This Is What You Need To Make Your PC Gaming Experience Not Suck

PC gaming has been going through a resurgence for the past five or six years that has made many of its enthusiasts very happy. Yet it’s easy to see why there are some who are still tentative in taking the leap. It’s a lot more involved than console gaming. It takes a lot more decision making and a bit of knowledge. Here, we’re going to try help give you that knowledge so you can have the PC gaming experience you deserve.


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The rig

The ever-shifting requirements of PC games are something that even the most die-hard of PC gamers will complain about. Yet setting yourself up with a proper rig doesn’t need to be difficult. Even if you’re not willing to learn how to replace parts and upgrade, you don’t have to look too far for a capable machine. It’s easy to find low-price gaming bundles that can at least get you up to speed. If you’re willing to spend more, you’ll be good for even a few years to come. Just think of how much is takes to buy each new generation of console. You can keep up to date on PC for a lot cheaper, overall.

The essentials

The PC itself isn’t all, of course. You also need to consider the accessories that go along with it. For one, make sure you get a form-fitting mouse instead of sticking with the one that came free with your PC. Most players prefer a mechanical keyboard for precision, as well.


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The games

It’s not a brag for PCs that the sheer choice of games can be overwhelming. Steam alone has hundreds of games coming out each month. How do you find the ones you’re going to like? We recommended starting to follow Steam curators. From your favourite Youtube gaming personalities to quirky, underrated collectors. Anyone can recommend games they’ve picked up on. It’s an easy way to get pointed in the right direction.

A bit of care

Nowadays, even trusted platforms like Steam need to come with a bit of warning. Personally, I would say stay away from releases you don’t know enough about. Some Early Access games like Darkest Dungeon proved to be just what their supporters want. Others never get finished and even try sucker you into micro transactions after you’ve paid for an unfinished game. Then again, a game doesn’t need to be technically unfinished to crash the hype train. Just look at No Man’s Sky, after all.


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Some patience

Finally, you have to realise that PC games are released to all different kinds of systems. It’s more than plausible that you will have issues with a title despite having all the right specs. It’s a certainty. You have to be patient and willing to go through the support channels from time to time. You should also be aware of tools like PC Decrapifier which can help solve a few problems down the line.

PC gaming isn’t perfect, but it’s still the platform offering the most unique experiences. You’ll naturally get more used to setting up and crash fixing as time goes by. Enjoy the ride as best you can.

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