Why Battlefield 1 Could Be The Best FPS Game Of The 8th Generation

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you probably have heard a lot on EA’s upcoming FPS game Battlefield 1. A bunch of us hear at TGG are certainly excited for the new setting(well not so new depending on how long you have been playing battlefield) of WW1. The past few years have been flooded by futuristic sci-fi FPS games like Call Of Duty, and even EA kept Battlefield in the modern setting for the better part of 4 years.

Now October 2016 is right around the corner which means we are that much closer to Battlefield 1.
As mentioned before this time around EA is taking the series to WW1, while the competition is taking their series even farther in the future. The future setting has gotten somewhat out of control, soldiers went from fighting in the trenches to exo flying around the map like a Harlem Globetrotter with a jetpack. Which for someone like me is unappealingly, I like FPS games for the most part because it provides a somewhat “realistic” insightinto military warfare, yet for the past few years I’ve grown exhausted of the same future setting with weapons that could never be used in real life, even 50 years from now.

Thank the heavens EA has listened to fans and delivered, we can finally go back to a setting that is more realistic and BF1 has the potential to show the younger crowd just how fun that setting can be. The game can show that crowd a well planned snipershot with accurate bullet drop and wind can be more impressive that some 720 no scope from 10 feet away. No more laser shots, drones with 80 rockets, and no more jumping 50 feet in the air.

EA and DICE are really bringing a lot to the table here with the upcoming release, they listened to the changes players wanted after playing the beta just a few weeks ago, here are some of the changes you can look forward too.

Conquest mode is getting some changes at launch.  In the future, capturing objects AND fragging opponents will count toward the final score.Unspecified tweaks are being made to Rush based on gamer feedback. The overpowered Light Tank will be scaled back a bit, Horses will take more damage going forward, More tools will be provided earlier on to deal with vehicles (such as a Gadget for the Support class). When I say this game has potential, I really mean it. Now let me explain why, if you are a gamer around 18 years old chances are all you have been exposed to in FPS games is the futuristic or modern setting, which are not bad its just getting old. With Battlefield 1 you can see the type of gameplay that series like Battlefield and Call of Duty have originated in and gained its respect in the industry from.

If you are a gamer in their late 20’s to mid 30’s, you get the chance to go back and relive all the found memories that this series got you hooked on in the first place. This is gameplay from Battlefield we haven’t seen since 1942(yes I know different era than WW1 but you get the idea). I hope you don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of FPS games and can appreciate what each series has to offer, but in a era flooded by the same gameplay year after year, it’s certainly refreshing to see what Battlefield 1 can offer. Whether you are on PS4, Xbox One or PC I urge you all to pick up Battlefield 1 and see for yourself how fun the game actually is.

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  1. Battlefield 1 should no doubt be the best FPS of the 8th generation because its taking a risk. Its not contributing to the singularity of FPS gaming unlike every other modern FPS released today. There is a generation of gamers now that simply play the brand, not the game. We’ve never seen this in gaming history. Back in the 16/32/64 bit days, the quality of the game dictated whether it was popular or not. We can see this in sport games where a football game like Madden was dethroned for a 1-year period and new franchises were born. Now? Gamers are like brainwashed sheep. Look at FIFA and PES. PES is the better soccer/football game this year from a gameplay perspective and FIFA is still going to reign supreme simply due to brand propaganda. COD is ripping off every single FPS franchise and gamers don’t even care and turn a blind eye. Gaming communities are turning into a joke. Battlefield 1 took a risk to differentiate itself. Unlike COD-Halo-TF-Destiny, etc…..these games are all contributing to the singularity of FPS gaming, where every game has the same basic/general design and gameplay. We’ve never lived in a more embarrassing period of gaming.

    • a risk? its EXACTLY the same. you know whats worse than playing exactly the same game with a different skin? playing with the same people who still don’t know how to play battlefield. talking shit on other gamers because they play what they want is lame too, almost as lame as running from objective apples to objective butter while your 4 squad-mates stand on a mountain getting zero kills while the opposing team takes all the objectives.

      • 99% of new shooters released today are contributing to the singularity of FPS gaming. Look around and you will see the same mechanics and same general experience in every single one of them. Its embarrassing. I have never been a big Battlefield 3 or 4 fan. I casually played every now and then, but there was always a sense of detachment compared to other FPS games. Battlefield 1 is not just a different skin. It plays completely different than Battlefield 3 or 4. Its still “Battlefield”, but it has its distinct own feel. Have you used any of the weapons? In BF 3/4 you could use most weapons for any range. Not the case in BF1. Also, you know there are other modes than Conquest? Its back to basics style of gunplay makes it much more grounded compared to every other trendy shooter released today. You clearly don’t understand the context of what I meant by “risk”. Look at every FPS shooter released today, especially on console. They all play basically the same, same setting, same basic controls. We need variety. I love Sci-Fi. I was always a Halo gamer until it started trying to rip off COD. But every single shooter released today is doing nothing but ripping off and copying mechanics from other gamers.

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