Mafia III Will Not Have Reviews Prior To Release

It’s unfortunate to say, but there will be no pre-release review of Mafia III at ThisGenGaming or any other site as 2K will not be sending out review copies until launch. There’s no exact reason why this has happened but many feel it’s because the game will be negatively received by critics.

While that is what many think, and it’s what I also used to think until Doom released earlier this year. We didn’t get our review copy until release, and it’s one of the best games I’ve played all year. Review copies arriving on release doesn’t always mean the game will be awful anymore, prior to Doom it used to mean the game was going to be terrible.

Polygon have also backed up this statement, and was also offered a review copy at launch but declined. ThisGenGaming will also be looking to get a review out prior to release if possible, so please stay tuned in the next few days for more updates on Mafia III and the review of the game.

Are you worried this could mean the game isn’t that good? Or are you still confident it will be a great game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Too late now as I’ve already paid for mine

  2. never a good sign.that tells me the main story is mite be good but i bet is shot and will only take a few days to beat.

    • Wrong, the main story alone is about 18-20 hours long without any sub mission. If you do secondary missions and explore other things it’s around 30-35 hours.

      • if you have played mafia 1 and 2 then you have already played mafia 3.the story will be the same as the other mafias watch just then names will change.

        • Yeah, I loved killing the KKK as a Vietnam Veteran in Mafia 2.

    • South Park Stick of Truth didn’t have pre-release reviews either. While it’s usually bad news, there are the exceptions. I’m hoping this is one of them.

      • keep will have the same story as mafia 1 and 2 just different different gane a mob gangster game be?

        • Mafia and Mafia II were pretty different, and the previews of the alpha builds of Mafia III looked slick and had a lot of side events added to flesh out the open world. We’ll see in a couple days if it paid off.

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