Was Single Player Really Needed For The Titanfall Series?

With Titanfall 1 being an online only game, it was a surprise to a lot of people at the announcement of Titanfall 2 having a single player mode. Titanfall 1 was a multiplayer only game that required a constant internet connection, like most games today. It ended up with mixed reviews, with some people liking the idea as it was something new at the time, and some people who weren’t too keen on it, as they thought Respawn (the developers) could have done a good job on a single player. So this year, Titanfall 2 will come with both single player and multiplayer, which can only mean good things right? There are many advantages and disadvantages to having a single player mode in what used to be an online only game. We will be looking at both of those today.


There are many advantages of adding a single player mode into Titanfall 2.

  • Including a single player will indeed increase the sales of the game. This is because you won’t have to provide a constant internet connection to your console, which not everyone is capable of doing so, just to play the game. Including this means that not everyone will be purchasing it for the multiplayer, some people might be purchasing for the single player. So this will increase the total number of sales that the game makes, just because of a simple addition into the game.
  • Another advantage that adding single player into the game has on the franchise is that it adds more opportunities to the game and franchise. With the addition of single player into this game, it opens up the opportunity for a sequel to it in another game. It opens up more opportunities in the game as it will offer more to do in the game and will make you want to go back and play it as you don’t just have one mode to play endlessly.
  • Everyone was a little disappointed with the first Titanfall and the developers since it did not include a single player. Respawn have heard their fans requests and in their upcoming game have included the most wanted single player. People are now going to have trust in Respawn knowing that they will get their voices heard and will have their idea’s considered.


Like any game, there is always going to be disadvantages.

  • Everyone might be excited for the long awaited single player, especially since it has been missing from the first one. But one question people should be asking is, will it live up to all the hype it is getting. Anyone with a bit of funding, can create a single player, good or not. We are used to companies such as the likes of Dice, Infinity Ward and Treyarch creating some of our favorite single player’s. But are Respawn capable of creating a good enough single player that will satisfy everyone? We will just have to wait and see.
  • With the first Titanfall not having a single player, Titanfall 2 having a single player could affect the reviews that are given to the game. Since their was mixed reviews about the first game, they’re might be more people who prefer Titanfall 2 for the multiplayer that it offers, as single player isn’t everyone’s favorite game mode to play.
  •  People who have only played single player on Call Of Duty may not be a big fan of the Titanfall 2 single player. Titanfall 2’s single player will be a much more slower paced than the typical Call Of Duty. Call Of Duty is more of a fight after fight where as Titanfall 2 will offer more of a story style single player. They are looking to make the single player more of a narrative which is the complete opposite of what Call Of Duty is.

As shown, there as many advantages as there is disadvantages that single player will bring to the Titanfall franchise. It will benefit Respawn as a company and the single player can only be a good thing. I think that single player is going to really benefit the Titanfall franchise and Respawn and I think we can see more from them in the future. Let us know what you think of single player coming to Titanfall 2 in the comments down below.

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