5 Things to Expect At PlayStation Experience 2016

If you missed the announcement earlier this week Sony will be hosting their PlayStation Experience event for the third straight year. The event will be taking place from December 3-4 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California this year and those who attend will get to go hands on with PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 Pro on 4K TV’s and more. Lots of games will also be on display and just like the past two years Sony will have a press conference on Saturday morning to make some new announcements.

If you’re wondering what to expect then looking back at the past two events should give you an idea. PlayStation Experience is where games like Street Fighter V, Ni No Kuni 2, Paragon, and more were announced. I’ve been thinking on what we might see at PSX 2016 and this is what I’ve come up with.

1. Naughty Dog Will Reveal Uncharted 4 Story DLC


Uncharted 4 released back in May and is the highest rated game of the year to date. It wrapped up the Uncharted story perfectly in my opinion but Naughty Dog isn’t quite done with it yet. They have a single player DLC in the works just like they did with the Left Behind DLC back on The Last of Us. Naughty Dog has been quiet about it no doubt because they are hard at work but come PSX time I think they will be ready to unveil and give a date for what they have been creating. It’s sure to be one of the bigger highlights at this year’s event.

2. Final Fantasy VII Remake Appears Again

final fantasy

One of the most anticipated upcoming games for the PS4 is the Final Fantasy VII Remake from Square Enix. Square has been quiet on the remake since last year’s PlayStation Experience event where they showed the first gameplay video from the game. Now a year later I think they will be ready to show more from the title and maybe give it a release window hopefully. Final Fantasy XV will be out by the time PSX 2016 takes place so there is no better time to get people excited for what the next big entry in the franchise. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get our first look at Sephiroth in the FF7 Remake at this year’s event.

3. Street Fighter V Season 2


Street Fighter V is one of the more controversial games released this past year for several reasons. The game was released with barely any content for those who didn’t wish to play online leading many to pass on the game. Capcom has since been updating the game with lots more content including the story mode, vs CPU feature, daily challenges and more as well as releasing all of the Season 1 DLC characters. Capcom has already said that they will do a Season 2 roster of fighters in 2017 and PSX 2016 is the most likely destination that we will hear about them. The Capcom Cup will once again be at PSX this year so what better way to get the Street Fighter community excited than by announcing the next slate of characters coming to the game. Bank on this one.

4. Crash Bandicoot 1-3 Remasters are revealed


Sony announced at E3 2016 back in June that they partnered with Activision to do remasters of Crash Bandicoot 1-3 for the PlayStation 4 with a planned release date of 2017. Last year at PSX, SIEA President Shawn Layden was on stage wearing a Crash Bandicoot shirt that led many to believe we would hear about Crash there. Well Sony can make it happen this year by giving us our first look at the remasters. While I’m cautious as to how they will turn out I do think it’s cool that Sony is bringing Crash back for their fans and there is no better place to show it off than at their event dedicated to their fans.

5. Sucker Punch reveals what’s next


This one here I have doubts about but it’s one that could very well happen if Sony wants a huge announcement at this event. Sucker Punch has been working on their next game for almost three years now so we should be hearing about it soon. However it could happen at either PSX this year or E3 2017 as Sony will no doubt want some nice surprises for that too. Now as to what Sucker Punch is working on is anyone’s guess. It could be another Infamous game but I think it will be a new IP personally. Sucker Punch is one of Sony’s best first party studios so I’d love to see what other cool ideas that have been swirling inside their heads.

So those are just a few things I think we will see at PlayStation Experience 2016 in December. PlayStation Experience is always a great event for the PlayStation fans out there and it’s fun getting new announcements at the end of the year. There should be a lot more at the event than what I have listed above and thankfully we only have two more months to hear about them. Let us know in the comments what you want to see at PSX 2016.

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