Mafia 3 List Of Bugs, Glitches, Known Issues, And Fixes

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UPDATE #1 (10/17/16) – A new update has gone live on PS4 for Mafia III (1.03) has it made the game better, worse or the same for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


Now that Mafia III has released we want to share the known issues and bugs on both consoles and PC.


  • Crashing on both PS4 & PC
  • Cars not starting
  • Clipping with things becoming stuck
  • No side damage to cars
  • Pop in textures
  • Rampant pop in of almost everything on screen but more so shadows and lights.
  • Cloud shadows pass over you way too quickly. Goes from very bright to very dark in seconds.
  • Lagging gameplay that pauses repeatedly
  •  Fell through the ocean in a boat and landed on the river bed beneath the entire map
  •  Side quest objective markers on areas which are empty
  • Random crashes to the xbox home page
  •  No audio on start up
  •  Random death
  •  Bizarre weather glitches
  • Random graphic errors

Please note the list is a work in progress. If you have any issues you’ll like to share please post it in the comments section below and we’ll add it to the list.

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  1. Rampant pop in of almost everything on screen but more so shadows and lights,
    Cloud shadows pass over you way too quickly,
    Lighting does from very bright to very dark in seconds,
    Clipping with things becoming stuck,
    AI is pretty terrible(playing on hard straight away to try and counter the issue with no luck),
    Cover fire works flawlessly for the enemy but badly for you,
    Just a few of the most obvious ones from my 2 hrs with the game so far

  2. What about the 720p upscale resolution, what a farking joke.

  3. I am having major sound issues. The only good sound i get is in game dialogue. No cut scenes, no radio the texture goes in and iut and the cars do not start

  4. Can’t continue to get Vito. completed all of the missions and they all have the checkmarks, but it won’t proceed and draw out the guy I’m supposed to kill. So I move on to get Burke…. Do everything for him, but now when I go talk to the guy to start the mission to kill the guy, I get “Enter to accept ESC to cancel” but enter won’t do anything. ESC still cancels, but enter won’t accept…

    • Were you able to take over the contraband racket? I cleared the place, but nothing happened.

      • Yeah, after I closed the game. When I reopened it everything was working again. Just needed a swift kick in the

  5. for the xbox one it glitches where u cant end the mission missing doors or doors are not opening at all or the game just stops and bring you back to the main menu of the xbox one

  6. Steal the boat side mission does not go away and there is no longer a boat, you see Emmanuel saying about a truck but no mission presents itself, PS4

  7. Just started the game, or attempted to. When you first take control of Clay he won’t move. Just walks in place like he’s stuck on an invisible wall. Too bad, looks fun but guess I’ll never know. Haha

  8. i pre ordered the deluxe edition and got no pre order bonus

  9. I do not have access to the arms dealer and I am well into the main story on the game…. I have 2 rackets for cassandra and have done the smuggling missions but still no arms dealer. what a huge pain in the ass, not even worth playing till they fix this problem.

    • i have the same problem too dude

  10. Vitos kickback is stuck at 2000 even though in the asset screen he should be pulling in over 4000.
    Also I no longer have the option to spare or kill racket bosses/informant
    Lincoln automatically kills them.


    welcome to new bordeaux a town of apocalypse

  12. Xbox one can’t play the main story as they have disappeared from the map. Stuck at 66% very upsetting as was loving the game. Trading it in tomorrow.

    • same here

  13. I’ve complete a few side missions but the game won’t confirm it and when I try to complete the mission again either the boat or truck and trailer are missing and can’t complete the mission to continue on with the side missions.

    • Exactly, and although as important as clouds passing too quickly and damage not showing up on cars occasionally I think when the bugs/glitches get as bad when they can affect the progress of your game these are the more serious ones which they should deal with a.s.a.p….

  14. Same thing happen to me I’ve completed a district mission but I didn’t take over the district yet and now there’s no missions appearing for me

  15. I don’t have the option in my weapon wheel to call in reinforcements even though the game tells me I can and prompts me to do so… WTF is going on (ps4)

    • Same issue with me still no d&$n reinforcements

    • i have the same with the arms dealer

      • Returned it already, piece of shit game

  16. i am at the mission where you have to kill frank, i finish the setup and the mission won’t apear (i did all the side quest)

    • Same here. I am stuck with 9000 left after the bath house, but the other informant missions have disappeared.

      • try to go back to the bathhouse take all cash laying around and kill everyone in there and then keep on doing it til u can progress

        • I have the same problem. What bath house do you mean? I can chose a pcp and southern union mission – but haven’t finished tickfaw then. :/

    • Do you have a solution for this now?

      • no…

  17. If you are having a problem with the mission blackmail, go to the map, press square, find the mission black mail, whatever you don’t have done is why it isn’t working. For me it was finding the bagman, you have to follow a care in that district and it leads you to a parking garage and you kill everyone there then it should work, that’s if that is the mission you don’t have done. (I about quite the game but I was bored so I done that and it continued the mission lol)

  18. Write in: game doesent want too progress i have been doing the same three missions three times each and the game dont want to progress, neither does it want to save :/ (XBOX ONE)

    • Same here, getting sick of doing the same things over an over again, and yes, I found a collectable to try and save the game, didn’t work, as it still loads an old save. It loads the same old save over and over.

    • Mine won’t save past the confront Frankie main mission Everytime I die I go to same exact spot all my progress is gone

  19. I have had the game crash only once, but my current issue is a bug that seems to prevent the weather from changing. The last few hours of gameplay has been during the night in a downpour, and it never changes. Haven’t seen the sun in a long long time. (PS4)

  20. I just started the game play after the first video intro, and there’s no sound, and then after trying to play it regardless for less than 5 minutes the game freezes. Anyone else have this problem. xbox one

    • Had same issue after rebooting the game it was solved

  21. After completion of every mission the gun keeps on shooting until there is no bullets left. Neither can I holster the gun. Just keeps on shooting…

  22. Anyone have troubles with wiretaps?

    I did the mission, have over 30 collectibles for the wiretap. And the ‘minigame’ doesnt appear. I only see a tiny red spot on the green box i can’t interact with it.

    (Xbox one)

  23. I hit the pause screen and now it’s stuck on the map wtf?

    Xbox one

    • How did you fix this? lol I got it too.

  24. I killed cassandra and then went and killed tommy marcano and it bought me to the district assignment desk and now its just stuck on vitos face and i cant do anything. I have closed the app multiple times. PS4

    • Same happened to me. Did you fix it?

      • Anyone got a fix for this just happened to me too

    • Same fucking thing just happened to me and I want a solution

  25. Got to the begining of the kkk misson, for some reason i cant pick up any collectables or fuses, im not sure why. I can still pick guns and cash up though!

  26. i have free aim issues after completing first mission………. i cant free aim or zoom while aiming with any sort of weapon (pc) wtf is this???????? can anyone help?

  27. Everyone we all know, that launch to any new game comes bugs. I have not run into many other then lighting issues and sound issues or cars not starting, until now. I am trying to complete side mission: “are we cool” AKA “steal the boat” when I show up to the mission there are no enemies in sight and when I get to where the boat should be there isn’t one. Good Luck, and let’s hope a patch will be released soon. One of the best story lines I have played in awhile.

  28. Im on PS4. It’s stuck on the loading screen showing the same images with music playing. What do I do?

  29. I’m playing on Xbox one via a copy from the digital store and so far I’ve had:
    * lagging gameplay that pauses repeatedly
    * fell through the ocean in a boat and landed on the river bed beneath the entire map
    * side quest objective markers on areas which are empty
    * random crashes to the xbox home page
    * no audio on start up
    * clipping
    * random death
    * bizarre weather glitches
    * random graphic errors

    that’s all so far. I’m enjoying the game but jesus christ it’s a real bug fest for me.

  30. Xbox one, is stuck between dying and reloading where I am supposed to kill Olivia Marcano’s body guards. At a certain point of the loading screen, the controller vibrates to show that I am getting hit and then the “your dead” sound and the loading restarts. I tried across three different consoles, and I will not even go into the details of the 5 random restarts while I’m in the middle of a killing spree. As of now I have not been able to play the game for three days because of the death/loading loop

    • Hey there. I have this same exact problem. What I do is go to “application saved data management” in settings, go to Mafia 3 and delete the first 2 files you see there. It’ll take you back to your smoke break. I still haven’t passed it myself, the mission is so difficult and it’s a hassle to keep going back to delete those files.

  31. Hi 2K!
    Been playing the game for a few days now. At the mission with Enzo Conti. My game hasn’t crashed once. Awesome story and beautiful music! Good Job! Now for problems:
    1. Left door of stallion car doesn’t shut correctly.
    2. Cars change color to black after loading saved game (something I like!!)
    3. Rains too often. 90% of the times I’m playing is in rainy weather. Rare to see sunny dry weather. Please add more weather like fog, etc if possible.
    4. Mirror doesn’t show glowing headlights.
    5. Sometimes exploding barrels have no impact on enemy nearby.
    6. No side damage to cars. And only scratches at particular places not all.
    7. Once enemy is getting into car, one cannot kill him untill the car starts moving. Even if it’s repeated headshots with my trench barrel gun. I’m not sure if one can kill them while they are driving either – so far I blow their tires and get them to step out before I kill them.
    8. In one mission where I need to interrogate railway robbers, my allied npc body guards show up and start shooting the place up. Therefore no chance of stealth in the mission. I did not ask for any backup. There is a racket area being controlled by me right beside. I think they come from there.
    9. Car windows do not break unless a bullet hits it. And please change the window breaking sound when player tries to jack a car. Doesn’t seem like it broke!

    1. Please bring back the fuel gauge so we can buy petrol for our cars!
    2. Speed limiter/lock (not that important :p)

    Windows 7 Prof. i5. 64 bit. 8GB. Steam installation.

    • Missed one more problem:
      10. Fuel tanks of trucks or cars don’t explode on being shot at.

      • Problem:
        11. Subtitles don’t change when screen is full hence complete dialogue is not shown.

        • Hey Siddharth you rock! Have you been a playtester before? I admire your diligence, attention to detail, and willingness to troubleshoot their game without even getting paid. That is so good of you, and so BAD of the DEVELOPERS! They always expect us gamers, especially PC players, to troubleshoot their crappy console ports for them. They forget that us PC gamers literally CREATED the console market!

  32. I have a bug where the sound efx isn’t smooth. Every thing choppy/studdering-like and gets really bad when I’m driving or around cars. I’ve restarted the game after installing the latest patch and it didn’t help at all. This shit makes no sense to fuck up a series this bad. It’s probably safe to say we won’t be getting another sequel and that sucks.

  33. Playing on Xbox 1, a disc, I’ve experienced:
    Almost total darkness (despite lights being around, can’t see anything)
    Long periods of nighttime rain, no weather or time of day change
    Crashing out to the Xbox home screen (a lot)
    No sound at all
    Freezing on a weird zoomed out version of the map after pausing

    Power cycling the console always seems to fix all these, but it’s getting old fast. Unfortunately I’m really enjoying the story, the open world and everything about it except for these gameplay issues that just get in the way. Any hope for patches to fix this stuff?

  34. I have no idea if this is a bug, I have no molotov cocktails in the weapon select menu but it says full when I go to buy them I just can’t use them.

    • instead of voting down help my ffs.

    • Me too! Started recently (all of a sudden) at it’s definitely a bug! Also I noticed that when switching from grenades to zemi doll, I have to press R1 (on PS4) twice, as if he does cycle through the molotov option, but is unable to select it.

  35. playing MAFIA 3 on ps4 wow glitches bad cant do the mission says to talk to the person but they are not there freezing alot to many bugs very sad plz fix asap for playstation 4 plz we need fixes for everyone

  36. PS4 Mission said Pick up Berke or something like that, I walked through the back door and then it was never loading just continuous loading loop… tried closing game and re-opening and turning off system and removing disc but won’t fix :/

  37. Mafia 3 just starting loading and i get a message say items have disappeared. i started playing the game and 3 cars of gone from the list.

  38. I’m on the are we cool missing and I’ve got all the way to return to Emmanuel and when I go to him, it does nothing. What can I do?

    • Are you still having this problem? Im stuff on “return to Emmanual” aswel, when i return it doesnt give me the option to apeak with him, also i cant find any missions on my map

  39. Just loaded my game and all my progress had disappeared. It’s starting me at the beginning. Wtf.

  40. I am on the PS4 and on the first mission… The guy is stuck in his freaking car when his brother picks him up
    . Car won’t start.. know this is a bug.. but the guy can’t even exit the car after i long press square .. what crap is thia

    • That’s the same part I’m stuck on…Did you ever get past it

  41. unable to open door in escape the quarry. Pls help way out

  42. I have done 2 full save runs and recruited every racket boss apart from the 2 scripted kills and still no trophy. I have deleted the game and re-installed it, updated the game the to 1.03, my PS4 firmware is updated to the latest software. It is so upsetting that I have worked towards every trophy just to be glitched by one 🙁

  43. I am having an issue with the fuses when I go to pick them up and it says they’re below me and there in no way to go down. Hopefully they fix this and all of the other bugs really frustrating!

    • Usually it’s because they are in the lower levels where you have to get to the closest area of water and then jump in and locate the sewer area more or less. Climb up and run along the narrow path toward your fuss marker and that should do it.

  44. I can’t even start the game. It is stuck on the brightness adjust screen and won’t load past it

  45. I have the game on PS4 and I can’t seem the find the main objectives on the map though they show on the hud when I select them on the hud they don’t even show on the map so I basically don’t know where to go or what to do for example the find and follow the bagman mission and the destroy stashed cars mission are on the hud but when selected they don’t show on the map so I don’t know what I’m doing the side missions on the other hand show on the map and when secured from the map or hud work fine directing me and all.

    • I am also having this problem, i can’t progress any further i don’t know what else to do ?

  46. I have problem that i can’t edit my mafia 3 video clips because there is no audio on video scenes at all but play scenes have audio and that start to pissed me off

  47. Has anyone had the problem of not being able to holster the weapon and Lincoln walking around with a gun out constantly aimed

    • Did you find a fix?

    • I’m having the same problem! It’s so frustrating. On top of that…I can’t drive my vehicles forward.?

  48. no problrms for me except it doesnt let me use the molotov cocktail anymorr which i use to but now it hasnt let me in over month

  49. I just bought the deluxe version 2 days ago and it was working well until today I tried to get back on it from the start to where it says “continue” and when i clicked it, it started taking forever to load for some reason, what should I do?

  50. Went through hell trying to get the boat unstuck. Cars get stuck in the walls, They dropped the ball on releasing this to early.

  51. When I click continue on PS4 it starts loading and when loading finishes it blinks and again starts loading on black screen infinite loading….
    Please please how do I fix it……..

  52. Please can somebody help me? I have Mafia 3 on PS4, its been a brilliant game but recently done the optional mission where you drive the boat out the water to collect the boxes of weed. After that it said to return to Emmanual so i did that and it doesnt give me the option to actually speak to him when i get there? Also i can’t find any missions on the map the only one i can find is “return to Emmanual” but obviously thats not working! Only missions i can find is the car racing ones! So basically i can’t progress in this game any further.

  53. “Are we cool” is glitched? I can’t find the mission on my map after crashing the boat. I have three rackets with Cassandra that are not maxed so that isn’t the issue. Anyone else have this happen?

  54. I have a white screen problem! everything is white in the gameplay and i cannot see anything.any fix?

  55. Im stuck at the underboss part. It is not letting me assign a district to anyone of the underboss’. the game just has vito without his benefit box nearby and the game is fine but the screen is stuck this is so frustrating

  56. I have a issue. I do the Olivia mission where you kill her but everytime I exit the game it won’t save
    NOTE: The game also didn’t let me do the Frank Paganini assassination mission for some reason

    • Ya me too

  57. I cant call the arms dealer.

  58. Whenever i return to talk to nicki after i stole the moonshine truck from the righteously fucked mission. It wont let me talk to her the x isnt their

    • I have this problem too. Did you fix it?

      • No i cant figure it out

  59. Does anyone have a problem like theyre repeating missions in the game cause I don’t know if I’m losing it and I deleted the game at one time maybe to free up space in my PS4 or is there a problem like that anyone else is having

    • me either. have u fix it ? i simply can’t. keep on repeating the story even when i skip it.

  60. This game is buggy is hell. Biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Just going to sell this piece of shit and buy something else.

  61. Everything works till Fray the rope. Then it glitches.. I’m on the 8th try and I get nothing right??? Time to break or sell…. fucking irritates me. Let me burn the developers alive like this mission was supposed to do.

  62. lets see, my personal bugs i have experienced:
    Cut scenes with no animation
    Cut scenes with no picture
    Cut scenes with no subtitles
    Weapons not producing sound
    Youtube stopping and not working properly while game is running
    Important npcs unable to be talked too

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