Five Intriguing Games You Must Buy With Your PlayStation VR

Console virtual reality is almost here as PlayStation VR is only a week away now from its worldwide launch on October 13. Reviews for the PlayStation VR came out earlier today and so far the response has been positive with most saying that you’re getting a great VR experience for the price. Of course the headset is only as good as the software for it so you’ll be needing some games to play on it. I’ve compiled a list of five games in my opinion that are must buys on Day 1 with your PlayStation VR.

1. Thumper

Thumper has been on my radar for a couple years now and every time it’s been playable at a game expo of some kind there has been nothing but praise for it. Thumper is described as a “rhythm violence” game where you control a metallic beetle hurtling through various worlds. You’ll have to press buttons in rhythm with the beat and glide along walls with the stick to keep your beetle going and to unleash attacks against the various bosses you’ll face. The effect that this game has on you senses is one that you can’t miss and early reviews have been glowing.

2. Rez Infinite

Rez was released back in the early 2000’s and was a cult classic. Now Rez Infinite is a remaster of that game with some new features as well like the brand new Area X level. Rez Infinite is a psychedelic rail shooter that will have you blasting through its colorful levels at 120fps in 1080p while in VR. The game was already amazing before but in VR it’s going to be taken to another level.

3. Driveclub VR

If you’re a fan of racing games or just want one of the best looking VR games available to show off to your friends then you need Driveclub VR. The game will have a good amount of cars and tracks for you to feel fully immersed in and it has already been called the best VR racing game by several outlets coming in over some pretty good competition. Best of all if you bought the Driveclub season pass you’ll be able to pick up the VR version for the discounted price of only $20. If you’re looking for a more feature filled game for your headset you need Driveclub VR.


SUPERHYPERCUBE is yet another great game that has been getting great early reviews. Developed by Polytron this puzzle game will offer you plenty of challenge as you play through it’s many levels. Your goal is to rotate a cube in front of you so that it will fit through a hole in the wall that you are rushing towards. As you get further in the game the shape of the cube will get more and more complex and you’ll have to lean around it so that you can see if you have it right before you smash into the wall. This is one that you’ll be coming back to to try to get better and better at.

5. Battlezone VR

Battlezone is something you might remember from the very old days. Well the team over at Rebellion has obtained the rights and have built a brand new Battlezone game from the ground up for VR. This one offers a lot of content including a procedually generated campaign that you can play 1-4 player co-op online. Getting to sit in the cockpit of a tank in a tron like world and go to war through various missions promises to be one the best experiences at launch for PlayStation VR.

While these are the top 5 I’m recommending there are many other great launch titles as well. Things like Eve: Valkyrie, Job Simulator, Tumble VR, and many more. Do some research and figure out what looks the most appealing to you. Let us know in the comments what PlayStation VR games you’ll be picking up.

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