Head To Head Review – PlayStation Plus Vs. Games With Gold October 2016

October is here and with come our new free games both via PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold. Sony and Microsoft have both announced their lineup of free games for the month and both are offering some good games. When you look at them side by side though which one offers the better lineup of October 2016 though? That is what we are here to discuss.

PlayStation Plus Lineup:

This month on PlayStation Plus PS4 owners are getting 2 AAA games which makes it one of the best months yet for the system. You’ll get Resident Evil HD Remake from Capcom as well as Transformers: Devastation which was a lovely surprise from Platinum Games late last year. On PS3 you get ATV racing game Mad Riders as well as From Dust. On Vita you get two pretty good visual novel games this month in Actual Sunlight and Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth.

Xbox Games With Gold Lineup:

On Games With Gold in October Xbox One members are getting two indie games for the month. For the baseball fans out there you get Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings and for those of you who want to break out of prison you’ll get The Escapists from Team 17. On Xbox 360 and playable on Xbox One via backward compatibility you’ll get I Am Alive as well as MX vs ATV Reflex.

Value Comparison:

So how do these games stack up against each other from a value standpoint? Well for starters all prices listed are what they are currently going for on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store. Some of them may be cheaper at various retailers but for this comparison this is what we’ll use.

First up the PlayStation Plus values:

Resident Evil HD: $20

Transformers: Devastation – $40

Mad Riders – $10

From Dust – $15

Actual Sunlight – $5

Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth – $40

Total PlayStation Plus Value: $130

And now for the Games With Gold Values:

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings – $20

The Escapists – $20

I Am Alive – $15

MX vs ATV Reflex – $30

Total Games With Gold Value – $85

Verdict: From a value standpoint PlayStation Plus comes out as the clear winner for October 2016. Sure they do offer 2 more games over the competition but even looking at the other games I think most would agree that Resident Evil HD and Transformers Devastation are better values than what the Xbox is offering this month.

Critic Standings:

The next area I want to touch on is how do the games compare when you look at how they were received critically. To many including myself review scores don’t always matter but to some they do so that is why we will include it in this discussion. All scores are taken from Metacritic.

PlayStation Plus:

Resident Evil HD Remake: Score – 83

Transformers Devastation: Score – 77

Mad Riders: Score – 71

From Dust: Score – 81

Actual Sunlight: Score – 75

Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth: Score – 86

Games With Gold:

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings – Score – 80

The Escapists: Score – 74

I Am Alive: Score – 69

MX vs ATV Reflex: Score – 75

Verdict: When it comes to review scores PlayStation Plus comes out as the winner again this month. When you compare the PS4 and Xbox One offerings both of the PS4 games are 3 points higher than the Xbox One games. PlayStation Plus gives 3 games scoring in the 80’s and 3 games scoring in the 70’s. Games With Gold gives one 80, two 70’s and one 60. Either way you look at it both are offering some good games but PlayStation Plus once again walks away with the trophy in this area.

Overall like I said above both services are offering some good games this month but I feel like PlayStation Plus wins it easily. Games like Resident Evil HD and Transformers: Devastation appeal to far more people than Super Mega Baseball or The Escapists do. PlayStation Plus gets props for offering a horror game as well since it is October and all. November may tell a different tale but PlayStation Plus you are the winner in the head to head match up for October 2016. Let us know in the comments what lineup you like better this month.



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  1. did you wait for some low level games to be on GWG to make this? lame
    xbox live games with dolg is wining every year for EVERY xbox one owner!!!!!!!

      • wow then first time i see this on N4G… sory should of done my homework
        ps4 cant beat XBOX one with back copmt…
        this should be only PS4 vs XBOX one and maybe PS3 vs XBOX 360 alone

        • You just got your mouth shut, and still want to offer lame excuses? Typical.

          • nothing to say but the oubvios? stupid

          • You’re obviously struggling with English, so I’m going to cut you some slack and not tear your balls off. Good luck with life.

    • Blind, deaf, and dumb fanboy says what?

      • Grow up dude. It’s people like you that make real Xbox fans look bad.

        • Simmer down dude. It’s people like you that make yourself look horrible.

    • Man STFU!
      PS4 has always been the better system and better value.

      I mean for Fuck’s sake you can’t even play Free-to-Play games on XBone without needing XBox Live! What kind of bullshit is that?
      On PS4, Free-to-Play means FREE. You don’t need PS Plus to play these games.

      Micro$oft is about squeezing its customers blind. You got to be stupid if you don’t realize that.

  2. PS+ always beats Live. It’s the best online community going.

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