Mafia 3 Review (PS4) – A Boring & Repetitive Experience

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Mafia II was a pretty entertaining game, now it wasn’t a great game or anything like that but I felt it was an enjoyable experience. After enjoying Mafia II and knowing the issues it had, I thought it would be great for there to be another Mafia game to do what Mafia II did good while improving the bad. Mafia III looked like it could do that, but unfortunately looks can be deceiving.

Mafia III did start strong with a powerful opening, that introduces us to the life of Lincoln Clay as well as other characters that will play a prominent role in the game. The opening puts you in the action right away as you take control of Lincoln while a heist is in progress. Throughout the heist you will play through flashbacks that work as a tutorial but also to give even more backstory to the main story of Mafia 3. After finishing the opening I was hooked to keep on playing the game, but that would change not long after getting further into the game.

Your job as Lincoln Clay is to take down the criminal empire of Salvatore “Sal” Marcano. You are given a kill list of people you need to take down before you can get your hands on Sal. For every “boss” you have to kill, you must complete activities to get the actual mission were you kill the boss that you’re planning to kill. I quickly realized that Mafia III was doing something that soured the taste of other games I’ve played that did this. The story is shamelessly padded with side mission type activities.

Mafia III has the same boring layout throughout the game. You find a new associate for Lincoln, they tell you to meet two other people who will give you missions that are mostly kill a certain person, interrogate someone, or clear out a settlement by killing everyone. Once the activities are done for the two people, you will then be able to start a main mission were you kill one of your targets on the hit list. The lack of mission variety quickly becomes apparent, and upon noticing this, it deflated a lot of the excitement I had for Mafia III.

Unfortunately a lack of mission variety isn’t the only issues Mafia III suffers from as I can confirm there are quite a few bugs and other issues I noticed that I wanted to mention. The game right from the start had noticeable texture issues with cars and even pedestrians just appearing from out of nowhere. The game also crashed a few times. Other non technical issues I found in the game include shockingly bad enemy variety with at one point three of the same model enemies were attacking. Another noticeable issue is that car damage in Mafia III is just terrible. I tested car damage by ramming my car into the side of another car, and for some reason the side was left undamaged but the front of the car was all banged up.

The open world of Mafia III leaves a lot to be desired as the world is just lifeless and boring. Some pedestrian might say hello or something every once in a while but that’s pretty much it. Nothing goes on other than people walking around constantly in the background. There’s also not that much to do in this open world which makes me question why the game is even an open world game to begin with other than being one due to the popularity of them.

It’s a real shame that there’s so many issues to be found with Mafia III because the core gameplay mechanics are actually well done. I found shooting and stealth to be quite entertaining, well until almost every mission included that I must kill someone/a lot of people. I also didn’t find many issues with driving other than a bug were the car just didn’t start at all, and I had to get out of the car and go back in to start it. It’s good to see that the team worked on the driving mechanics in Mafia III as one of the biggest complaints in Mafia II was that the driving mechanics were terrible.

Now I want to talk about another positive of Mafia III and that is the setting which has been brilliantly captured by the development team. The look, the feel, the characters, everything just feels like it’s 1968. There’s not many video games out there that have done a setting in the 60’s so it was great to see a game that managed to capture that feel and make it quite interesting. As you know it was a lot different in 1968 so there was a lot of corruption and racism. Some mechanics were even worked into the game to represent this. One feature includes police response time being faster if Lincoln commits a crime in a rich white neighborhood while police will be extra slow or not turn up at all if something happens in a poor, black neighborhood. Police will also join in to kill Lincoln if he is caught attacking the men of Sal Marcano due to being paid off by Sal to work for him.

I can imagine this will be mentioned in many reviews of Mafia III, and that is the soundtrack in the game. It really is an incredible set of music from the time period that Mafia takes place in. After one amazing song from the 60’s would play, I would wonder if certain songs I was thinking of would also be in the game and surprisingly they were. Yes, this is the joys of not looking at the soundtrack listing before release! I’m glad the team behind Mafia III didn’t cheap out on the soundtrack and got some of the most iconic songs of the 60’s with a majority of the songs being released in 1968 which is the year that the game takes place.

The Final Verdict 

Mafia III had serious potential but was let down by an extremely boring & repetitive storyline that was tough to get through because it felt like I was just doing the same thing over and over again. Issues & bugs are scattered throughout the game, and happened surprisingly early in the game which also negatively impacted the experience. Now Mafia III is far from a complete failure, there is still some fun to be had with this game but it’s not one I will recommend paying full price for.

+ Great setting

+ Amazing soundtrack

– Boring & repetitive missions

– Bugs & other issues

Final Score: 5/10

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  1. Aww, man. Kinda bummed. I liked 2 well enough. Was a solid and fun game….to see this one getting reviews stating its boring is a let down. Oh well…maybe I can pick it up a couple months down the road for cheap.

    • I wouldnt take this review seriously, its about 20% copied from other reviews an 80% utter nonsense

  2. clickbait in it’s finest!

    • How so? Did you play the game?

      • I haven’t but the general previews were more enthusiastic.

        Plus :
        – First review to be up
        – Bad score to boost traffic
        – Lazy 1100 litteraly just saying the settings is cool but the game is boring

        So yeah it sounds like clickbait. Probably haven’t even finished the game.

        • Previews have nothing to do with the final product. The devs only show you what they want.
          1- There is always a first review up.
          2- You sound kinda butthurt from the bad score which is all in all always subjective.
          3- Something has potential but fails to deliver. Happens all the time.
          Prove it. You’re simply angry because the score doesn’t meet your own expectations (see 2). By the way, there are more reviews to come.

          • Reviewers didn’t get the game early. So there’s barely been 24 hours before this review was posted.

            So let’s wait for the other reviews

          • Actually this guy could have gotten a hold of this game several days ago when it was shipped to stores ready to be sold for a few days before reviewers could trash it ….don’t be so naive

        • you clearly have not seen most player reviews, go check metacritic for example….. mostly zeros

    • Faggot fuck I presume

      • You presume the writer is a “Faggot fuck” based on his review?

        And people think the gaming community are just puerile nerds with no social skills…

        • He replied to the braindead soccerfan. And I agree with him on this one.

    • How about no?
      This is a review, so a personal experience and opinion.
      Not clickbait, just English language.

  3. Rushed this one out the door, did ya?

    • Nope, we’ve had the game for a few days now. We respectfully chose to publish the review when the game was officially released.

      • The lack of any other reviews out yet tells me “respect” wasn’t high on your list of priorities.

      • Sorry but that clearly is just not true, very rushed and based on either zero gameplay or VERY short gameplay experience with the game itself.

    • not as rushed as the game developers! lol

    • They didn’t release any copies early to anyone, so this review is misleading. Do not in any way listen to this review. Wait a few days if anything.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. I can get this game a week early if I wanted to. You truly don’t know what you’re talking about. They did release copies to people.

        • They didn’t actually. Good one though. Shitty gaming site.

        • They NEVER released early copies of this game at all mate.

      • Oh, I trust nothing this site’s “writers” have to say.

  4. I give your website a 5/10 due to poor design. Great setting and soundtrack should at least warrant a 7/10. I think 5/10 is a tad too harsh.

    • A setting and a soundtrack warrant a higher rating? Hell no. Gameplay, game design, replayability, they’re far more important. Soundtrack and setting is nice but those things are *far* more important.

  5. Boring and repetitive missions, sounds like they didn’t learn anything from Mafia 2 (pre-dlc) :

  6. Judging from your other reviews, black ops 3 9/10? Eso 8.5/10? Seems kinda fishy, I wont be trusting this review.

  7. So another review to make /pol/ happy.

  8. Repetitive and boring missions? It sounds like any other open world game… I usually don’t consider repetitive missions a negative thing in open world cause all of them do

    • The last two Deus ex games disagree. That said, when reviewers speak of repetitive missions in open world games they absolutely take into consideration the fact it is an open world game. What they mean is “even for an open world game, the missions are repetitive”.

      • then again, Deus Ex games arent open world.

        • Substantial hub areas where all side missions and a large portion of the main missions take place? It’s close enough. Far cry often has plenty of missions that take place in exclusive, enclosed locations- Witcher 3 had a handful. Almost all good open world games are varied versions of this template. How open is open. Maybe Deus ex is just open world done right.

          • “close enough” isnt open world, and Deus Ex isnt

          • Deus Ex is semi-open world.

    • And these “repetitive” missions can be approached in a multitude of ways. 50% tech 50% imagination your mind brings it to another level if you let it.

      • not really, 90% of the missions within if the first few hours of the game are all similar and approached in the same way, you seem REALLY intent on convincing others that all of what was said in this review is nonsense when its actually not, I will agree that the reviewer clearly either has an agenda or is repeating what others have said having not actually played it, but parts of it are still actually true nonetheless.

        • I’m not trying to convince anyone to buy it. I could play the shittiest game on the planet and if I love it I love it fuck everybody else. Liars just happen to piss me off.

    • Fair point really, it IS repetative but you are actually right, its not something to use against a game such as this.

  9. Thanks for the review

  10. Why review a mafia game if u arent into mafia/mobster movies? The story is literally the best mobster story a video game has ever seen so far. Looks and feels just like a classic film.

    • Why call it Mafia 3 when you dont play as an italian mob guy?

      • Because the Italian mob is an essential part of the game? (Anymore dumb questions?)

      • You clearly have not played the game, or not played it for very long paul…

  11. Yea I have to agree this review is really rushed. First of all mafia 3 devs never released any review copies, which means the reviewer just probably not got their copy.

    • Once again, we’ve had the game for a few days after purchasing it ourselves. This review was also posted “a couple of hours ago”

      • Lmao faggot, I’ve been playing the game for a week and its 9/10.

      • doesnt explain the clearly rushed shallow observations or poor English

    • The game was actually sent out to a lot of reviewers under the discretion that no reviews were released before the launch day

  12. I ordered the game and i havnt played it yet as im working but i do kind of regret it as the vids ive watched do show how bad the physics and ai can be, an example being how clay reacts when hit by a car is shit, however other characters in the world seem to react very well holding thier ass if you bump them etc

    Also the car damage does look terrible compared to other open worlds ala gta5.

    The shooting mechanics looks great tho and the way bodies go down is convincing, as for repetitive missions well… Doom was a repetitive fps but it was a non ossue because thats the game it was, every forza or gran turismo is repetitive.

    It shouldnt be as big an issue as made out here simply because thats the kind of game it is when you want something different you change over and then go back for more when ready.

    • Shooting mechanics feel a little off actually, you really cannot tell from a video you will need to play it, it has 3 settings for autoaim level, which says alot about the shooting mechanics from the start.

  13. What do you think about the controls in Mafia 3 compared to 2. In 2 i felt the controls felt weird especially i a shootout or something were you moving around a lot. Is it better in this game?

    • Well 3 has 3 settings for autoaim…. that certainly helps, but the controls still feel a bit wooden at times when running around in general, driving is definitely better though.

  14. Some no name reviewers biased opinion changes nothing. This game is awesome. Don’t let this nobody fool you. Play it and judge for yourself, like I am.

  15. This was rushed for clickbait. It’s blissfully obvious this reviewer is hating hard and trying to get his lil 15 min before the real game sites post their reviews. He deletes all the comments he doesn’t like and will probably delete this one as well. Don’t let him gas you guys, play the game for yourself! This review will be completely irrelevant by Monday.

    • Have to agree.

  16. Normally I wouldn’t come through to actually comment on another journalists work, but here I feel an exception is necessary. You’ve very clearly rushed this review to get clicks off N4G – which will arguably do more damage to your website long-term than those clicks are worth.

    Honest question, your site said review copy’s weren’t being given out and retailers weren’t getting the game until launch. So do please us all; how did you manage to get a review copy?

    • Yes yes, everyone is saying clickbait. I agree that this review seems very badly written, almost as if English is not their first language but stop defending the game when you know nothing about it. It obviously objectively has issues and there is only one reason why publishers withhold review copies of triple A games and it isn’t because the game is amazing.

      • I played the game all morning it’s incredible. This reviewer never played this game he could write this review by watching two months of Mafia 3 on the You Tube page.

        • incredible seems like a bit of stretch in all honesty.

          • A stretch? The game is insane and in fact incredible. Can’t deny my you tube comment can you. See the problem is Shaun when you think you are wittier/smarter/more intelligent than everyone else you actually end up the dumbest of all. Have fun being smug on the internet.

          • Yes it’s “incredible” isn’t it?. It’s the first game in ages to have me nearly piss myself in laughter


          • Look people he said he played it and it’s “incredible” so just accept it


    • So you’re a journalist who doesn’t use possessive apostrophes but does use one to pluralise copies… Sounds legit

      • I know right? Invalidates my entire point. Oh wait…

        • It does, if you’re a journalist you’re obviously not a good one. As an amateur games journalist myself words are our tool of the trade. Even if it doesn’t completely invalidate what you’re saying, if you can’t use words properly to construct and convey then it certainly takes the shine off it.

          • LOL Im jOurnalist toos

      • He isn’t a journalist, he is one of the developers who made this sorry mess of a game and expected this kind of score . All he wants to know is how did this guy get round the review embargo.

        • Sorry mess of a game? Have you played it yet? No, you will pretend to have played it and lie and say its shitty. Show me some video.

          • its certainly not perfect, story is nice so far, way its put together cutscenes and gameplay is interesting, but mechanics feel a bit off, feels wooden at times.

      • Have you paid attention to today’s level of gaming journalism? What you take umbrage with is nothing.

        • I just find it rich that he came to complain about ‘another journalist’s work’ but he has the language skills of a five-year-old.

          • Yeah, not a good idea to exaggerate.

    • Stfu Sony bitch

      • Actually it’s PC/Xbox One/PS4 bitch.

        You’re welcome.

    • You sound less like another “journalist” and more like one of the developers who has made this game and has likely had lots of issues during development, realised it’s a bit sh1t so took the decision not to supply review code until after the game has been on sale.

      Deep down you know the game is sh1t, all you are concerned with is how he actually beat your review embargo and I am going to tell you. When you sneaky b@stards decide to hold beck review copies of games you know are utterly broken just so you can sell to anyone who was excited for the game you STILL need to get the physical game in store shelves and any gamer who works at such stores is more than happy to send “journalists” review copies as soon as they come in.

      So now you know.

      The game is a broken buggy, ugly, boring mess with most people who own the game trashing it and you think people don’t notice the coincidence between dire quality game and review embargo?.

      • Who are most people? The only people trashing the game are the people who do not own it.

        • you really seem to want to convince yourself noone has played it… even though it was cracked within the very first day, surely you don’t actually believe the nonsense you are saying…..

          • Nonsense? What the fuck are you referring to? It’s obvious most of these dudes have not played the game.

          • <<< The only people trashing the game are people who don't own it , then assumes I don't own it without knowing the first thing about me, man his logic is hilarious isn't it?.

        • The only people trashing the game are people who don’t own it , then assumes I don’t own it without knowing the first thing about me. Can you see a flaw in your idiotic logic there?. Well here’s the second review out giving it a 5 out of 5.

  17. Watching the gameplay videos from the past couple of weeks I noticed the same thing – it had empty streets and there only seemed to be one mission type. Im still getting it today though. The setting and the music have me intrigued

  18. This review actually made me laugh. I got the copy yesterday from a game shop which always sells the games to people who pre-order a day before official release. I cannot recall any third person open world shooter not having vaguely repetitive missions, there’s only so much you can do with driving and shooting etc. You should come to expect that.

    You obviously haven’t waited for the update to properly be installed, because the update fixes the majority of the bugs. Lastly, it is so obvious that this is click bait – do you really expect anyone to believe you got a review copy when IGN and Gamespot didn’t?

    For what it’s worth, what I have done of the story is extremely enjoyable. The quote about villains and protagonists is also a load of BS.

  19. i never thought id be saying this but this game is a well deserved 5 outta 10, its genuinely trash, besides the obvious framerate issue and the fact it runs like absolute shite, the game itself is so poorly done, the graphics are terrible, everything about it is poor, there isn’t even an animation for when you get run over by a car, in fact you don’t even get run over the car just pushes you down the road on your feet, the vehicle damage is a joke just utterly terrible.

    I’m absolutely disgusted I just payed for this game, to think I chose it over forza horizon 3 aswell, what a mug, we been seriously shafted on this one peeps.

    • {yawn}

      • aww sorry was it not in line with your own opinion. shame.

    • You cant even spell “paid” right and you want ppl to think you arent a troll? Ive played for 5 hours and disagree w everything you said.

      • How does someones bad spelling make them a troll? wondering if you know what a troll actually is.

      • why would I troll about a game I purchased? seems to me I got the game in the hopes it would be great and it isn’t so that makes me a troll for stating my reasons why?, I could not care less if you agree with me, maybe your game is performing better than mine however I doubt it. everything I said is the truth, the cars fly in the air when you crash with almost no damage, the animations when run over are exactly as I stated, the graphics are much poorer than material leading up to release.

        a note on the framerate, I don’t have any issues with 30fps at all, however I do have issues with a 30fps not done correctly, frame timing is completely off and that’s why the game stutters regardless of a 30fps lock. surely the troll is the one in complete denial

      • as for the ”spelling” mistake… its not spelled incorrectly, its poor use of grammer as payed is a word just like paid just used in a different scenario, easy mistake to make… you know like ive is not correct its missing ‘ one of those, but not a reason to discount somebodies opinion on something because its not related and we are typing at speed on the internet not writing in a book. so don’t be a fool as the troll is you

      • Your a fake mate as if you have played 5 hours you would know everything i said is true. And it’s not a spelling mistake it’s a grammer mistake as i used the word in the wrong context. Much like ive and arent are incorrect ill let you guess why.

        Still enjoying the game are you. Loving those excellent reflections on the cars or not being able to climb out of a river most of the time, maybe your enjoying slamming peoples faces into the ground constantly with absolutely no reaction from anybody, had a fight on the street yet? Let me guess yes you have and you would be the only one.

        I will say it’s a lot better now it runs 60fps pretty well. Does’nt change the other issues.

        Fake ass bitch you have not played 2 minutes your the troll. You have no idea about the game.

    • fail.

  20. Considering this game is getting a day 1 patch this review is not true representation of what is getting released today….. take it with a pinch of salt.

  21. I just finished a post release 6 hour marathon of the game and I don’t know what this reviewer played, but this is the best game I have played in years and I go back to Ultima 4 days. This is the next step in the evolution of the GTA style open world crime game minus the stupid yoga minigames.

    • defintely dont agree on “the best game in years” but its not a terrible game, its fun, story keeps it going, gameplay not so much. Also this has very little in common with any GTA other than GTA4…. which wasn’t exactly the best GTA game.

  22. I guarantee the failure of this game will be blamed on racism, even though it’s consistently proven that devs who put up embargoes, know their product is faulty. But lets be honest, who in the right mind wants to play as a black ghetto gangster character in a game called Mafia? Why even bother calling it Mafia? As bad as M2 was, at least you got to play as an actual mafiosi! There’s already a multitude of game available that let you play as a black thug/criminal (doing wonders for BLM, chaps, keep up the good work) why make a game called Mafia 3 where you aren’t a bonafide italian stereotype? I bet you any money this game is just yet another thinly disguised bit of anti white racism pretending to be “pop culture”I bet sjws complain in an uproar if one of the white characters uses the N word, just once, but I also bet those same sjws praise it to high hell when the black character calls the mob guys “crackhas” and shit. This shit is so predictable now, you can set your watch to it. As you can tell I’m very passionate about Mafia games, and to know that yet another of my fave franchises as been hijacked by libtard wishsy washy types to be used to push anti white agendas, makes me very sad indeed. If it was the other way round, 2K games would get slammed for racism.

  23. Clickbait!!
    you gaming sites are the reason gamers hate u

  24. Bad review for a great game

  25. Wow i’ve played Mafia 3 for an hour now and it is so dull, the camera view options are poor for driving and i know this is my fault but i thought there Would be a multiplayer. And the hud stuff is annoying and you can’t turn it off. It even feels like a watch dog game. I knew from streams the game looked boring but my heart told me this is a Mafia game so once i play it will be different. Plus the map won’t turn off, and the fold up map you get with the game tells you if you see this sign you know we sell good petroleum products, above a picture of a gas station, but we can’t use the gas station to fill up. I don’t want to ask for a refund as this is my doing, but i feel like i’ve been had, pathetic i know. So far, Mafia kinda sucks.

    • Yea bullshit

      • Bullshit is slang for lies, why don’t you come back with a different childish response.

        • I don’t need to at all because we both know what you said was and still is just that bullshit

          • You make no sense. Comments are there for expressing opinions, you seem to use them for other reasons, if that’s your thing then go for it. I’m glad i’m not like you. It’s easy pressing keys while your hold up in your bedroom.

          • Sorry but dusty your comments are possibly the most pointless so far, atleast others are having their own opinion, whether they are the same or differ from my own atleast I can respect their honest opinions, the minute you start arguing someones opinion or just calling “bullshit” like a kid you are not going to be taken seriously.

        • then stop telling lies.

    • I’m gonna play for a few hours with different expectations, when you wait year in anticipation of what you think a game is gonna be like you start expecting it to have this and that and you start comparing it to other games that have nothing to do with it.

      • After playing for a while it’s definitely a game that takes a little time to settle into, once you do though you really start to enjoy it, more so as time goes by. I’m glad i got the game now, compared to my 1st reaction. A game like this can’t be judged with just 1 hour.

        • Honesty is so fucking refreshing.

  26. Have you played the game people?

    What this review says is 100% true.

    I just got the game yesterday all hyped and I’m bored right now.

    The missions NEVER changes. You just have to kill a target again and again and again.

    That’s it.

    • No. Im only 5 hours in and have had a ton of variety. Sounds like u have never watched a mobster movie…They kill ppl nonstop. Theres only so many ways u are going to see a mobster kill someone…

      • They are all full of shit.

      • you basically just said “ton of variety” then made out like “thats all mobsters do” making it sound simplistic and repetative xD sorry but after 3hours, a little less than yourself, I really cannot say there is alot of variety, the story and structure is the main thing keeping me playing right now.

      • 5 hours in the game is still fun, I completed it, it is boring and repetitive.

      • yea, and just wtf were those mafia movies about? Because I don’t remember watching a Black mafia out to kill a bunch of Sicilians either. Try watching The Godfather 1, 2, & 3, St Valentine’s Day Massacre, Goodfellas, Casino, The Untouchables, Miller’s Crossing, Bugsy, Mobsters, Gotti, Gangster Squad, the list goes on & on & on. Mafia 3? Was a bigger joke than Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell.

    • How could you get the game yesterday? Post a pic or a video.

      • dude games been out and cracked since early yesterday morning….

        • A fucking you tube video?

  27. Boring and repetetive gameplay? After your ten minutes of playing the game? I do not doubt the game might be bad, but this was an exceptionally shallow review…

    • Have to agree, although the gameplay is repetative, basing it on 10minutes only proves he rushed this to try and make top of the searches and beat the other reviews which is just pathetic.

  28. If I heard of this website prior to today, I might have taken this review at heart. But I’ve never heard of before today so I’ll wait and see what the heavy hitters say.

  29. This game sucks, really tired of all the boring open world shit chore design, enough already. Next

    • Best game of the year. Second place goes to Far Cry Primal.

      • Far Cry Primal??? lol ok now I know you are trolling xD

  30. bogus click bait commentary. Is English your 1st language? Cant really tell …clearly you need the clicks or you wouldnt post shallow crap like this

  31. All this “muh diversity” couldnt save this game?? say it aint so!

  32. I’m 5 hours in it. The prologue alone is better than GTA V story.

    • I can agree with that, and I loved GTAV in all honesty, was a fun game, but this game is pieced together better and in a much more interesting way.

  33. This is the worst review I have ever read. You should try playing the entire the game through and then provide a review.

    • I can agree with that, might disagree with you on the actual game itself, but the reviewer is clearly just a clickbait moron wanting to rush ahead for a few clicks without playing the actual game

  34. Ho-ly shit.

    This entire review is spot-on for me.
    Game’s not a day old and everything you typed is exactly my experience and opinion.

    Quite a shame it turned out to be such a dissapointment, since I pre-ordered it ages ago and after a day of playing it’s becoming more of a forced chore out of regret instead of wanting to keep playing because the story ”would have been” oh-so-great and interesting.

  35. Hi. I want to become an author on your website.
    I do anonymous reviews on russian language on and have some experience in that.

    I like your website and how adequate you are, and I think we are likeminded people .

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    I played all main videogame titles(over 300 including indies).
    I dont consider MMO as games and disgust consoles.
    I am a hardworking person and just like reviewing everything – I wont be that 1post author. I think you really need a console hater to diversify your team.

    Please make me know what you think

  36. Personally I’ll admit, I think the story is good so far, I like how its been pieced together, like a part documentary part story, like watching an interesting documentary on the history channel…but you know… good lol. gameplay is a little off at times, mechanics feel a bit wooden, but the driving handling has really improved since mafia II which i absolutely loved except for the cars breaking down and realistic but slowing features implemented, either way I know I will be playing this from start to finish, but I will be waiting till its patched, because as it stands the PC version is 30fps only and 720p console port upscaled, I know I will regret it if i don’t hold off on it till thats sorted. Actually recorded the first 45minutes of the game for anyone wanting to get a feel for the game before hand.

  37. Here is your (you) now get off of my chinese board

  38. People want to be in the Mafia not kill the mafia as some gangster. People don’t want a bunch of race baiting race warfare in their games. Is it that hard to make a game where you are in the Mafia doing mob activities? No you have to kill everyone in the Mafia instead. Very annoying and they missed the whole point. This game is horrible. It is repetitive you don’t get to see the culture involved with the mob. It’s so obvious this is some pr analysts idea of a game because race is all in the news now it must now be force fed in our video games. Don’t buy games like this to really teach these people a lesson. We want escapism not more contemplating over race relations when we play video games. So lame. This guy was generous with a 5. Why not just play GTA V if you are completely eliminating the mob appeal?

  39. The game was a flop due to POOR SALES (look it up gamers) When the word mafia comes up? Gamers think of The Godfather, St Valentine’s Day Massacre, Goodfella’s. Basic Blood thirsty Sicilians. Not some pissed off Black Man from NAM. As if the story plot was written and designed by Spike Lee. Horrible HORRIBLE call by 2K. I think the worst things I have read in other links about the game?
    1) Loving the game and saying how great it is because Ice Cube has a song in it
    2) Trying to compare Mafia 3 to GTA games. These are 2 different games ok?
    3) How Mafia 3 is boring and wtf GTA has in it. Stay on 1 game ok gamers? smh
    4) How gamers insult the Journalist. Facts? Mafia 3 had worse sales than it has ever had in ANY Mafia 3 game. Gamers? The story plot was a horrible idea. If they allowed where you can use something to add songs into the game so you can listen to wtf you wanted to hear? Might have been a great idea. But a racist game of blacks going after whites? Isn’t USA on thin ice about that Knockdown Game where blacks created a game targeting whites, Hispanics, Jews? Did that not create 1 hell of a Hate Plague? So this games Story Plot? Was the dumbest idea they could have done. As the sales drop off shows in spades.

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