WWE 2K17 List Of Bugs, Glitches, Known Issues, And Fixes, Servers Down

WWE 2K17 is a fun game for sure, but it has it’s fair share of bugs and issues which we want to share with other players. This is a list in progress so expect updates on the issues with encounter.

Gameplay Issues

  • Freezing mid match
  • Can’t start matches

Audio Issues 

  • Missing crowd audio
  • No boos/cheers for some superstars
  • Commentary issues

WWE Universe Mode 

  • Promo results not being saved if you attack during a promo


  • Rivalries disappearing
  • Losing rivalries after winning all the matches


  • General server issues

If you have any issues not listed here then please leave them in the comments section below and we will add them to the list.

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  1. Can’t start a match. After selectief the type of match (f.e. One on One), when I select the type (f.e. Normal), I get this screen over and over and can’t start a match in whatever mode 🙁

    • This is happening to me as well, I just want to play as AJ fkn Styles!

      • Same. Any of you worked out a fix for this?

    • Same thing happening to me. Not sure if its because I have to complete the Application update or 2k just f*cking up.

    • Still doesn’t work. Waited for the 1.01 patch downloaded, but it still isn’t working. I can’t do anything with this game, not a single match or mode 🙁 I have no clue on how to fix it

      • Found out that only online is working

        • Ok kinda fixed it:

          – restart your PS4
          – go to data management
          – there is a corrupted 0kb file of the game – delete it
          – shut down your internet connection on your PS4
          – restart the PS4 again
          – start the game, you’ll get a message that your save game data is corrupt, so choose yes to make a new one
          – you can now play the game

          • I thought my disc was broke but surely a brand new disc can’t be broke. Going to try your fix in 5 minutes and I’ll come back and let others know,

          • I first shut down the internet on my PS4, so I could play the game in it’s original state. When I saw it worked, I turned the internet back on. Had to restart it though after removing the corrupt data and shutting internet down before it worked.

          • Sadly this didn’t work for me 🙁 Are you playing it without internet connection?

  2. No matter what match I choose, in the middle of the match it freezes, and it will carry on until the match has finished, please help

  3. Thanks everyone, I’ll get these added.

  4. On Universe mode, I cannot end my Smackdown show with a title match. Everytime I exit the character select screen, it suddenly adds another spot for a promo and adds another match for a main event. It even got to 14 matches because I kept trying. This makes Universe unplayable.

  5. Cannot download caws from community creations/downloads and i don’t know why keeps saying it failed try again later but been trying all day and still not working. Xbox one

  6. There is no entrance music for all superstars, no announcer audio, crowd audio hit and miss. So disappointed!

  7. No entrance music, no announcer, no commentary, can’t hear Albert. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times, Actually went and exchanged the game at the store…same issue…super annoying when you pay for the NXT Edition for $100.

    • me two i have this probleme

  8. I’ve been playing the Career mode for about 9 hours and haven’t moved a single rank, it’s getting really tiring and I’ve almost lost interest in the mode all together and I’ve not even seen the Paul Heyman guy mode or anything

    • thats only main roster and you have to win a title it sais so

  9. Can’t even enjoy a game online with my friends without worrying about the ridiculous lag that comes outta no where and we get separated entirely in the match and get split into different games.

    • youre lucky i have high speed net and paid account and cant even play live on xbox1 oh and i keep freezing in career mode

  10. i ordered a new copy hoping to get a different result i even deleted the game im still not able to play it did anyone get this working i even tweeted 2k

    • Mine still doesn’t work even after 2 copies.

    • Did you ever get it to work? I’ve downloaded it twice through the PS Store and both times the game simply won’t start any matches except online matches. Really frustrating.

      • yes i just had to restart my ps4

  11. No 3 count 6 man hell and a cell.

    • There’s a count. You just can’t hear it lol. Seriously, there is. This threw me off at first too… I tested this one…During my 6-man hell in a cell match, I finally found an advantage to just “sit” on a pin. It’s definitely longer than a standard 3 count, but I eventually heard the bell ring and the announcer state that I’d won. Sucks, I know.

  12. Can’t control both tag partners in universe mode

    • thats not a bug thats intentional as stupid as that is, also cant control managers

      • It’s intentional? Have you got any proof of that? When you actually set up the match you are given the option to control partners. You choose yes. When the match actually starts it ignores the fact that you chose yes. That doesn’t seem intentional when it gives you the option and then ignores your choice. Especially when it works in matches outside of universe mode and worked on universe mode on the last game.

        • Sorry i meant sarcassm.

          The last game is irrelevent first off, we also lost voice overs from Renee Young even tho she sais exactly the same thing actually even less then last time, lost custom music, generic music is awfull, soundtrack is worst ever. as for the other bit well that is exactly the same as most other parts of the game here’s a few examples you’ve probably encountered too

          * you chose to reverse and it ignores that choice even tho you get no too fast or too late error and those are broken too
          * you chose a promo option that sounds like what you want to portray and you get a completely random response and lose promo battles/points,
          * you chose difficulty settings and gameplay options but in matches it seems to completely ignore those.
          * can’t do promo’s during a rivalrly unless it does it for you
          * if you do a run in at the start of your own match the match is thrown out but if you don’t when you are “forced” to the match doesn’t happen and you lose.
          * ranking system in mycareer is completely hit and miss
          * cant go into the crowd in a Falls Count Anywhere match, there’s an invisible wall even if you break the barricade, i’ve yet to be able to go anywhere other then backstage which gets old fast.

          intentionally bad clearly that these things couldn’t be noticed during production at any point..

    • Well at least this was reportedly fixed with the 1.02 patch. I personally haven’t tested this though.

  13. Playing 2 players on universe mode, anytime there’s a match greater than 1 on 1, the first two guys are the only ones in the match. It goes straight to the match after the second guy comes out, happened to me twice already.

  14. If you make a Mainevent Title match in Universe. The card extends with the original mainevent still there after you changed it.

  15. When playing My Career Mode – You don’t move up the ranks. I started off in tag team and broke the team up and then I have play it over a year time on the game and still at 10 and have yet to get title shot or a way to move up. This is boring to me if all I do is do the same thing and fight the same people over and over again.

    • you need to be popular, do good promos and get in rivalries with people above you not win matches, but i agree it’s broken regardless

  16. Superstars that are current champions but come down the isles with no belt on but introduced as champ. Seems WCW title deos this the worst.

  17. Whan in a rivalry and you get a call out segment, the game freezes while loading the segment. Happened three times already. Three different career modes. Can’t continue the career. Game keeps op crahsing

  18. I’m having a issue, Sami Zayn comes out the Intercontinental Champion even tho he does not have the champions currently on him and Titus O’Neal is introduced as the United States

  19. Stopped playing WWE 2K17 until patch 1.03 comes out around Christmas and fixes most of the problems.

  20. just lost a match on NXT i never got to enter, the opponent did and i could do a run in but then the match gets thrown out, so i reloaded and this time didn’t run-in and soon as it got to my entrance it went back to main menu and said i lost and lost 30pts

  21. no voice overs wtf? even Renee Young who sais almost word for word what she did in the previous doesnt get a voice over. announcers arent properly lip synced either

  22. I cant get pass week 3 of my career. Every time i cut a promo for smackdown the loading screen goes all the way to the then i get a error code.

    • Same goes for me .. every time I cut a promo for nxt, I get an error code and my screen went back to home page.

  23. I am not able to do my promo on my career mode

    • Me neither i lost 52 hours of game play. Because it want go back to the main career mode screen

  24. I won the women’s championship as Paige but both Paige and sasha banks are coming out with the championship

  25. My career mode guys eyes don’t have pupils but it says I have normal eyes in the apearence sectikn of the creation suite

  26. anyone know how to get the main menu working I played it one day and the next day the whole menu disappeared I have tried reinstall and it’s still doing it.

  27. I’m having an issue in Universe mode where I can’t skip entrances because the computer controls whether a run in will happen. The cpu will then control the entire run in until both wrestlers are in the ring. Once the bell rings, I have control for like 2 minutes, then the cpu takes full control of the match. At the end, the stars you get during your match doesn’t matterm because you will end up with a 0 star match rating.

  28. Ever since the patch, after cutscenes in Universe mode the referee just stands there and doesn’t make any counts. After every cutscene it’s best to restart the match because you’ll get a glitch. My most recent 2 glitches was playing a Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte rivalry match there was a cutscene where Charlotte goes to clothesline Alexa but hits the ref after the cutscene Alexa disappears, Lilian Garcia is standing in the corner not moving and Charlotte is reaching for air continuously, even restarting the match 3x didn’t help I had to move onto the next match.

    Second glitch was Main Event it was suppose to be America Alpha vs my custom tag team. During the entrance only Jordan came out and one custom superstar came out and it was a one on one match instead but after my customer superstar got the win it showed my custom superstar and a blank figure next to him like it was a tag team match. SMDH.

    The commentary doesn’t make sense either I was Cesaro and did a move on Axel and Cole says “Cesaro is down” when it was Axel that is down or if you win a match Cole says “The final elimination” when it’s not an elimination match.

  29. XBox One
    Ever since the patch, I cannot progress in my career mode. Game completely crashes at the match loading screen. This totally sucks as I’ve already exceeded the 99:59:59 play time cap, and have no desire to start over. Huge turn off! Much worse than last years game crash on CAW enterances….at least there was a workaround with that one. What the heck do I do this time??

    • I just encountered the same problem on the XB1. I was able to progress fine in my career mode up until my 2nd ever ppv match at Money in the Bank and the game crashes after the loading screen.

      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the problem persists.

      • Are you set to wrestler an invading CAW or another standard wrestler built in the game? I opened a ticket with 2K and I will say this issue is of low priority to the dev ops team. If we’re lucky we may see this fixed or at least an implemented safe guard for this come the the 2k18 release….but that’ll be all.

        • My opponent for the match is Cesaro.

          Invasion is on, but I have yet to see anyone, besides the standards the game has built in (i.e Jayden Jet)

          If this issue is low priority then the game itself is not reliably playable. That’s annoying since I’ve only had the game for half a week.

          • Ok, you can open a ticket with 2K if you like. Here’s the basic tier 1 level tasks they’re going to ask you to execute….and then ask you to do them again:
            1. Clear your Xbox storage cache
            2. Uninstall/Reinstall the game
            3. Then they’ll ask how many logos does your CAW currently use for your entrance and ring attire.
            4. Try simulating through your match (this confirmed I was speaking to a tier 1 agent who clearly hasn’t played the game)
            5. If you’re lucky, your ticket will then be escalated to tier 2/ or QA…who will then ask: If you create another CAW and start a new career, can you replicate the crash.

            And that’s about it, since your issue doesn’t involve an invading CAW. God Speed dude.

  30. I’ve been able to progress fine in my career mode up until my 2nd ever ppv match at Money in the Bank and the game crashes after the loading screen.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the problem persists. I’m only 4 hours into playing, so it bugs me that i already can’t continue.

    • The something happen

  31. My custom entrance music isn’t playing in my career mode.

  32. This game is beyond frustrating ,I just had a match against jayden jett where I was winning the match ,hit my signature move ,and then my character froze ,I couldn’t do anything but watch him get up and kick my ass . This is extra frustrating because this is a new character I created coz my previous one froze and did the error thing on me right before a ppv match .
    Career mode is boring as hell man honestly , and JBL and Lawlers commentary during the matches is almost too painful to listen to .
    The authority challenges sometimes don’t make sense , like they say ‘ win by DQ ‘ and it’s a no disqualification match.
    Surely there’s dudes who play the game and test it before it goes on sale to the public .

  33. When I create a video, during the encoding process, I clicked the X button (PS4) and it took me back to the video creation screen but now I can’t do anything, not even back out of it. Anyone know what to do?

  34. In career mode 2 time now i have lost and had to star all over because anytime i go to do a promo the gqme just cut off an say an error has occurred

  35. me and my friend play a online match on the xbox one and we split screen,one min my screen says we won and my friend screen says we lost. what is causing that problem?

  36. i have this glitch where seth rollins always comes out with the world title belt even when he isnt champion

  37. I installed this game on my Xbox one, and as soon as I click on it to play it closes itself down going back to the home screen! Really annoying that I’ve brought it but can’t play it!

  38. Had a glitch on My career. I’m struggling to rise up ranks of U.S title so decided to turn heel and interfere in match of Dean Ambrose vs Owens for title. Trying to cost Dean the title. Anyways I ran in on Dean’s entrance and Faught him. Some reason Owens disappeared and I sent him to ring, did finishers on him and pinned him?? I was annouced as U.S Champion but the next SmackDown, Dean was still champion…

  39. Everytime someone enters, their theme isn’t on but commentary and announcing is working so audio is on so why aren’t themes or other songs working.

    • I’m having issues with my custom superstar. Every time I enter with my custom faction his names comes after the faction name. If anyone has some insight why this is happening I’d love to know

  40. Every time it comes to a promo in career the game kicks me out

  41. LIKE every time u do a finishing move with any superstar the stay muted or keep talking about something else im having this issue since almost all patches ecxept on patch 1.04 or 1.05 then the latest one did it again

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