to some classic games or you are looking to find something new from the past, then read on for the best ways to play them.

Digital games stores such as Nintendo’s Virtual Console, Steam, the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store are great for classic gaming as any older games can be easily put on sale. You don’t need to re-release every classic game physically for new consoles as it can be simply downloaded and they wont’ even take up much space on your device. These games are much cheaper than any recent releases so you can pick up classic game for a bargain. You can relive any franchise’s history, such as Final Fantasy games going back to the NES, get your hands on the first re-releases of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow versions, buy the entire main Mega Man library and much more. Whatever classic game or series you’re interested in, it’s just a short download away.

If you want to but something physical for your classic games then both Nintendo and Sega have you covered this Autumn. Nintendo Classics Mini is replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System and comes pre-installed with thirty classic games. There are first and third party games including Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Kirby’s Adventure, Double Dragon II: The Revenge and more. Sega also have a mini Megadrive available with eighty games, with many of those similar to the recent Sega Megadrive Collections for consoles. The NES comes with only on controller but another one can be purchased. Games cannot be added or removed and it does not work with other NES cartridges or controllers. The Megadrive has two controllers in the box and you can use any old Megadrive cartridge. Both mini consoles will support save states, allowing you save and restore that point and come back later, a feature which was absent from most of the games on both devices.

Classic games aren’t always the well known console branded franchises. There are games older than they are that can be played electronically and they are widely available. If you are looking for any classic casino games on then check out Play for free but with real bets available, you can experience classic games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, slots and more against the computer or real players on your browser or with the app. Scrabble has always been a board game favourite, but now you can play it on your smartphone or tablet wherever you go. Provided by EA for Android and iOS, you can engage in word combat with friends, strangers or the AI. If you want to play chess, draughts, solitaire, hearts or whatever, there are plenty of free apps available.

Whatever classic gaming you are looking for you’re sure to find it with these offerings and experience the games of yesteryear today.

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