Watch Dogs 2 Is Looking To Bring Legitimacy To The Series After A Rough Start

When Watch Dogs launched, it was hailed as a formidable rival to GTA 5. There are many similarities between the two games featuring a sandbox environment with the ability for the player to freely jump from mission to sub missions and driving vehicles. However, despite the hype train, Watch Dogs failed to meet lofty expectations despite delivering the ability to independently run around hacking everything in sight causing exciting chaos.

Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, acknowledged that they tried to do too much with Watch Dogs. The first showing of the game had been developed on a more powerful PC engine and the games release came out in lower quality which prompted a change to future showings of games in that trailers would contain footage from the respective consoles abilities. Ubisoft is striving for a greater release with Watch Dogs 2 and will make gamers forget about the mistakes from the first game. Gone is the drab and cold feeling from the first game. The colors and visuals alone are more bold and vivid and will bring much needed life to the franchise.

Watch Dogs 2 now takes place in a fictionalized version of San Francisco which features many famous landscapes of the Bay Area but also includes Silicon Valley as a playable area. Overall, the playable area of the game is twice as large as its predecessor. The main character is Marcus Holloway, a young hacker that has been victimized by the revamped ctOS system.

Watch Dogs 2 promises to deliver a better game than the original by fixing the flaws that plagued the first. For starters, Watch Dogs 2 was developed on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which allowed developers to take full advantage of the current console generations power. They were not restricted by having to develop for 2 generations of consoles. (Sorry Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3).

The driving mechanics have been completely overhauled and no longer feel like you’re driving on icy roads with bald tires or maybe perhaps had a few too many at the pub and decided to chance it and get behind the wheel. The driving in Watch Dogs was abysmal at best and you were limited in just driving but you now have the ability to shoot while driving, a much lacking feature from the first game. Multiplayer has returned and expanded interaction with cooperative play to make interactions with random players much easier.

The most important upgrade to the game is its key calling card, hacking. Watch Dogs featured a very limited ability to hack the world around you by only allowing one hack at time which created redundant and predictable gameplay. Watch Dogs 2 will allow you to hack multiple times and you’ll even have the ability to complete missions without having to get physical. Hacking now allows you to hack as team and not limited to solo. For those who love utter chaos and destruction, don’t worry, you can still get crazy and destroy everything in sight. The world is your oyster or in this case, a virtual rendition of San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 is releasing on November 15, 2016 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is worth noting that Watch Dogs 2 is on the list of games that will have 4K support for the PlayStation 4 Pro which launches just a few days earlier on November 10, 2016.

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