Why EA Releasing Two AAA FPS Games In The Same Month Could Be A Smart Move

As we all know, this month EA is launching two major titles for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. These titles are Battlefield 1 and TitanFall 2.

BattleField 1 is going on a different route from previous titles, going back in time to the first World War. Players will be able to step into the shoes of a british or a german soldier inside of the trench lines in Europe and Africa, to be able to pilot one of the most iconic set of planes and tanks from that era. The campaign is based around various characters, and each one has a different story, a different point of view of the war.

Titanfall 2 is the second game of the franchise developed by Respawn, but now this time, the game is coming out on all platforms. The game now includes a single player campaign, which was highly requested since the first game, having new weapons, titans and abilities for players to try out. The game is based around a war between IMC and the Militia, players assume control of Jack Cooper, a rifleman from the Frontier Militia, who is sent to an alien planet and must ally with his former squadmate’s Titan named BT-7274.

Why release both games in the same month?

Both games were scheduled to come out by the end of this month, but this decision is creating a lot of concern with a lot of gamers. Yes, both games belong in the same genre, but they’re definitely different games.

  • Timeline: Both games are set in different timelines, having BattleField 1 set during the first World War and Titanfall 2 is set on a distant, but possible, future.
  • Gameplay: Both games are inside of the FPS genre, but they’re very different from each other. BattleField 1’s gameplay is more slow-paced than any other FPS on the market, gravity affects on how you play the game, strategy is very important in this game,  Titanfall 2, like previous title, is a more fast-paced, Call of duty style of gameplay, relies more on quick thinking than strategy. Abilities like wall-running and parkour is a part of what makes the game what it is.
  • Multiplayer: BattleField 1 is a large-scale game, and multiplayer is where it shows. The maps are big and Conquest, the most famous gamemode in the series, makes a comeback, it holds up to 64 players, with air and ground vehicles, it’s a all-out war, you can choose classes (which was on every BattleField title) and each class has his own weapons and equipment (Medic: semi-automatic rifles, , depending on your style. Titanfall 2 has a mixture of small, arena type maps and medium-scale maps, can hold up to 12 players. It’s based around pilots, which is you, and the titans, a mech-style exoskeletons, players can create their own loadouts, with weapons and abilities of their own choice.
  • Armory: BattleField 1 is like a reenactment of the first world war, so is best fitted to use weapons that belong in that timeline, like semi-automatic rifles, with a bayonet attached. TitanFall has his own made up arsenal, from assault rifles with futuristic sights to sniper rifles with modified lenses.

EA’s strategy can be a little excentric for anyone, but both games are miles away from being the same, and I believe that’s the reason for it. Give the player open to different choices when it comes buying these games, and still having a different feel when you play one or the other. Is that or EA is trying to gain an even bigger profit with these AAA titles, since they’re weeks apart from each other, and also having the next installment of Call of Duty coming out later, it could drift people towards EA’s FPS offering rather than Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. But, in the end, is up to the gamers to make the decision.

BattleField 1 is set to release on October 21st and Titanfall 2 is set to release on October 28th, both on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Let us now, in the comment section, which one will you get day one.

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  1. not everyone likes battlefield 1.

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